trust v/s love – Episode 4

hi guyzzzz ……..thank u very much for t comments…. and plzz keep commenting as ur comments r my strenght for updating each episode………….really soooory for t late episode …i was busy with my exams…..Thank u very much sar, sudha, rashi,aarush, sanu,rakshita,sunaina,kna786, and tara for giving me support by ur comments in t last episode…and also to all t silent readers for t silent support……..plzz keep commenting…bcoz ur comments gives me t support for updating each episodes..
episode starts;;

Twinkle [angrily shouts] ” Can’t u see people walking…”.

Kunj [with a shock] ; ” What? u slipped and fall on me and u r shouting at me..what type of a girl r u” .

Twinkle ; ” shouting at me..idiot”.

kunj [angrily]; “i am not an idiot..u r an idiot…” .

Twinkle ; ” aahh… right u r not an idiot,…. u r a rowdy”.

Kunj [shockingly]; “rowdy???”.

Twinkle [angrily] ; ” why this much shock??… i have seen u beating innocent peoples..”.

kunj ; “i think u r a blind … that u don’t watch people’s face clearly”

twinkle; “ohh… i know u boys.. if anyone find ur mistake u will tell “u r a blind..”. i have really seen through my eyes that u r t one who was beating some people in t road yesterday morning”

kunj;; ” ey.. u had a misunderstanding.. i was just helping..”

twinkle; “ohh… hello….i know everything ..u r creating an excuse by saying “u r just helping”…”{she angrily leaves}
on t other side khushi, mahi and uv r at collage canteen….suddenly khushi got a call and goes out to attend it..
uv;; what about ur mom and dad?

mahi{sadily}; they died when i was 10 years old .. i now live in an orphanage..

uv; sorry.

mahi; it is fyn..what about ur mom and dad?

uv ;; ohh… ya my dad “manohar sarna “is t owner of “sarna group of companies”. and my sweet mother “usha manohar sarna” is a housewife. and more than that i have two cute brothers “kunj bhaiya and arnav bhaiya”. They also study in this collage. kunj bhaiya is in 4th year and arnav bhaiya in 2nd year”

uv and mahi shares some happy moments. while khushi has finished her talk and is about to come.. but stops as t same senior boys who raged her comes infront of her…
one of them says:: “that time u escaped but not this time”{ other boys laughs} and forces her to kiss. Arnav who was walking with frds sees this and gets angry and goes and pulls him

arnav: study to behave with t girls…
khushi surprisingly looks at arnav, while t boys says sorry and went from there.

arnav { looks at khushi and says }:: becoming oversmart can bring like this bad be in limit..{ and angrily leaves}
khushi{to herself} ;; what type of boy is he?… how dare he call me oversmart.. and why showing this much angry… angry bird…{ she leaves to uv and mahi}

on t other side at market.. leela is doing her shopping ,suddenly she collapse with usha.. both of them was really shocked to see each other..
leela : ” usha”..
usha ; “leela”..
they both smiles first, but t smile get disappered within seconds..usha leaves from there while leela looks unhappily..

Usha has reached sarna manssion . She sees manohar and thinks “if i should tell him about leela”. suddenly she sees manohar shouting at t servant and thinks “it is not t right time to talk to him… will talk later”

The class has finished and twinkle is searching khushi….at last she finds her

twinkle;; can we go khushi?

khushi;; ya didi but before that meet my frds uv and mahi…

They shake hands. Suddenly kunj who was standing at back of twinkle calls “uv lets go”

uv: bhaiya meet my frds ..this is khushi ….this is uv and this is khushi’s sis twinkle didi..

twinkle turns and sees them both ……they at t same time says “you…”

suddenly khushi {comes in b/w and says} ::”hey.. i think u was t one who was beating some peoples in t road yesterday morning….it was super bhaiya…. and why was u beating that guyss”

kunj {smiles};; ” i was helping one old lady…t goons have snatched her money{twinkle was shock to hear this};;… i think u were one who put juice on my bro and laughs highly…

khushi ;; “so… that angry bird was ur bro…uv ur bhaiya{looking at uv}…omg…

suddenly twinkle says ” soorrryy” without looking at him

kunj with a smile says;; “this much attitude”

twinkle gets angry … and goes from there… suddenly she turns and says” mahi we will drop u” and gives a angry look to kunj…

mahi goes with them…by saying a sweet bye to uv..

at taneja house….
leela comes to RT and says “i have seen usha in t market .. but she avoids me and goes from there..”
leela cries….RT comes to her and says “everything will be soughtout”…

twinkle and khushi reaches home by dropping mahi at t orphanage.. khushi comes and hug leela from back who was crying..twinkle who sees leela crying
twinkle;; “maa… is everything ok..”

leela ;; “yes twinkle everything is ok…just some dust goes through my eyes while cleaning ..”

khushi;; “why r u cleaning … ur daughter is here i will clean..”

twinkle;;; “yes .. maa.. khushi is telling we will clean ”

leela ;; “twinkle….khushi…. cleanig is all over”

At night …..
leela recalls her old moments with usha
while usha recalls t same..
twinkle comes to leela {at taneja house} and kunj comes to usha{at sarna house}\

twinkle ;; ma plzz tell me why u r sad.. i was noticing u….

kunj says same to usha….

usha;; time changes everthing…

leela says same to twinkle

twinkle[to leela];; time changes everything.. but we can bring it back by love maa..

kunj [to usha];; time changes everthing… but we can bring it back by trust maa…

PRECAP;; kunj’s frd proposing twinkle… kunj stares angrily…..khushi slips while walking through t stairs but arnav holds her…. suddenly… arnav also slips and both falls down t stairs….uv staring mahi who is caring a cat …

soorrry…for t mistakes

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