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The Episode starts with Golu talking to Cheeni. Titu teases him and laughs, saying he is also in love. He asks did he talk to her family. Golu says no, she is from orphanage. Titu says fine, then take her to your village and take Tau ji’s blessings. Titu asks him to find some way to pass poetry to Gulgule and take Mukund’s name. Mukund comes and they get stunned. Mukund asks what Mukund, why did you take my name. Titu says I was praising you, I m proud of you, what are you doing at home, will you keep next round at home. Titu and Golu laugh.

Mukund says he has come to take papers, his phone fell in water and wanted to inform mum and Vaishaili, where is she. Titu says maybe she has gone for spying. Mukund asks Titu why is he looking upset. Titu asks why does he always remember his bad time.

Mukund says you will be tensed to fail to bring Panchi home, Surekha has helped you always, and reminds she has hidden him in palanquin once. He asks what will you do now. He laughs and leaves.

Titu starts laughing too. Golu nods and laughs. Titu and Golu say Palkhi/palanquin and laugh. Titu tells Golu that he will hide in palanquin. Golu asks Vaishaili what is she doing here and gives Mukund’s message that his phone fell in water and he will come late. She thinks who can stop him. Govind asks Keshav how did he give bonus to employees without asking him, this should not happen again.

She sees them and smiles saying she has got the idea. Rekha says everyone ask me to lose weight, Vaishaili is making me do dieting. Sundar comes to her and says now will mum agree to send me to hostel, she is annoyed with me and not talking to dad. Rekha says everything will be fine. Sundar says mum and dad are fighting, till they get together, I will not go to hostel, I will tell mum that I did this drama to unite mum and dad. Rekha fools him again.

Vaishaili comes to Govind and says Panchi will be waiting for Titu in jail. He says Titu will get her by his hard earned money, he promised. She asks is he sure. He says yes, this will happen, I m sure, why are you saying so. She says time is passing, Panchi is waiting there, I heard Titu saying about palanquin and running. He laughs and says no, he would say anything else, he has promised me, and first time I have seen trust in his promise, he will do anything, and bring Panchi. She says I wish so, else Panchi will not be able to bear this.

The people bring palanquin and Govind asks who got this. They say Titu. Titu says they got it to wrong place, he has to send it somewhere else. Govind asks Titu why palanquin again. Titu says he wants to make Panchi’s entry special, and asks them to take it to remand home. They leave. Titu thinks I told Golu to send palanquin to kavi Sammelan place, why did he send it here. Govind asks Titu is he getting Panchi home today. Titu says sure. Govind says he got palanquin for Panchi, its good, se will sit in it and come, I was doubting uselessly. Vaishaili says Govind really got old, he is not controlling Titu. She thinks to talk to Surekha.

Surekha talks to Kanha and says she is glad to get Panchi bahu, and which necklace to give her. Vaishaili says she is helping me. She acts like talking on phone to her friend and says the old type necklaces hurt her neck a lot in this heat, I wish I could tell my mum in law that I like simple new designs. Surekha hears this and thinks Vaishaili told right, all these are old type, if I tell Panchi to wear this, she will agree and not say anything.

She says she will make new one, but Govind will refuse. She says she will send Titu. Vaishaili smiles and thinks she will send Govind to her and Titu. Surekha gives necklace to Titu. Titu says Govind will get angry. Govind comes and hears them. She says she can do anything for him. Govind comes and she hides the necklace. Govind stops her and says she is happy of what Panchi is doing, her thinking changed, she also wants to make Titu work and get her home. She says it will happen as he is thinking, Titu will make things fine. She leaves. He gets the necklace box and says why is she giving this to Titu, will he sell it and free Panchi. He says maybe Vaishaili heard it right.

Golu says sorry I have sent palanquin here, don’t worry. Vaishaili hears them. She brings tea. Golu shows his tickets. She sees Govind there and asks Golu to have tea. She opens fan and the village flies to Govind. She says she will get it. Govind gets it and says bus ticket, whose ticket is this. Vaishaili says its Titu’s ticket, when I asked him, he said Golu is going to meet his Tau ji after Sammelan.

Golu takes the ticket and goes. She says she is scared, Panchi supported me a lot, I m not feeling good seeing this, when Panchi knows this, her heart will break, you know Titu has always used his love, he knows you will free Panchi else Surekha will help him in running, what about Panchi. Titu tells Surekha that he is going. Vaishaili asks Govind to stop Titu. Govind stops Titu and says he will not go anywhere. She smiles. Titu gets puzzled.

Titu asks Surekha does she feel he will cheat them. She says she always supported him, and she will make him go out of the house today. Govind sits near the door to stop him.

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