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@ragsan room
San:smiles..its k only few more days na, v will wait
@Swara’s room
Rag:tell me the truth, do u really k with this marriage?
Swa:i don’t know Ragini
Swa:i didn’t have any feelings towards laksh but when you asked marriage with him because I thought I will be with u people always, but
Rag:then y
Swa:i don’t know Wat to do now? At least by marring sathya, I will b in touch with you all na. ..
Rag:y r u thinking like this? Our relationship will never end
Swa:i know it Ragini but I want to b with u all…
Rag nods not understanding anything, Wat to do next…..
Fb ends

After few days ragsan came to know that Sathya had feelings towards her, they were happy…..

Leap of one month
Mahi lak and swasath marriage happened

@same day night
Ragini is sitting in front of the mirror and removing her jewels ,sanskar is looking at her lovingly, Ragini struggles to remove her necklace ,sanskar saw these and came towards her
Rag:looked at him in mirror when his hands touches her back (both had a deep eye lock)
San:(signed) I will do it
Rag nods
San:removes her necklace without breaking eye contact with her …kissed on her bare back
Rag:clossed her eyes tightly
San:makes her turn ,towards him and started removing the jewels one by one by kissing it
Rag:gasps by his every touch
San:(after removing all her jewels) goes close towards her and pecks her ear lobe
Rag breaths heavily
San:started nuzzling his nose on her ear and started rubbing his lips on her cheek
Rag :shivers when his breath touches her and immediately hugs him
San:smiles and started removing her blouse button on back
Rag:tightens her grip by sensing his actions
San:breaks the hug and cupped her face and placed his lips on her and started kissing her passionately
Rag :holds his waist And pulls him more towards her
San:bites her lips
Rag moans
San:started sucking her lips,
After few minutes both break the kiss and sanskar starts nuzzling on her neck and bites over there
Rag:moans his name in pleasure
San immediately leaves her and looks here and there… Ragini looked at him confusingly
San:(stammers) v forget our promise
Rag:nods blushingly
San:u go and change urself
Rag:nods and went

She is blushing profusely, she looks herself in a mirror many times and smiles ..after few minutes she came out and pouts by seeing sanskar sleeping in couch with covered with blanket fully
She laughs silently by remembering their first night, how he slept in couch at that time too…

Next day @afternoon
Sanskar came to home With dull face
Rag:wat happen
San:i have to go to Mumbai now.. I Will b back After five days only
Rag:y Suddenly
San:office work.. Yesterday only laksh got married na so pappa told me to go(pouts)
Rag:kissed on his pout
San:(fake angrily) if u provoke me like this, definitely I will forget my promise

Leap of 2 days
Rag is sadly cutting the vegetables
Mahi:wat happened Didi
Rag:actually day after tomorrow is sanskar B-Day.. His first B-Day after v got married, I want to be with him….
Mahi:when he will come
Rag:after 3 days only.. I want to go to Mumbai and surprise him but if I say this no one will allow me
Mahi thinks for a while.. Idea Didi

@leap of a day @night

Main Door knock
mahi opens the door and shocked to see sanskar there
San:y r u looking at me like this
Mahi:uncle told you will come after two days only
San:wrk has finished earlier so I cam earlier ..where are other people
Mahi:all r sleeping
San:ragini also slept
Mahi:today evening only she went to Mumbai to see you
San:(widens) wat
Mahi:tmrw is ur birthday na, so she thought to b with u.. But v told everyone that she went to her home
San:(shocked) is she gone alone. Mahi:i send my frd along with her
San nods and went disappointingly

@ragsan room
Sanskar called Ragini ,as soon as she picked it
San:Y u didnt inform to me ?(annoyingly)
Rag:pouts u also did the same thing
San: I thought to surprise you wifey
Rag:me too
Ragsan pout
San:now where are you
Rag:im in mahi’s frd house
San:when u will be back?do u know how much i missed you? Now how much I’m desperate to hug you
Rag:tmrw afternoon. ….pouts and kissed him through phone
San:i will be waiting.
(both were talking and dozed off while talking)

Guys done
Hope you like it

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