Trust,Love Not blood relation OS (swaragini)


LOVELY MOTHERS OS (specially for kritika)

hello everyone u must be knowing me tvisha i write but my sister radhika its her forst time so she is a raglak fan so why no raglak fan fiction.. its a touchy one dont worry u will l like it in our opinion!!!! Kritika once again I am sorry but it wasnt me who write really offensive mesages on your fan fiction I love your fan fiction and waiting for it please post asap!!!!



ragini maheshwari – wife of laksh and is 8 month pregnant bff of kavya

laksh maheshwari – hubby of ragini loves her a lot bff of raj

raj singh – lives with his wife and loves her

kavya – jelous of ragini and is 8 month pregnant too

sorry guys no swasan and this is a small as first time its a raglak one

Starts from……………..

ragini and kavya are talking about something!!!!

ragini – hey kavya how is life yaar we both are going to enter 9 month

kavya – yeah lets do this yaar letsgo to mandir in mountain

ragini – good idea

kavya – ok (in mind) now ragini i will destroy you and your baby now you will suffer what you did 2 yrs ago now it will happen to you

kavya ragini talk and go from there



raj and laksh have a talk over wives

laksh – hey raj I am fed up of mood swings thank god her 9 month came but i am waiting for my little baby

raj – me too (mind) laksh if ur child comes out

they laugh and raj smirks



raj – bhabhi can u go to bus and bring xyz i have to care for kavya

ragini – ok

kavya doesnt know and goes behind ragini raj sees and kavya raj BOOM they die and kavya ragini kids come out



laksh and ragini daughters ragya and aahana (daughter of raj and kavya) celebrte their birthdays

ragini kisses both her daughters cheek – happy b’dday my daughters

both – thnks mumma

after all this raglak have a talk

ragini – they have grown so big na our both daughters

laksh – ya but aahana ko saach

ragini (interupts) – shhhhh ahana is my daughter i lvoe her relation is based on love and trust not blood

they hug and ahhana ragya come they take a family photo


||||||so everyone ragini never discriminated between her daughters she lvoe both of them really well actually any relation should be based on trust not blood or intimating ragini laksh were true parents they loved both of them they never diffrentiated aahana and yes real parents are those who love you that why i am proud to be an indian i love indian culture i just shifted from india but in ur opininin which is good india or abroad in mine is india (soory if i am bad to america but its my POV) remember love is based on trust… always use your heart use ur brains in exams but!!!! Last heart one was from swaragini!!! my mo taught me this today so i felt like sharing this was a documentery so i turned to raglak…


About kavya rag hating raglak is

once raj brother yash tried forcing himself on ragini raglak were married and yash was married to kavita and she was pregnant 5 months… he couldnt laksh saved ragini and they sent him to jail kavita was unware of this once she felt lonely and tried on laksh but ragini slapped her she pretended that ragini tried to kill her and did abortion but it was her who did it she was in prison and raj kavya wooed to take revenge for yash kavita**

please comment on my OS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY SIS HELPED IN THIS A LOT

Credit to: Tvisha

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  1. its too short i expected it short but not so much anyways I hope all of you enjoyed i did a mistake i put rag instead of raj!!!!!! i should have maked it longer anyway everyone please comment

  2. anyone know this ff


  3. Um…I’m really sorry I thought it’s uh.. But the offender herself told that she was misusing ur name when I told her that I have mailed tellyupdates to ban her.
    I’m really sorry..because of me, you have been punished..!
    Coming to the OS, thanks dear! U wrote it especially for me! I loved the philosophy in it! It’s soo nyc that rags took care of aahana as her own daughter.. N rags character was awesome!
    Do come up with such OS..

    1. its okay its really normal yaar!! no need to say sorry i thik you forgot no soory and no than you!!!!!!! please uplod ur ff soon and can u give me link of ur fb page as i need to follow it

    1. thank you jiya 🙂

  4. ragini thinking is NICE

    1. I agree and thanks for the comment dear 🙂

  5. Nice

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  6. nice loved raglak

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  7. Wooow..this is really nce..keep writing dr…god bless u..I’m following u in g+ also…very nice concept.

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  8. Cute and sweet

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  9. Loved the character of ragini.. She is awesome as well..andost importantly you are so small..just 13 and u write so well.. U will surely do good in future..proud of you dear..keep it up..

    1. thanks for the story…and ya ty for the compliment

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