Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 18

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Previous epi: Pinky put’s condition to Annika .Annika also accepted her conditions. Of Members searched GouriKara and they found out in the Basement.

Om comes to his room. He stood mirror he touch his cheeks and shyly smiled. Rudra came to near he tr yto take selfie but om pushed him out of his room.
Rud: o this is not far,comeon o I want selfie. it’s so memorable I will show ur childs plz o one selfie plz plz…. Om did not let him to take selfie. He close the door.

Gouri comes to gust room. She takes her cloths from cupboard and placed near table and go to washroom she open the shower she stood under the shower. She touched her face which om kissed. She remember everything happens in last night

After the party Anuj drops gouri . Gouri gets down the car.

Anuj: gouri u still loves Omkara. That’s y u didn’t allow me to announce our marriage. Gouri turns
Gou: haaa I’m still love him. i dnt want hurt u. I thought to tell u before but… sorry. Gouri head downs
Anuj: no need gouri. its ok finally u accepts it,U love omkara. Do u think he love u too??
Gou: I dnt know what he thinks but I love him. I dnt care about his decision but my answer is yes I love him. Anuj hold her shoulders and said
Anuj: I want this from ur mouth, now am happy. Om loves u a lot. He is madly loves u. gouri surprisingly looked him
Gou: anuj ji wat r u saying

Anuj: gouri u r my friend , u always takes care of me. u came in my life and u changed me a lot. I always considered u as a friend. So I try to help my friend. I want to show ur heart to u. now I thing I done it. whatever happens in between u and om that is not ur mistake and nor om’s mistake. Its just misunderstanding. why you should not try to clear your misunderstanding between om.(gouri was speechless just looked Anuj surprisingly) Why U still wait here, u dnt want see your jethari hippy go and told u love him. Arrey y u still stands here goooo.Anuj show the path. Gouri hugged anuj said thanks. Anuj wipes her tears and said go and told everything to him, bye we will meet tomorrow. I want good news… right…. bye. All the best. he shows thumps.

Gouri came to search om, that time rudra told om always spend time with basement. she enter the basement. She saw her sketches everywhere. She touched every sketches, she saw “I’m sorry” words written in every pictures. She saw their first meeting picture and her chulbul avatar pictures. she remembered everything. She understands how much OM loved her, she searched om. Om try to draw some pictures but he can’t. he throwed brush and sit on the floor. He saw gouri in front of him. Om thinks its his illusion. He came near her.

Om: I’m sorry gouri itz my mistake. Every time I hurt u. I never believed ur words. I thought u r a gold digger, u always behind money, I was wrong. after I understands itz my mistake. U know gouri, I went bareily to prove myself. I got know about ur innocence, kali takur’s real face. Am sorry. I try to talk u but I cannot get courage to speak u. I know u and anuj…. Anuj and u…… I can’t handle this I want u to my life. I love you gouri love u so much. When u stands in front of eyes I forget everything. I love u gouri. Plz comeback. I want u. I really really really want u. I love u more than anything ilove u.

Gouri: I love u omkaraji. I will waiting for so long time to hear these 3 words from your mouth.
Gowri came forward hugged om tightly cried. Om stood shock he not believed its true. He hold gouri’s shoulder and saw her eyes. Gouri hid her face on his chest. Om upped her face, gowri closed her eyes.
Om: gouri look at me .gouri open her eyes and smiled. Om kissed her forehead and hugged her. They feel their heartbeats. They in flow of emotions. After sometime they part their hug. Om wiped her tears and kissed her eyes.
Om hold her hand, he shows her pictures. They remember their moments.
Gou: omkara ji these pictures
Om: haa how is it. She looked tearly eyes. they have cute eye lock. Gouri hold his and kissed .
Gou: I never except this much of love from u.
Om: this is not fair only my hands get mercy so sad. Gouri shyly smiled.
Gouri: because these hands beautifully sketched me.
Om: these eyes want to see u always, that’s y I sketched u. So madam plz u gives some credits to my eyes. he placed his hands on her waist and pulled close. gouri’s hands surrounds om’s necke leaned to her, She kissed his eyes and cheeks . they enjoyed their moments. Both were in another world. they talked lot. Gouri told everything to om. Om gets shock he dnt know how to react. He gets happy for his family’s love. They dnt know when and how they slept.

