A Journey of Love(Episode61)

All went to their respective rooms and goto beds.
Arjun feel restless in sleep and he waake up with sudden jerk.He look at wall clock and it shows 2:30AM.He get get down from bed..Raman switch on the light and ask..Raman:What happened Arjun?Arjun:Feeling worried…By listen some murmering Arnav and Mantu also get up from sleep and look at Arjun..They saw that Arjun eyes are filled with tears..
Arnav:What happened Arjun?
Arjun:I am worried for something in my sleep.I have no clarity abt it.
Mantu:Ok leave it..Lets go with green tea..
All four get down from their room and enter into kitchen and Mantu prepare green tea for them.They have it and move towards their room.
Arnav:Why lights are still on in their room?
Raman:How can we know know yaar..
Mantu:Lets go see..ū
Arnav:This is better that we go and watch what they are doing..
They walk towards that room and saw that they sleep in different positions and kids are also sleeping with them.
Ishitha and Pinky sleep on bed to right side.Pinky place her hand on Ishitha stomach and place one leg om her.Ishitha hold pinky leg and in deep sleep also Ishitha hand pats on pinky’s head.
Amaya and chotu slept on matrice beside the bed.chotu put his head on Amayas hand and put one leg on her. Chotu use Amayas hand as a pillow.
Amaya turn towards him and place her hand on chotus waist.
Kushi slept on couch..Ruhi slept on her placing her head on kushis chest..kushi hold Ruhi tight by her hands.
Radhika slept on left side of bed wuth Ananya..Ananya slept beside Radhika by licking Radhikas right hand thumb finger in sleep.Radhika also licking Ananyas thumb finger..Arjun capture that pic and ask remaining three also to watch her and Ananya..
Mantu switch off the lights and close the door and all four went into their room.
Raman:After our marriages it is very tough to handle these girls.
Arjun:Sometimes they behave like matured women and sometimes they behave like kids..
Arnav:It very difficult task to bear their love and concern.
Mantu:It is very tough to handle them when they are in anger..
Raman:Finally our future depends on them.
They laugh for that and go with Hi-Fi.
But they know that.. bcoz of these girls only there are lot of changes in their lives.They bring love,smile, satisfaction and joy of colors..By thinking about them again they went into sleep.
Dadhi:Raman..Arjun..Arnav..Mantu.. getup..Already it is 6:00AM beta..
They open their eyes and said good morning dadhi…
Dadhi:Gudmrg beta..Fresh up and get dowm fast.
Ishitha:Dont worry Radhika..We can manage here..you go and complete your work..But come fast ok..Radhika said ok to Ishitha and leave from there..Thoshi:Why is Radhika so tensed..Kushi:Nothing Mummyji..She has some important work regarding decoration in function hall at hotel.so she left to see that one.
Arjun hear this and call to Radhika. But Radhika is in driving..so she didnt answer to Arjnu calls.Arjun:Why Radhika didnt lift my calls..
Amaya:Kushi..Radhu didnt answer the calls..I feel tense..Kushi:Yah..But dont show it on your face..If Arjun notice it means it is difficult to handle.
Arjun listen their conversation and think what Radhika hide from me..
Ishitha:Kushi and Ammu nothing will happened..Be normal..She can handle it..We togeather handle it in engagement function also.I know that he needs money..So we just give that amount to him..I know he didnt do any mess after receiving the amount. Kushi:How can we think like that..At engagement day also he said same thing na..Amaya:Money is not matter for us..But once he taste the money every time he search reason for taste the money.Ishitha:Untill this marriage we can handle..afterwards we tell to mummyji and papaji..
Raman:Why you cant share anything to us..
All three are shocked seeing Raman..
Next Arjun and Arnav also.. Mantu:Amaya..what you people are hiding from us..
Amaya:Nothing Mantu..It is…
Raman stare angry look at them.The three hold each others hands and try to behave normally..
Radhika:Ishu..Why you three are stand like statues..All is done.Atleast for these two days he didnt disturb us..

