Hay friends it’s me AIZA…. Again back but with different story….this time I am going to write a one shot for our most cute and adorable lead pair of star plus that is RAMAN AND ISHITA…..
Seriously I am a great fan of ishra but the ongoing track in the show is just boiling my blood …as I cant change the current track of the story so I am writing my own story….
As always I would like you all to comment in my story …..May it be appreciation or the criticism …..i will surely entertain both of them…..

So here goes my story…..
The story begins from when ishita being alive is known to everyone in Bhalla and Iyer ‘S FAMILIES and the annoyance of both the families as well as the reason for rude and arrogant behavior of RAMAN is known to ishita….she tries her level best to unite both the families with the help of their children adi and pihu….BUT ALL HER ATTEMPT to unite both the families goes in vain….at every step something like a sharp dagger throbs her heart and she feels herself guilty everytime…because she was only the reason for the demise of her lovely daughter RUHI….when she sees pihu she thinks her ruhi is back…but on seeing pihu just one thought struck her that just to save her she has lost her ruhi… her daughter RUHI…
ishita don’t gets sleep at night …she usally gets stuck at a point where her guilt stand on one side and other side stands her family who is desperately needing her…..she cries all night and prays to god to forgive her…

early the next morning when everyone was fast asleep…she gets up…and wrote a letter to raman ,adi and amma and other family members….she puts letter under everyones pillow and leaves from the house….before going she takes hers and ramans photo ,ruhi’s photo and adi photo…..and walks down from there in tears….whole life flashed in front of her….she was crying vigorously….after an hour she reaches to the same cliff where she had once tried to commit suicide….she recalls raman rude behavior ….and the problems both the families are facing because of her……she recalls ruhi and niddhis accident….on the other side raman while sleeping dreams of ishita being in some danger and wakes up from her sleep…he sees the letter which ishita has kept under the pillow….he runs outside and take hold of his car and bagan to drive fast…..

ishita was about to jump from there when some thought struck her mind …she takes out the photos from her bag and one by one throws them down in the cliff…hoping to not meet them again…she was constantly crying..(kaise batau ki tujko chahun yara bata naa paun…chain dilo ki yara mai ….plays in the bg)….she jumps from the cliff…and goes directly in water….raman rushes there and sees her sinking….on seeing her he also jumped from the cliff and goes towards her to save her…he holds her closely and hugs her tighly…and shouts at her ..
raman-what the hell you think that by ending your life all the problems will end..??
ishita-please let me die…I am not made to live….please raman your all the problems will end when I will die…..she folds her hand in front of him..and cries…
ishita-I know raman you hate me to the core of your heart …..and your hatred is justified towards me…
raman—you idiot what you think that I hate you….arey I love you yar….you know why I was doing all this because I myself didn’t know what to do…!!!! seeing you after so many years I was completely shocked…
ishita -you are lying raman…
raman- look at my eyes and tell me if I am really lying…ishita I really love you….i cannot live my life without you….yes It is right, after you left me i have stopped living my life…but again you wanted to leave me….
Ishita hugs him tighly and shouts I love you too raman….

Till then the family members arrived with the rescue team and rescues both of them….on coming out of the water they again hugs each other and bends infront of all the elders and takes their blessing….as a couple …
Raman proposes her to marry and ishita accepts that…and they decide to marry in the same marriage hall where raman was going to marry shagun……
Marriage day comes and they both gets married thais time with adi ,pihu and ruhi noticing their marriage…..the trio comes and takes pic with both of them…and the chapter finishes with raman and ishita both saying TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES…!!!

So friends please tell me how do you like this story…….and please do comment….

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  1. Really nice superb are u still going to continue with it or not

  2. Nivika

    awesome azia…really heart touching…u made me cry yaar

  3. Its very nice….I too having same doubt,R u gng to continue??

  4. aiza siddiqui

    thanx a lot kumud…..please do tell me should i continue with it or not…???

    1. Yes please

  5. aiza siddiqui

    thanx a lot snehal…..keep reading dear…..

  6. aiza siddiqui

    dear kv it was jyst a one shot and i dont have any plan to continue with it…..but if you want i will write another one…..

  7. Plz continue . Awesome story . Hope the current track was like this

  8. superb writing.u make me cry.keep it up!

  9. Ya..U can start a new one…All the best?

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