Nach Baliye 7 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik tells that yesterday they played rope pulling game and 5 couples have won the heart. He calls the couple for a talk, and welcomes them for week 8, love challenge no. 2. He asks about their yesterday’s experience. Rithvik asks Karishma and Upen, about their experience. He says she ran after me, holding the crane. Karishma tells you propelled Mayuresh to take Parag’s name as our opposition. Upen says it was difficult to win against Parag. Aishwarya tells she thought to use all her strength to win the game. Shefali jokes that it was looking like Draupadi Cheerharan. Aishwarya says she is impressed with Rohit physique. Rithvik asks all the girls to go, and tells the guys about the second love challenge. He tells that the couple have to sacrifices many things when being in a marriage or relationship. He asks did you or your partner sacrifice for each other.

Dipesh says their relation is new, and have a sweet relation. I can’t tag anything like sacrifice. Mayuresh tells that Ajisha left many projects to be with me on Nach Baliye. Rohit says Aishwarya was getting a big project, but she left it to be on Nach Baliye and told that I left a film for her. Parag also tell something. Rithvik tells that this love challenge name is “Tere Liye”, and asks the guys to write two sacrifices which the couple have done for each other. He asks them to win their baliye’s heart and says sacrifice is a big thing. He send them to room. Everyone wonder what to write? Nandish tells that once he shave off his beard for Rashmi. Rohit says they are married 6 months back and thinking what to write. Himanshu starts writing about the sacrifices, which Amruta did and tells that he is thinking what to write about his sacrifices.

Rithvik calls the girls and tells this love challenge “Tere Liye”. He starts with Amruta. Amruta tells that Himanshu did adjust for her. Rithvik tells that his father was in Dubai, and her mum asked him to take her along with him. He says his father returned back to Dubai, worked hard and returned to take her back. He asks about that kind of sacrifices. Shefali tells that Parag has done many sacrifices for me. He has changed all his life for me. She says he sacrifices many things every hour. Rithvik asks them to write two sacrifices. Ajisha says she didn’t think that she did any sacrifice and it is pure love. Rashmi says she walked down the lane to think about the sacrifices which they both had done for each other.

Aishwarya tells that Rohit did sacrificed for her, and she got good inlaws who are very caring for her. Sana tells it is very difficult for her to write sacrifice as their relation is 5-6 month old. Amruta tells about Himanshu’s sacrifices for her. Himanshu says Amruta has done many sacrifices for me. Shefali tells that she has just realized that she has not done any sacrificed for Parag. She says he has sacrificed many things for her, but she didn’t change anything. She gets emotional and says his love is unconditional. Parag tells when the two people bind by a marriage then they are like two wheels of a car and they have to go together. Shefali tells that Parag is very traditional, but my memories were so bad that I didn’t like traditional wedding. Parag never told me about his dreams. Everyone get emotional.

Karishma and Upen have an argument over the latter’s sacrifice for her. Rashmi tells Nandish that she feels he gave her less importance in his life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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