*********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-63*****

recap;swara in upset swasan sweet moments

*******episode starts*******

sanskar cabin ,

Swara got a dream that someone are chasing sanskar to kill him
Got up with a jerk she shouted it fear οΏ½ sanskar sanskar

She seen whole cabin but she couldn’t find sanskar she is fully sweated in fear

She came out of there cabin nd started searching him
Everyone are shocked to see swara in such a way

She is so nervous she is madly crying for sanskar :'(

Shekhar nd dp came out of there cabin nd seen swara
They tried to convince her but no use she is not able to hear anyone the only person she wanna see is sanskar

Shekhar: Swara cool down sanskar is here only he will come soon plz

Swara:( crying :'() I want my sanskar dad I want him dad

Meanwhile sanskar entered office he is shocked to see everyone surrounded in centre of office he rushed inside

As soon as swara seen sanskar he runned nd hugged him hard in tears :'(

Sanskar: Swara y ur crying :'( sanskar too crying by seeing her pain

Swara crying while hugging him

Sanskar couldn’t speak anything but in meanwhile swara fainted in shock in embrace of sanskar itself

Sanskar tried to wake her ” swara swara ” he whispered by tapping her cheeks by she fallen unconscious

Sanskar lifted her ND left to his cabin
Placed her on couch

Sanskar: Give me some water fast

Kavitha got water nd sanskar sprinkled on swara face

Sanskar: Increase the AC she is getting sweated

Everyone are panic by seeing swara so week

Sanskar jerked her with force by shouting” swara swara wake up πŸ™

Swara slowly opened her eyes she is happy to see sanskar

Sanskar hugged her ” ur alright’ :'( I just got scared swara

Sanskar made swara to drink water

Swara seen everyone around her Shekhar, dp, kavitha, priya

Swara: ( whispered) I am fine now (she is about to get up )

Sanskar :(holded her ) Ha we know now we will go home ok uncle call rags to mm

We are leaving now

Shekhar: Ha ok I will inform her you take care we will come in 2hrs you go now

Sanskar : Ok swara now we will go come ( he about to lift her in arms )

Swara: I can walk sanskar

Sanskar : Ha madam you can but I don’t like to make you walk πŸ˜‰

( he lifted her ND swara wrapped her hands arouund his neck left towards car

Swara is blushing as whole office staff are starring at them she hidded her face by cupping herself on sanskar blazer

Sanskar : Y ur blushing darling

Swara( left quite still blushing)

Sanskar : Don’t worry sweetheart its filmy na πŸ˜‰ he winked at her

Swara playfully hitted on his chest. πŸ˜‰

Swasan left to mm nd rags is on the way

Mitra mansion ,

Sanskar took swara to her room nd placed her on bed carefully

ND he placed bed sheet on her nd sat beside her in meanwhile rags came home with her medical kit

Sanskar got up from bed nd stood beside her

, sumi , ap, are present in home

Rags checked swara ND

Rags:( gave a angry look ) did u had ur breakfast

Swara; nodded yes nd noo

Rags: Maa do she had it

Sumi; no

Rags: Then lunch

Sanskar: No rags she slept after nun

Rags: ( opened her medical kit ) Ho great swara you don’t need to have dinner also today

Swara: ( excited) Ho really but y

Rags: ( took out a injection syringe) bcoz u will sleep now

Swara: ( wided her mouth in shock) injection me no way πŸ™

Rags: No you have too bcoz ur so week now

Swara: No plz rags nooooo:-(

Rags: No now stop hesitating nd be a gud girl it wont pain

Swara got up from bed with a force ” noooo Plz ”

Swara started running in room

Sanskar: Swara stop it yar plz come na

Swara πŸ™ while running) nooo if you want you have it ( she runned out of room )

Swara is running in whole mansion while sanskar ND rags are chasing her with syringe in her hand

Swara: No I wont stop now she I am so active now plz leave nee

Rags: ( shouted) arey swara stop you idiot

Swara: No I wont ( she trowed her shoes on floor to gain more speed )

Swara climbed nd jumped from sofas nd she runned towards garden

Sanskar:(chasing her ) Plz swara stop running

Swara: If I stop it will be last stop I know so I wont ( she runned more fast)

Swara throwed her pen in her pocket to stop them
She throwing everything from her pockets wallet, hand kerchief , I’d card everything she is throwing on sanskar while sanskar is catching everything with a smile ND kept them inside his pockets

Finally swara throwed her jacket on sanskar face

ND runned faster πŸ˜‰

Rags: Swara stop yar I am tried plz stop i will double ur remuniration too

Swara: Noooo if you want I will audit freely for life long but Plz leave me now πŸ˜‰

Sanskar : Shouted out ) ouch hhh ( he sat on floor by holding his leg )

Swara rushed to see wt happened to him

Sanskar holded swara ND swara bitted his hand ND runned inside kitchen nd hidded under dining table πŸ˜‰

Sanskar ND rags madly reached whole mansion but no use rags sat on sofa

Rags: Arey this girl bcoz of her I may turn to a patient arey maa get me some glucose plz

Swara hearing everything under table she is laughing πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Sanskar seen swara shirt

Sanskar : ( shouted loud ) arey rags there is cockroach under table get a hit yar fast πŸ˜‰ ( winked at rags)

By hearing this swara came out of table in fear

Swara: (shouted out ) Cockroach oh noooo mummyyy :'(

Sanskar came from back nd lifted lifed her by wrapping her wasit

Swara crying out loud ” sanskar noo Plz leave me I don’t need injection plz leave me:'(