After marriage we tell them..Untill…
She shocked to see Arjun there.. All four stare angry look at her..
Radhika laughs at them and try to narrate a story..Arjun walk towards her and slap her..All were shocked for that..Thoshiji and Dadhi hear that sound and walk towards this room.
Radhika saw that..
Radhika:Plz Arjun..Dont be serious.. Manage the situation..I will explain to you..Wait for three hours..Afterwards i clear it to you..Plz..I know i did wrong..But situation didnt support me..
Atleast for now you dont discuss anything infront of dhi..Radhika cheeck swell and finger marks are very clear on her cheeck..
Radhika change the topic..
Radhika:How dare you slap me?I told to mummyji..
Thoshiji:What happened Radhika?
Radhika:Mummyji…I ask him to go for icecream..See how hardly he slap me for asking icecream..Ishitha:What Radhu..Is it time for icecream..
By saying this she walk towards Raman and ask him slowly..
Ishitha:Plz..manage him..We explain you plz…
Raman:Arey Arjun..What she ask..Only icecream na..
Arjun look at Raman.Raman talk him with his eyes and ask him to manage..
Arjun nod his head..
Radhika:Punishment for this slap.. Dont talk with me..I didnt eat anything..Kushi..i go to dhi room.
By saying this Radhika leave from there..Arjunn:Dont look like that badi maa..For icecream she can do lot of noise..I dont want to slap her..It happens like that..Thoshi:Go and do your works.Next time dont try to touch my kids.. Both Dadhi and Thoshi left from there. Mr.Bhall,Mr.Iyer and sashi feel something fishy..Ishu,kushi, Ammu leave that room..
Arjun:Why Raman..You take their side.
Ramam:I am also angry on them..Now it is time to our dhi marriage.. After that we talk with them.. with in 30mins registar will be here.. first we arrange those things..By saying this Raman left from there. Arnav stare angry look at kushi while passing to their room.Mantu didnt look at Amaya.Arjun fold his fist and punch the wall.
Radhika:Dhi..You wear this yellow and pink saree for Registration..I will help you..
Anjali:What happened to your cheeck.
Radhika:I iritate Arjun…Already he is in pain that you left him alone from today onwards..With in that frustation he just try to slap lovely.But unintensionally it strike hard..Nothing else dhi..
Arjun hear this and think why Radhika hide things from me.How easily she manage infront of dhi..Tears appear in his eyes..
Arjun:Dhi wear this saree for registration..Anjali:Already Radhika selected one saree for me..I wear it Arjun..
Arjun smile and left the room. Anjali feels something fishy…
Ishitha and Kushi made kids ready..
Amaya prepare and arrange tiffins and Juices for people who they invite for register marriage.
Radhika made Anjali ready and ask her to check once.
Ishitha:Dhi come down..Registar will wait for us.Kushi you took dhi down.. I go and call Shiva..
Radhika went on to terrace and start decoration for marriage.She use just red and white color flowers for decoration.She continously wipe her tears..Her eyes were red and cheek is swell..She try to control herself..
At down in center hall..Registar is sitting in sofa and his subordinate stand behind him.Anjali and Shiva sit in opposite directions..Brothers stand beside Anjali..The three girls stand beside shiva..Pinky and Ruhi stand with Ishitha and kushi..Chotu sit with Anjali.Choti look towards main door.. and suddenly a smile appear on his face.Bunty come and sit bedide shiva.
Anjali:Where is Radhika?
Thoshu:Arjun..go and bring Radhika..
Arjunl look at Ishitha..Ishu(wth smile face):May be on terrace devarji.. Arjun share a artificial smile and walk towards terrace.While Arjun reach on terrace he was shocked.. bcoz Radhika change the atmosphere and decoration for marriage.She arranged bricks for lighting the fire for saath phere..He look at decoration..nothing is less..Proper decoration..Radhika didnt observe him.While placing bricks one by one one brick fell on her finger and it hurts her..By seeing this Arjun run towards her..bcoz he is not able to see her in pain..He hold her hand and lick her finger.Rdhika didnt look at him.
