Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded (Season 8) 25th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded (Season 8) 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shahid and Manish enact a spoof on Piku. The scene is hilarious. Manish welcomes everyone in Jhalak Reloaded, and the theme in Jhalak in motion. He says anyone’s journey can stop today. He asks all the celebrities to come on the stage as its elimination today. He says Ashish and Dipika are unsafe, and one will be leaving the show. He says we will tell it later, you can take your seats.

Manish welcomes Shahid to explain the theme. They will be doing any dance form, but with a twist of using aerial, props and other forms which will make them dance on a moving platform, or showing the dance linked to motion. Manish calls the first performer Radhika.

1. Radhika Madan & Rishikaysh
Dance Form: Tango
They dance on the song Nagada sand dhol baje………. From the movie Ramleela.
Judges’ comments:
Shahid: I found Tango with this anti gravity act very interesting, Radhika is improving her footwork, you looked nice, the end was good, the twirl in the air was fantastic, overall a nice act, I liked it.
Karan: It was like a hot film, it dipped in between, but the end was spectacular. There was novelty factor and attempt, it was fantastic, well done.
Ganesh: Its innovative concept, I liked your dress, you looked well, the reverse wheel and horizontal walk were good, your confidence and pride were seen on the face, bring humbleness and appeal will increase.
Lauren: It was brilliant to use this concept, the technique was fab, your character was lost.
Scores: Karan – 9, Shahid – 8, Ganesh – 9, Lauren – 8. Total 34.
Radhika makes a vote appeal to sms RAD to 56882.

2. Mohit Malik & Marischa:
Dance Form: Freestye

They dance on the song Har Kisi Ko Nahi Milta………… from the movie Boss.
Judges’ comments:
Shahid gives them a standing ovation and says he is very impressed, Marischa chose a tough prop, its angle and movement is tough, I m so impressed with Mohit, it was perfect act. You are becoming so good.
Karan: You gave good performance, and the last lift was requiring energy, you did it so perfect Mohit, outstanding, loved it, well done.
Lauren: You learnt, performed and gave the best today.
Ganesh: You both looked one today, you did it with the flow, you did very well.
Scores: Karan – 10, Shahid – 10, Ganesh – 10, Lauren – 9. Total 39.
Mohit makes a vote appeal to sms MOH to 56882.

3. Scarlett Wilson & Dhiraj
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song O Mungda Mungda Main Gud Ki Dali ………..
Judges’ comments:
Shahid: I think you are one of the energetic couple, you rock the stage, the song was really nice, Scarlett was good, the lift I did not see it before, you have to work hard in some portions, ut should be somewhat slow steps to get noticed.
Karan: Mungda is one of my fav song, Helen danced outstanding, Scarlett was amazing, you gave it good energy.
Ganesh: It was good act, Helen used to lipsync being a dancer, you also did it, I m proud of you. I liked the cultural dress, do more such acts.
Lauren: I loved the act, I did not see Dhiraj today, it was all Scarlett’s today.
Scores: Karan – 8, Shahid – 8, Ganesh – 8, Lauren – 10. Total 34.
Scarlett makes a vote appeal to sms SCA to 56882.
Manish says Ashish will be staying back today and performing. Dipika Kakar is eliminated today. The judges talk to her and all the contestants give her a good adieu.

4. Ashish Chowdhry & his new Choreographer
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Tera hero idha hai…………. From the movie Main Tera Hero.

Judges’ comments:
Karan: I want to ask Ashish, did he fall or did he made it an acting. If he really fell, he is outstanding saved, you did not display the mistake, it a mark of a true performer, you are the biggest non dancer and most hard working, you make weakness your strength.
Shahid: Ashish performed well, you genuinely enjoy, I did not like the prop.
Ganesh: Ashish did well, but you have to do act, put humor in it to entertain us, you give something which others are not doing, play smatly.
Lauren: You made some mistakes, you carried on well, you are a star performer.
Scores : Karan – 8, Shahid – 7, Ganesh – 7, Lauren – 9. Total 31.
Ashish makes a vote appeal to sms ASH to 56882.

5. Vivian Dsena & Bhawna
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Tu meri mai tera………….. from the movie Bang Bang.
Judges’ comments:
Shahid: Vivian is gadget freak and got a chance now to use the airboard. Outstanding, this is maximum of Jhalak in motion was in this act, I m very impressed.
Karan: Bhawna choreographed so well, Vivian did well, giving lip sync and usage of the prop was best part of the act.
Ganesh: I agree a lot with them, you did not show any effort, you did so well. This was a very good performance.
Lauren: Vivian was super impressive, Bhawna is playing smart, you used robotics last week, I m so happy.
Scores: Karan – 9, Shahid – 9. Ganesh – 10, Lauren – 10. Total 38.
Vivian makes a vote appeal to sms VIV to 56882.

Remaining contestants perform, and Irfan Pathan is the special guest.

Update Credit to: Amena

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