Sanskar: No I won’t now

Sanskar lifted her ND took her too room where as swara is crawling to get free from him

Swara’ sanskar ur so bad I hate you

Sanskar: Oh but no I won’t leave now

Sanskar took her to room nd placed her on bed ND holded her hand

Rags took the injection syringe

Swara crying badly :'( ” you all are so bad nobody love me chi ”

She crying so bad sanskar felt sad for her

Sanskar : Ok stop rags no injection plz

Everyone are shocked bcoz sanskar is supporting swara

Rags: No sanskar its needed orelse she will faint again

Swara: ( still whipping) :'( no I wont

Rags: Arey swara I know na u have fear of injection
Its unavoidable now plz dont hesitate

Swara: :'( no rags no I wont I wont ( crying like kid ) :'(

Sanskar: Ok every one leave this room plz swara will take rest now

Rags : No its impossible

Sanskar : Winked at rags ) no rags Pl go na ( he signed something to rags nd rags everyone left the room only swasan are alone in room

Sanskar slightly closed door he did not lock it

He moved towards swara who is whipping childishly :'(

Sanskar with a naughty smile ” swara now stop crying everyone left noone will hurt you ok ”

Swara:( innocently) saachi

Sanskar : Muchii

Swara : Ur gud I love you

Sanskar hugged her ND by cupping her face swara actually we are in relation from 7months but we are not getting chance to romance wt say

Swara blushing ” stop it sanskar

Sanskar: Really swara we used to be more romantic before confession only πŸ˜‰

Swara ” acha she wrapped her hands around his neck ”

Sanskar leaned to kiss her but he is sure that swara will push him ND swara did same nd she tried to move away in shy

Sanskar holder her ND pulled her towards him ND hugged her from back

Swara just kept quite

Sanskar sensuously moved his fingers on swara left hand ND moved her shirt upward
sanskar whispered in hush tone ” its me ur sanskar only swara ”

swara is blushing by closing her eyes

nd sanskar placed his Hand around swara waist nd pulled her too close where swara lost in his touch nd sanskar slowly holded her left hand to keep it stable
ND he hitted his shoe on floor to sign rags rags came in with injection;-) silently

Sanskar while nuzzled his nose on her nape romantically

Swara is completely lost in his touch she closed her eyes tight nd clutched her jeans out of blushing

Sanskar kissed her nape;-)

While rags not seen swasan she slowly concentrated on swara arm nd she slowly did injection

ND rags pinched sanskar hand which is on swara waist

Sanskar stopped teasing swara ND seen rags in angry

Rags singed him to stop it ND she gave cotton to his hand to rub swara hand

Sanskar gave a angry look ” get out ”

Rags closed her eyes out of embarrassment πŸ˜‰ nd runned out by taking baby steps

Swara dont know anything of this nd sanskar she rubed the injected area nd placed the cotton in his pocket nd hugged swara again nd started kissing her neck

swara whispered ” some one may come so stop it na ”

Sanskar whispered” swara will come for long drive with me ”

Swara: Ha come now we will ( she felt dizzy due to injection)

Sanskar understood it he holded her ND lifted her in arms nd placed her on bed

Sanskar: Not now later we will now you take rest

Swara : Sanskar some thing is paining in my left hand

Sanskar : where πŸ™‚

Swara: Here only see

Sanskar : Kissed the place ND whispered” here only na

Swara : Haha οΏ½

Sanskar : ( naughty smile ) do any other place its paining

Swara : Nodded no in shyness

While speaking so swara fallen asleep by holding sanskar hand on his shoulder

After sometimes rags came to swasan room

Rags: Dad Is calling you come

Sanskar : Ok be with her

Rags: Ha she won’t wake up now come lets go now

Sanskar made her sleep properly nd kissed swara forehead nd left to mean Shekhar nd dp

In living room

Shekhar : Sanskar we had decided a thing now will you listen

Sanskar : Ha uncle say me

Shekhar: Sanskar will you marry swara

Sanskar: Ha I will but y ur asking now

Shekhar ‘ marry her fast nd take her away from this country

Sanskar:( shocked) wt other country that to so fast y

Shekhar: I was scared sanskar I can’t see her so week so Plz do this

Sanskar: Ha uncle even I can’t see but she will change

Shekhar: Ha but I think this can help her change more so marry her

Sanskar: Ok I will as per ur wish but with swara complete consent

Sanskar went towards Shekhar nd sat on his knees infront of him by holding his hand

Uncle I know your worries for swara even I but I want swara to enjoy everything each nd every moment of life
And marriage is huge event in every one life nd its our both dream so I want her to enjoy it with loads of happiness

So plz give me month time I will show you my old swara πŸ™‚

Shekhar: ( felt happy with sanskar words ) I am really lucky to get you as my son in law

Sanskar ‘ even I am lucky to get swara

Dp: Sanskar I am proud of you sanskar really I am so happy today

Ur really making me proud day by dad

Dp too hugged sanskar in happiness πŸ™‚

Screen freezed on happy faces of mitra family nd maheswari families πŸ™‚

Precap: Swasan long drive nd swara starts going to office with sanskar πŸ™‚

( done this part no proof reading is done so forgive for mistakes as I am more busy I wrote in sleep so nd plz dont forget to shower ur feedback on comments nd naughty sanskar is back na πŸ˜‰
have a happy day πŸ™‚


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