She slowly remove her hand from his hand.Arjun look at her and said all are waiting for you..Dhi also ask you..Come down..Radhika stand and move from that place and followed Arjun..
While Thoshiji look at them..Radhika hold Arjun hand..Arjun look at her.. Radhika smile and tickle him..He look towards elders and manage the situation.
All family is in hall..Anjali look at all..
Registar ask them to sign on the papers which significance and approve their marriage according to indian law.
Mr and Mrs.Bhalla sign from Anjalis side..Mr and Mrs.Iyer sign from Shivas side.Some more signatures are by Sashi gupta and Madhumathiji..
All the registration processes completed.Amaya serve food to them.. After that they leave by blessing the married couple..
Pandiji came inside and ask them to ready in 1hr for marriage..
Panditji:Radhika..You arrange all properly..Radhika:Ha panditji..All are ready..Pandit went on terrace.. Radhika and kushi went into Anjalis room..Shiva went into his room.
Ishu ask shanta and Neelu to take care of kids..Ishitha:Pinky and Ruhi.. you both stand infront of stairs and show way to terrace through outside steps.Spary this paneer(scent) on guests and give one flower to ladies.
Amaya:Chotu and Bunty you stand on first level steps and show the way to reach terrace.If any body ask about elders..You answer them politely..that they are busy in work…With in 15mins they joined..ok na..
Both chotu and Bunty nod their heads.Ishu:Rani you help for panditji to give the items..
Amaya:Ramesh and Ramu supply juice and snacks to guests..
Ishu:Mummyji..Dadhi and all once you come to Mummyjis room..
All gather in Thoshini’s room.Except Radhika,Kushi,Anjali and Shiva..
Ishitha:Mummyji..First of all sorry from our side..Thoshiji:What happened Puttar..Dadhi:Bolo na Amaya..Why you people are tensed..
Amaya:Dadhi..When panditji confirm the date to engagement and remaining occations..Anjali dhi forget her phone and went out with Shiv bhayya.After that Anjali dhi phone was ringing continously..Radhika lift it and answer the call..
Ishu:Mummyji..It was a call from Shyam.He demand 3 lakhs..Otherwise he want to release the photos of Shyam and dhi..We know shiva is aware of this fact..But..
Amaya:We think that if he release those photos means..that incident reflects on dhi moods.We want dhi enjoy each and every ritual happily without any tensions and mess.. So.. Radhu decide to give 3Lakhs to him..
Radhika terminate her 2o lakhs policy for loss and took 12Lakhs from agent..
We arrange amount and give 5lakhs to him and request him not to spoil marriage..He took that amount from us and said ok if i dont want to disturb or spoil that means you arrange another 5 lakhs for me..
Ishu:After that we decide to do pooja regarding dhi marriage..Pandiji told to us..that every day before Sunraise light the lamp infront of god and do pasting..whic we dint eat coocked and boiled items.Untill marriage was sucessfully completed we daily check the diya..It didnt stop..So we four
decide to do that pooja..
Amaya:Shyam continously ring us and trouble us.Radhika want to tell this matter to Arjun.But again we togeather think about your sons and their attitudes.Def they didnt sit clam.They fight with that fellow..and complicate the issue.So,Kushi said dont reveal this until marriage.Bcoz if any thing happens like that means it will spread by media.Bcoz your sons and shiva are in good position..If things happens like that means..They refelect on dhi.. Nobody didnt know what happens with dhi..Now that rascel want to cash it that he want to reveal the photos and he had the vedio with him when he spend time with dhi when dhi is unconsious.So..
