Tere Sheher Mein 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rama getting Amaya on the ghat. She asks why did we come here. Rama says Mantu was my friend and brother, we can do puja for this soul peace. They both do the Shanti puja. Amaya sees Sneha and says Rama, I will just come. She goes to Sneha. Sneha says he got this Mahadev locket for her, and gives her.

She says you did a lot for our family, this locket will protect you. Amaya thanks her. Sneha says I will go, and meet in marriage. Amaya sees Rama and recalls having seen him in this pose in dream. She gets worried. She makes Rama wear the locket and asks Rama not to question her. He agrees.

She wishes nothing turns true ahead of this. Tilak comes and asks are they not preparing for haldi, he is their Jijaji and will feel bad. Rama says no, we are going home, we came to do puja for Mantu. Tilak says right, I came to know Mantu failed that gang, but he died getting under the truck. Amaya observes. Tilak says I have to leave, Sumitra called me at home and goes. Rama asks Amaya to come.

Sumitra applies haldi to Tilak, and jokes that he is seeing Kangana. Amaya tells Rama about Rahul’s bag, she got some imp thing, some with me. Tilak hears her and says he will go and wash face. Rama says we shall give this letter to police. Tilak thinks he can’t let police get this, else he will go jail, I have to kill them. Sumitra asks Tilak to wash face. Go home and come dressed well as groom. Tilak says I lost the way. Sumitra says bathroom is that way.

Kangana gets a file by her name, and checks. She gets shocked knowing about her mental illness. Amaya and Rama tell Sumitra that they will come soon, after giving proof to police. Tilak starts acting and comes to them. Rama asks whats the problem, why are you crying. Tilak says I feel bad as I m orphan, I had to buy clothes myself, who will tie the sehra, Rama you are like my brother, I want you and Amaya to make me wear sehra. Amaya says but we have to go. Rama says we can do this later, its big day for Tilak. I m going with him. Tilak asks them to reach his home, he will get sehra.

Tilak gets motichoor laddoos, and asks them to eat, he will go and change. Tilak changes his clothes and comes. Tilak praises their Jodi. Rama and Amaya start coughing. Tilak asks what happened, are you fine, I will get water. He shuts the door. Tilak says I added poison in these laddoos, did you had more, my plan will not succeed if you both don’t die. Rama says you were my friend, why are you doing this. Tilak says you fool, I did this so that my plan works.

Amaya says you have run a NGO. Tilak says I did not run any NGO, that university did wrong with me 5 years ago, I used to study there, I did a lot of illegal things, but I was good person, a lady teacher insulted me and slapped me, the story started there. That teacher did suicide and police caught me, blaming me that I made that teacher’s MMS, I cried and said I m innocent, they made me criminal and so I wanted to blast that university, I loved Amaya, why did you come in between Amaya, I had to shoot 3 people, and that Mantu, I killed him. Rama and Amaya get shocked.

Tilak checks the evidence and sees the blank paper. Rama and Amaya stop their acting, and look at him angrily. Tilak says it means you both did acting. Amaya asks him to stop it. Rama says we recorded your confession. Amaya says you told at home that Mantu got under truck and died, just kidnappers knew this, you were not there when kidnappers told us, so I had doubt on you, when you came at our home for haldi, we came here to your home, we got university map and it got proved that you are after all this, we knew you are clever, this time we did by planning, this letter was drama, we knew you missed poison in laddoos, we changed the laddoo box when you went to change. Tilak pushes Rama.

Sumitra and everyone come there. Tilak asks Sumitra to explain them. Sumitra slaps him. Amaya says so sorry, your plan won’t work, we will expose you. Sneha says police is coming. Tilak looks for gun. Rama says I had the gun, no need to find it.

Tilak takes gun from him and shoots Rama. Amaya and everyone get shocked. Kangana beats Tilak and makes him fall. Rama says I m fine, this locket saved my life. Amaya gets relieved and says this locket saved my husband mom. Sneha thanks Lord for saving her family.

Kangana tells Sumitra that she is fine now and knows about her mental condition. She says I regret mandap will go waste. Sneha says no, marriage will happen. They get Amaya and Rama for marriage again. Gajanand says your marriage happened in bad situation, so I thought your marriage should happen happily. Amaya and Rama get married. Everyone smile and shower flowers on them. Rama and Amaya takes elder’s blessings and hugs their family. They go to ghat and leave a diya in the poll. Rama and Amaya smile seeing the diya.

