True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 8)

Hii guyssss….. tq fr ur commentss…. tell me wheather am writng good…. pls tell me guysss….

Akash was shocked to find them and asked wat r u dng here??? u didnt go to school???? Akshaya said will u ask questions without welcmng inside???? Akash said sry.. come come… They get inside and sit on sofa… Akash asked wat u like too have??? Anjali said its k anna…. where is Arjun??? he said in his room…. Anjali asked him to get him here… we came toi wish him bt he said no… he dnt lke… he get angry… Anjali asked y??? he said bcoz of the incident which hap……. they asked wat??? he said nthng live it…. Akshaya said he is jst frightening us.. he cant even make his frnd to celebrate his bday bt he s tellng tat he is bstfrnd…. Akash get angry and said SHUT UP!!!! Anjali said sry anna… we taught to wish him bt its k amd she said we will leave anna..Akash said sry… and said ill u try to get him??? Anjali nods her head and asked him to get ready and go with Akshaya to buy cake… Akash said k and leaves to his room and got ready and came down… he said Sis carefull…. Akshaya said she know it… Akash said u pls dnt talk otherwise i dnt kne wat ill i do??? Akshaya asked wat u ill do?? Akash said i jst ask my sis abt membership card.. did u want to ask??? She just closed her mouth and went outside.. Akash goes behind her… Anjali prays to god why they always fightng… Akash said Anjali to come with his bike… bt she said no ill come in my bike.. Akash said k.. ill tell my sis… Akshaya silentky cone and sit behind him and said ur jst irritatable… Akash smiled amd said ya ya.. am irreitatable only too u… they leaved to shop…

Anjali goes to kitchen and starts to make payasam… aftr makng it she heads to his room… He jst lyng on his bed with hands on his eyes…. Anjali come and stand infront of him and stare at him thn she called him AR..RRR…JUUN….. He removed his hands frm his eyes and saw her and was shocked to see her…. th he gt up and sits on his bed and asked her wen u come??? she said jst nw… He jst stare at hr and asked y??? she said u pls come out frst… bt he said nooo.. u gooo… and he shout AKAASHHHH…. she said he went out.. he said u too goo… she said no and goes infront of cupboard and take out dress frm it.. its Blue jean….and white shirt… she turned and said to him to get ready… He angrily said jst leave.. i dnt want to cme anywhere….. she dsnt move and stared at him and said i too wont go till thn u cme… He comes to her and holds her hand tightly and said goo frm here.. she feels pain…. He saw tat and leaves her hand and calmly said pls goo u dnt knw anythng pls gooo… she said till wen ur hiding and thnkng abt ur past… pls split it out or take it as an anger and show it to me.. dnt be in ur past pls come out of it… otherwise wen will u cme out of tat taruma??? He jst turned to otherside and moved apart…Anjali came behind him and said pls ARJUN… cme and gt ready… he didnt turn.. so she makes him turn and saw his face which is full of tears… she was shocked and dnt no wat to do….. she was abt to say smthng.. nt Arjun jst hugged her tightly and cried his heart out… Anjali is surprised and uncomfortable… she too hav tears in her eyes… aftr some minutes she too hugged him and pacified him by pattng her hands on his back and she said cry out untill u want… He said pls dnt leave me…. i cant handle anythng… pls… Anjali said no am nt gng…. they are huggng lke tis fr an hour… Aftrwards Arjun realised wat he is doing so he jst break his hug and said sryyy… Anjali said its k… go and get ready.. he went to wash room and came out wearng the dress qhich Anjali choose… he his jst lookng handsome and smart….. Anjali said cme down.. they come down and she gave him prasad which she get it frm temple… he took it… thn she gve him bowl full off payasam to him.. He jst stare at her and said no i dnt want.. bt she take spoon full of payasam and clutch it in his mouth.. he eat it and was surprised and asked her who make tis??? she said its mee… y?? Arjun think of somethng(ON HIS BDAY… HIS MOM MAKE HIM TO TOOK OIL BATH AND GVE HIM PAYASAM WHICH SHE MADE AND WISH HIM)… Anjali called and asked yy???? he said nthng…. he thnkss its same taste which my mom makee… At tat time Akash and Akshaya both cme with the cake and gifts….

Akash cme and hugged him and said HAPPY BAY DUDE…He jst smiled and hugged him… Akshaya too wished him.. he said tq… thn Arjun cut the cake and make them eat….. They sit and chat fr sometimes and Anjali said we ill leave… Akash said tq so much sis bcozz of u he his smiling.. tq… Akshaya said i knw she can make it bt uu??? u knws only talkng and teasng… Akash said thn wat u knw tell me.. if ur a genious tat u knw all abt mee tell mee wat u knw.. they both start their fight. Anjali smiles seeng tis and Arjun stared at her smilngly.. Anjali stop their fight and said bye to them and went….

Akash hugged Arjun and said tq arjun… she made it wat i want… pls dnt make it late pls tell it to her soon… Arjun starts to thnnk bt her… Akash asked him wat are u thnkng?? dnt thnk much…. Arjun said am still in delimaa wheather to tell her r nt??? Akash said k u thnk till ur last breathe sayng tis he went to his room.. Arjun his sittng on sofa and thnkngggg…..


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  1. Haaa atlast arjun anjali hug each other how cute…. and akash and akshaya both are kids yaar….

  2. Amazing epi..I liked B’DAY celebration and ofcourse Akshaya and Akash fights too…u r making me to wait so much yaar to know about his Past..I am curious to know about it..Good going and keep writing..and I am waiting for next part eagerly..update soon..take care..?

  3. Nice…………..
    u r good writer go head don’t worry about other

  4. Pls post before 10 I am eagerly waiting for next part

    1. tq hayathi..
      tq aaliya
      tq deepa… bt i cant post for four days bcoz of heavy rain.. no current from mrng.. nw it came…. sry guyss.. if i gt time ill surely post it…

  5. Awesome episode akila, loved the way anjali consoled arjun and the bday surprise, very nice narration, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode

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