Ishu:Radhika didnt want to see Anjali again in pain..And we know it is not possible to control your sons..So..we decide to give him amount.After receiving again 5lakhs yesterday evng he called us.We didnt receive the calls due to work bussy.After that we see the calls and call him.Now he demend 5Lacks to handover original photo prints and vedio.So,Yesterdat evening we withdraw all amount from our accounts and Arrange..
that amount.We sell our gold and gather that amount.
Amaya:Sorry..Mantu..We know you people can solve this matter by warning him or put him in jail.We just think about dhi feelings and dhi image infront all..
All four shocked by listening this.. They realise how much pain and tension they bear for their dhi marriage.They stand like statues..
Ishu:Arjun..Nothing was wrong from Radhika side.Plz forgive her.. Raman..plz forgive me..
Both hold their hands infront of Thoshiji and Dadhi to forgive them. Still Thoshi is in shock..
Radhika:Hey Ishu panditji called us. It is time to start marriage Ritual.Come fast.We took shiv bhaàyya to mandap..
Kushi:Raman bhayya you four togeather lift Anjali dhi in basket and bring her to mandap..
Amaya:Kushi and Radhu..dont act to smart.We reveal matter to all..
Radhika:Why Ammu..I told you na… After marriage..
Kushi:Ishu..you only told to us not reveal now.TheÀn why..
Ishu:Bcoz..i am not able to see directly into Ramans eyes..I am not able to see angry in Arjun eyes towards Radhika.. I am not able to see dissatisfaction on you in Arnavs feelings..I am not able to see Untrust on Amaya from Mantu..
You three are not only my frnds..you three are more than that..You three are god given soule sisters for me..I cant see you in pain..
Madhu walk towards them and hug them with happy tears.
Madhu and Madhumathi hold their hands infront of Thoshiji and Dadhi..
Madhu:I am sorry from my daughters side..They did mustake..i know..But their intension is not to hurt Anjali..
Thoshiji plz forgive my daughters..
Thoshi:Who am i to forgive them..
Ishu,Kushi,Ammu,Radhika:Mummyji..Plz..Dadhi:How can we forgive you.. we didnt get angry on you.. Thoshiji:Madhu dont tell they are your daughters..They are my daughters too.
All elders went out from that room with happy faces and happy moods.
Our heros dont know how to react.. They didnt digest what shyam try do..
They feel guilt that they didnt think in that angle..when Anjali told them about Shyam presence in get togeather arranged by Shiva.. Now,They realise that they didnt think and see all angles.They agree with Ishitha and Amaya’s statements that..Your sons didnt think abt next issues they just try to beat him or kill him..Yes..Now they decide to see shyam end after Anjali marriage.
They came out from the room with tension relief faces and change into dresses which were bought by their ladies..They wear cream and marron color sherwanis and shiva wear full marron color sherwani with gold design with gold color pagadi..
Mr.Iyer:Nice pagadi shiva..
Shiva:My sisters arrange this..they only fold this to my head..
All laugh for that.Shiva sit in mandap and panditji start pooja.
Panditji:Raman beta you four also wear pagadis and bring your dhi to mandap with in 20mins.
Raman:We dont know how to put pagadis.You told it before means we borought atleast readymade..
Panditji:No need to tense..Your partners know how to put pagadis.. you took their help.Mantu:They are not ready to put pagadis for us.
Pandiji:Ishu beti..put pagadis to these four also.With pagadis only they bring their dhi to mandap.
Ishitha nod her head and leave from there.Raman sit infront of mirror and
looks at Ishitha..she diñt look at him..
Raman:Sorry Ishitha..Look at me..Next time i dont repeat it.I wait untill you opened infront of me..Ishitha:your pagadi is ok now..Check it once.. By saying this she leave from that place.
Mantu:Help me plz..For dhi sake you can make pagadi for me..
Amaya stare at him..and said only fir dhi sake..She made pagadi for him and try to move..But Mantu hold her and kiss her on hand..and said sorry to her..
Kushi didnt listen him and from here to there and there to here.
Arnav:Shout with pained voice.. ouchh..
Kushi run towards him and ask him what happened Arnavji?