The show ended on a happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. accha hua band ho gayya serial time khooti kar rha tha ab kuch naya aur interesting hona chahiye 10:30 me star plus par……

    1. It would be siya ke ram’s repeatation….

  2. My last comment with all of u guys i hope hiba & druv to come soon as lead rolls on any other youth show

    Please come back soon

  3. today is independence day for all viewers this show is ending

  4. Finally TSM came to an END!

  5. it was the worst episode of this serial… the show was nonsense after mantu left the show…i dnt see a stupid climax like this in any show..

  6. Thank God this show has ended. What a waste of what could have been a story about empowered sisters who change perceptions in realistic situations. What a waste of talented actors who played as Sha, Gajanan, Rachita, Mantu, Rishi, and Sumitra. Whatever happened to Dev, Rudra and his father?

  7. Sneha not Sha

  8. I will miss the show… and specially mantu and amaya. Love u both……

  9. RIP TSM…I m commenting after a long time..dhruv must b feeling happy to see how he sank d titanic which once seemed unsinkable. yes…mantu left d show n it was all over in a moment. lovely manya pair…like a breath of fresh air. but man proposes n god disposes..writers plz take a break n comeback wid another tsm …though u will never b able to create manya n rara again.dimeo, S, ritu, anjali, rush , ajoy , riya and all others..thanks for sharing ur views in this forum..wishing u guyz lovely year ahead. and last but not the least big thanks to amena who spared us d pain of watching dis terminally ill show.

  10. Thnk god we got ride of this bhakwaas show but I will miss amaya hope he bag another show soon

  11. Sorry she*

  12. Oohp where did RUDRA HARISH disappeared i really need to know can anyone tell me please….

  13. Rocky, nipuna, naela, ritu….if u dont like the show u should not have watched….dont atleast isult the charachter…. 🙁 🙁

    1. We watched because we invested into it from March to August. After that it became the same as driving by a burnt down childhood building that once held beautiful memories. You can’t help and wish it is restored. This show was never restored. Don’t tell me you actually enjoyed the regressive turns it took. I doubt that switching brides, blackmailing old men and torturing daughter in- laws and all this scheming is your vision of entertainment.

  14. I alws mis manya hope dhruv n hiba wil come together n a butiful lov story as a lead pair soon.

  15. This show ended?! U cant believe it!.

  16. Miss u hiba and dhruv hope u both come back in any another show

  17. I gonna miss Hiba & Dhruv.. Hope these two come back in another youth Love story.

  18. Miss u Tu mera hero & Tere sheher mein..

  19. And there you have it……….it seems todays episode was very rushed. Everything seemed to fall into place, Sneha gifting the locket which saved Rama, changing the ladoos when Tilak goes to change, hiding his gun……..and to top it off, Rama and Amaya marrying taking the place of Kangana and Tilak, who were meant to. They ended this show with Rama and Amaya marrying……….the one thing that actually ruined this show. These people will never learn.

    At least Gajanand was in the final episode. Along with Sneha………..but no sign of Dev, Rudra, Hari, Kaushalya………no mention of Jas or Rachita, so not sure if they were there today………and obviously no Mantu or Uma, who built the show.

    Not sure where the actors will end up after this show???? Most have not really come out of it with any credit. Maybe Anjum Fakih (Rachita) can salvage something somewhere, Sana Amin Sheikh (Kangana) and Kinshuk Mahajan (Tilak) were already established, and this show has done nothing to enhance that. Hiba Nawab (Amaya) will be at a crossroads. The show was set to really push her up the ranks, but by staying with this sinking ship, this may damage her career prospects. Nobody wants to be associated with a declining show, let alone be the female lead. Her only advantage is that she is still young and has the time to repair the damage.

    Dhruv Bhandari (Mantu)…….the great Dhruv, is the only one to leave with any credit. Was a fantastic character in the show, and is no surprise that this shows decline, coincided with his departure. Most of his followers (and there are a lot) are looking forward to seeing him on the screens again soon.

    So thats it. A great idea, good platform, perfect characters, and great chemistry………..turned into poor twists, bad character retention, appalling stories and poor chemistry to those who were actually left, resulted in the show finishing early. Lets hope the team who created this, learn from their mistakes. Imagine is Mantu stayed………….what if……………….?????

    I’m not into indian serials, but I though this would be different. How wrong I was. Not sure if i will watch any more indian shows, but it has been fun posting on this website. Adios to S, Ritu, Rush, Ajoy, Nimesha, Anjali and anybody else that I missed. Good luck for the future and god bless!!!!!

    1. Dimeo and Pinky, I am revisiting some Pakistani dramas on Hum TV as detox for this show Abd Nisha aur Uske cousins. Zindagi gulzar hai, ka kar and humsafar are three that have strong female leads who refuse to be abused. Good luck to all of you and hopefully one of these days our Indian TV shows will become realistic. Till then no more star plus etc. on my cable bill. ?

  20. finally!!!! thank god…….

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