Someone knock washroom door. Gouri came out of the dreams. She turn to see who ruined her dreams.
Di wat r u dng here everyone waited for u. said sowmya
Gou: haa haaa haaa I will I will come.gouri comes ,sowmya smiled her.
Sou: if u go out like this.gouri looks down and realished she only wore a towel. Sowmya burst in laugh. Gouri turn to go washroom.
Sum: di take ur cloths sowmya gave her cloths. Gouri padded her head and takes her cloth and run to washroom

Everyone assembled in living room and dadi announced to do shadi for obro brothers
Dadi: after the long time everyone happy so we decide to my grand children’s get married again with their loves
Pin: good decision maa ji.
Anni: but dadi I want to say something, actually dadi elders also now back to their normal life so I felt that first elders get married again after we get married. wat did u say
Jhan: pher y we???
Gou: because maaji u and Paappa after the long time patched up also pinky maaji and shakti paappa strated their new life so we think
Sow: we tink u all are get married first
Dadi: good idea am also saw my son’s an grand childs marriage. Itz really good idea am so happy so I will talk to paditji and fixed date to all functions. Dadi leaved thatplace.Om came to hugged Jhanvi and said thanks to her.
Jha: Om say thanks to Tej. I did wat he said. Om surprised.
Tej: I just want my son’s happiness, that’s it.
Om: thank u…. Paa…Mr.oberoi. you have helped me,thank u …
Tej except the word pappa but om did not say. he will wait for some more days. Now he get some hope one day om will call him pappa. After the discussion Annika came to shivaay but he try to avoid her. Annika feel dizzy and fainted shivaay hold her.
Shi: annika annika open your eyes. He patted her cheeks, rudra split water to her face. Om called doctor. Shivaay lift her and moved came to check her.
Doc: nthng to worry Mr.Oberoi she is little weak. She properly not takes food at correct tme. She want to take some rest. Take care of her, doctor leaves. Shivaay came to annika he sit near to her. He cares her hair. He adored his sleeping beauty. Shivay gets call continuously. Shivaay called gouri and sowmya and asked to take care annika.

At evening

Shivaay comes his room and takes his night dress. he sensed annika but he couldn’t turned back. Annika back hugged shivaay and cried
Anni: I’m sorry shivaay I accept my mistake plz dnt avoid me I will get hurt. U will give any punishment but speak with me, scold me I bear it. Plz dnt hate me I’m not bear anymore. I can’t tolerate this. If u hates me, I will die at the next moment. Before the sentence complete shivaay turn and closed her mouth.
Shi: not a word more. y u saying like this, yes I annoyed u because I got angry of ur decision. U leaved me aloneI handled every difficult situation alone that’s y I got angr.y dnt tell this word anymore. He sofly strictly warned her. Annika happily nods yes. He moved his hand on her face. He hold her cheeks and kissed her forehead. Annika holdback his cheeks she kissed his forehead. They hugged tightly. Someone knock the door.they part their hug.

Om,Gouri,Rudra,Soumya,Mahi,Prinku,Ranveer,Mannu (whole youger oberoi member’s) entered Sivika room. Shivika turn opposite sites. Mannu hugged annika. Annika take her and sit over the bed.

Prin: Am sry we dnt want disturb u, bhabhi mannu missed u. Only u can handle her. Annika looks Mannu, who alredy cried lot, her eyes in red.Annika wipes her tears and kissed her cheeks
Anni: meri lovely Mannu missed me. Mannu nods yes and hugged her.Shivaay excused himself takes cloth to change. He leaved that place. Om,Mahi,Rudra try to stop him but he went out for changing.
Om: bhabhi if everything ok
Rud: ohh O look bhabhi, she is blushing yaaar. Evryone smiled.Soumy hits rudra’s elbow and signaled quite.
Gou: didi say something if everything fine. Did he forgive u?
Anni: dnt know gouri. I wish soon everything get normal
Sow: dnt worry bhabuhi ur devars and devrani’s here na. we will make everything fine ok
Prin: haaa bhabhi we will talk to bhaiyya
Anni: thanks guys but no. I will manage. I know how to manage my bagad billa. Annika feeds food to Mannu. Shivaay came to room. He also joined them. They chit chatted lot. Annika put Mannu sleep. Everyone noticed that how she cares mannu. Shivaay gets Gouri’s and soumya’s mothers number.

PRECAP: Obros have happy moments.

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