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The Episode starts with Vaishaili asking Govind to sign on paper. Govind asks how did this happen. Rekha calls Vaishaili shameless. Titu says her heart has changed. Surekha asks Govind to sign, as Vaishaili has agreed now. She says Govind never goes off his words, if Lord comes and asks him to stop, he won’t stop. They all smile. Govind says he will do the sign. They all get happy. He signs on the papers. Mukund signs Vaishaili. Titu thanks Govind. Surekha beats the plate. Rekha says what will she do when Titu becomes a star. Surekha says she is very happy and wants to give sweets in Mathura.

Panchi says yes, Titu will entertain the world. Surekha says Panchi has made Titu working. She asks Panchi to remove her bangles and asks Bhagwati to inform Alankraj Maharaj. Rekha thinks why did Vaishaili

do this. Titu thanks Keshav and hugs him. Vaishaili asks Mukund to ask money. Mukund signs Titu and asks for money. Surekha says Govind did right. Mukund asks Titu for money. Titu says I forgot to ask, why do you need it. Mukund says Vaishaili….. Titu counts down. Panchi smiles. Golu comes and says Cheeni is found. He calls Cheeni. Kamlesh brings Cheeni. Vaishaili and Mukund are shocked.

Rekha thinks whats happening. Kamlesh greets Govind. Golu says he will say in detail, he says someone did Cheeni’s accident. Titu and Panchi join hands. Vaishaili sees them and Mukund signs her. Vaishaili thinks they are so clever. Sundar comes out of school and sees his uncle. Bhagwati comes there and the man hides. Bhagwati says she will come daily to pick her. Sundar says he was waiting for uncle, he will tell him not to give him anything. She asks where is he. He says he went seeing you. She gets thinking.

Vaishaili and Mukund talk to Rekha. Rekha is happy and dances. The man comes to Keshav’s shop. He leaves a file. Keshav sees his imp file and reads his name Parekh. He thinks to return the file. Titu gets a gift and sees Panchi’s hand woven shirt. He smiles seeing Tu Mera Hero written on it. He recalls how she has torn it before. She comes to him and smiles. He wears it and they smile seeing the mirror.

Keshav gives Mumbai tickets to Titu. Titu thanks him. Rekha says all arrangements are done, make Govind meet Hema ji, I m joking. Surekha packs everything. Alankraj maharaj comes there to get Panchi’s bangle removing ritual done. Everyone greet him and takes his blessings. Surekha thanks him and asks him to accept a Chadava. He does the puja and Surekha removes Panchi’s bridal bangles. She tells Maharaj that Titu is going Mumbai, he needs your blessings.

Maharaj asks Surekha to get his kundli. She asks is everything fine. He insists. She goes to get it. Surekha gives the kundli. Maharaj says its not good for Titu to go Mumbai, and they all get shocked. He says its impossible, its unsafe for him, his stars will not be calm, you will lose him. Surekha is shocked. Vaishaili and Mukund smile. Titu gets sad.

Panchi tells Govind that its strange that Maharaj was coming today to ouir home, and still you went to ashram and donated one lakh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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