He hold her hand and ask her to his pagadi.She took the cloth from his hand and make pagadi for him.
Arnav:I am sorry..
Kushi look at him and move from thst placr.
Radhika look at him snd continue her work..Arjun:Dhadaji ka phone..

Radhika getup from there and walk towards Arjun.Arjun put his phone behind his ear and act that he tslks with dadhaji..Radhika:Arjun sir..Plz give it to me..Arjun give cloth to her and ask her to make pagadi to him.
She look at phone and make his pagadi and ask the phone.Suddenly the phone rings..Both look at each other.Arjun look at her with cunning smile.. Radhika look at him with sad face..
She try to move from there..Arjun hold her hand and pin her to wall.. and kiss her on her cheek on which he slap..
She closed her eyes..and tears flow from her eyes..He wipe her tears and said sorry to her..She pulled him and run from that roon.
All stand at mandap and observe the pooja..Their searches for their partners..They also come to mandap by changing their dresses.
Ishitha wear pink color saree with single step with simple matching jewellery..Kushi with green color saree with single step with simple and matching jewellery..Amaya with orange and cream color saree with single step with matching jewellery.. Radhika with chilly red and gold color combination with simple jewellery.. They bun their hair..and looking pretty and cute..They come and stand behind elders..
Panditji ask to bring Anjali to Mandap.The brothers lift the basket and bring near to mandap..Anjali get down from basket and sit beside Shiva.
They complete their pooja and they are ready for seven rounds..Panditji light the fire..Ishitha tie the bandhan to Shiva and Anjali..
Panditji ask them to stand and ask shiva to hold Anjali right hand little finger with his right hand little finger and ask them walk slowly..
Seven promisess:
1:share food togeather
2:to be strong togeather
3:to be wealthy togeather
4:to be happy togeather
5:to have children with each other
6:to be comfortable and gentle with eaach other..
7:to be frnds of each other.
At time of seven rounds all bless them with throwing petals..Chotu,Bunty, Ruhi and Pinky also drop petals from terrace stair gage..Radhika stand near them to take care of them..
After that panditji ask them to exchange garlands..Shiva try to wear garland in Anjalis neck..But Arjun and Mantu lift her..Generally shiva is tall even though it is difficult to shiva to wear garland..Finally he wear it.. when Anjali try to wear it..Shiva bend infront of her…She wear it and ferl shy.Afterwards panditji ask them to take their seats..and ask shiva to wear Mangalasutr to Anjali..Shiva put it in Anjali neck and promise her that he will be always with her..In good and bad times.Dont take any stress and pain individually..Pandiji ask to fill sindhoor in her maang.He fill sindhoor in Anjali maang with gold coin…
Ishu:Give that coin to panditji…
Shiva give it to panditji..
Panditji:From this second onwards you both are wife and husbands..by saying this he bless them.
Panditji ask them to took blessings from elders..Both Anjali and Shiva took blessings from Mr and Mrs.Bhslla,Shashi gupta,Madhumathi and Mr and Mrs.Iyer.They walk towards her brothers..Arjun wipe her tears and hug her..Raman control his tears and they four took Anjali hand and put it in shivas hand.Mantu:Tske care of my sister..Arnav:Ready to face us on weekends.Without her we didnt stay for one week ..Shiva put your sister with you..I only come and dtsy with you..Arnav hug shiva and control his tears.Next they took blessings from Shanta..
They both walk togeather towards the girls..Anjali hold her hands togeather and said thank to you four..You four only make my each and every moment memorable..And every ritual without missing..Thanks so much..The four hold Anjali hands and said dhi…It is our responsibility..Dont feel like that.. we love you dhi..They five hug each other..
Radhika put curd and sugsr mix to Anjali and Shiva..
Thoshiji it is time for lunch… All guests come for lunch.
Ishitha ask new couple to go their room.I bring food to you…
Precap:Satyanarayanpooja and reception..and they start execute their plan in rishikesh…

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