Precape: swasan left to Singapore

Let’s start:
Swasan landed in Singapore .
Raj cars already waiting for them .
They sat and drove …the cars stop in front of a big bungalow ..which is more bigger than mm and both side garden and center path to entrance and a fountain is present …and a big name plate on which written .SWADIYUSH villa..they all are standing on entrance.
Swa:wow Bhabi it’s so beautiful.
Sona: han shona ..let’s see inside it is more beautiful then this ..
Swa: really .
Sona: yes .
Utt: di what is swadiyush means.
Sona: its a combo All three siblings.
Utt: how
San:they have selected theirs half name swa from swara adi from aditya and yush from ayush ..and all combination is swadiyush..Bose family having tears and specially our shona ..bcz from childhood she never got love her biological father disowned her bt here they are her mother ex in laws bt they love her more ..
Son: enough of talking let’s get in..all agreed and moved to entrance ..they all are going to enter bt stop hearing voice .
STOP..they all saw toward the source of voice and its raj singhania the owner of the house .
Sona:papa what happened?
Raj: sona beta my doll and son is coming first time then hw can I allow them without welcoming them by arti..he called his maid.
Raj:Jessy bring artist plate .
Maid came and gave plate to son ..she did swayush artist .swayush along with dida sujram and sanutt enter inside and took raj blessing..shomi was about to enter bt raj stopped her .
Raj: wait shomi ..all turn and saw shomi ..shomi was standing bowing her head down ..she tought raj stopped her bcz she left his brother for shekar ..she was feeling shame to betrayed them who treat her as his own sister she felt blessed after hearing raj and guilty to.
Raj: I knw shomi u never accepted this relation bt still ur a dil and grah laxmi of this house ur back after long time ..he can I allow my grhlaxmi like this ..he took arti plate and done the shomi arti .shomi was going to take his blessing.. Bt raj stopped her .
Raj: no shomi sister never touch brother feet ..I’m happy u came back.. I was doing to see u all..cone he side hugged her and took them to hall ..all are shocked to see interior ..more then interior they are shock to see wall which is having all family photo .. One wall is full of couple pics first raj and preeti next to them shomi and arnav ..and next aditya and sonakshi and next swasan and next ayush and nandini ..this all couple photo are framed in large side .( u can guess jaya and amitab pic in k3g)..
Next wall having family pic .that is singhania family when ayu was that pic swara aditya sitting on arnav and raj lap ayu and shomi beside arnav preeti beside raj and both swaditya holding ayu in there lap with there tinny hand …next to them Bose family pic .and next sm family pic in which sujram sonutt and Sanskar are there ….and on the wall beside stairs single pics of all youngsters including uttu.all are seeing hall with shock except sonsan .they came to sense after hearing sona
Sona: actually papa collected all memory sansakr sent all this pics so papa framed all pics..
Swa: its so beautiful Bhabi ..
Arnav : u liked it doll
Swa: ya ..very much..swara went near a pic in which preeti is holding lil swara in her arms and kissing her cheek..swara touched pic she was caressing it .
Raj: u knw doll preeti always wanted a baby girl when u born she was on cloud nine…her happiness has no boundary…u all may be tired go ro ur room and take rest..sona show them room.. Shomi u can stay in adi room now with sona evng I ll arrange ur room..
Shomi: raj bhai its not needed I ll stay in guest room.
Raj: shomi hw can I let u stay in guest room..I’m sorry ram ji and sujata ji actually arnav was busy in his surgery and alla and I’m weak in this all arrangement so if u feel uncomfortable then plz tell ..evng arnav will come he will arranged again..
Ram: no need raj ji..its alright..we are fine ..
Raj: ok u all and get fresh lunch will be ready ..and after lunch u can rest even ..all agreed got fresh and came to lunch ..all had lunch chit chatting …

recape: swara and arnav bonding

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