Swaragini (love connection) part 31

Hii guys…how r u all??Here i am back with a new part…

Part 31

Sansker woke up and looked at the clock.It was already 8 am.How could he be so late!Then he remembered the last night.He smiled thinking about the letter.

He looked at the room.Swara was not there.He got up from the bed and found his cloth ready with a chit there.

“Good morning hubby.Quickly take a shower and come downstairs.I love u”

He smiled and went to washroom.

When he came to the dining hall,everyone qere seated in the table.But today something qas different.Swara was serving the breakfast!!She smiled at her when their eyes met.

Sujata:Arre chora..why r u so late today?Come sit here.Today ur wife has cooked for u specially.

Sansker raised an eyebrow.
Sansker:Hein??Swara cooked?

Swara gave him an angry look.All started to laugh.

Ap:Sansker,we already know that in first day u bought food from the restaurant.And haan..swara is learning cooking from us.So u don’t try to tease her by saying this okey?

Sansker took the seat beside laksh.

Sujata:Haan..don’t try to tease my bahu.And..swara learnt to cook well.Now it’s ragini’s turn.Ragini beta..look ur di has cooked for her husband today.When will u cook for laksh?

Laksh choked hearing this.Sansker patted his back.

Ragini:Of course chachi…i will cook for my husband.(With a dramatic shy smile)

Laksh started to cough now badly.Swara gave him water.He looked to ragini while drinking water.She gave him a killer look.

Ap:What happened laksh?
Laksh:I don’t want to die.

“I may cook bad..but u will not die eating this!Mom see na how is he insulting me”ragini said with a fake sobbing.

“Drama queen”laksh told under his breath.

Ap:Enough laksh..now i will prove that my bahu can cook.Ragini come with me in kitchen.Now we will prepare halwa.And nobody will move from the table until we come with halwa.

Sansker:But bade ma..i am getting late.
Dp:Haan..we too should leave for office.

Ap:Baas 10 min ji..wait..ragini come with me.

Ragini stood up and went behind ap.Before entering into kitchen she looked back and winked at laksh.His eyes got big and he got hiccup.Sansker again gave him water.

Sansker:Hua kya hai aj tujhe??

Laksh just drank water silently.He was just waiting for something bad to happen.

After 10 minutes ap came with ragini with a tray of halwa.They started to serve everyone.Ragini took a special bowl from there and gave it to laksh.Laksh looked at it suspiciously but took it seeing everyone having it safely.

Ap:Toh..how is it??i just instructed her..she made all this.

Sansker:It’s really good bade ma.Good job ragini.

Ragini:Thanks sansker..arre laksh why r u not eating?i have made with so much love!

Pari:Haan ragini..u made this with so much love..now feed him with that much love..he is waiting for it!

Uttara:Haan bhabi..look..bhai is eagerly waiting for this..just couldn’t tell u out of shyness.

Pari and uttara have a high five!Everyone laughed.

Sujata:Haan ye bhi sahi hai..first time u made something..feed him with ur hands.

Ragini:Okey chachi..(in mind:ab ayega maja)(smiless evily)

She took a spoon full of halwa and gave it to laksh.Laksh took it in mouth and started to cough badly.He split out all the stuff from mouth as it was all salty!!

Ragini recalled how she managed the special bowl for laksh and added it salt in spite of sugar.

Swara gave him water this time.He drank water looking at ragini who was smirking.

Ap:Ab kya hogya isse??
Sansker:Pata nehi..subha se baas hichki aa rahi hai isse.I don’t know what happened!

Ragini whispered to laksh:kya hua??Halwa jyada mitha ho gya???Want to eat more??

She took another spoon full of halwa and took it near his mouth.He took it and ate it looking at ragini without blinking eyes.He finished the full bowl while ragini fed him with her hand.All this time he never moved his eye from ragini.She was shocked to see how he ate that salty thing without saying a

Ap:Beta..how was the halwa?
Laksh:Too much sweet.After all my wife fed me!
He grinned and ragini looked at him.

Uttara:U r so lucky bhabi..look how much bhai loves u.

Raglak both looked at her shockingly and then looked at each other.Love!!!

Swara came with tiffin behind sansker outside the house as he was leaving for college.She gave it to his hand and fixed his tie.

Swara:Call me when u r free.And eat this in time.

Sansker:Okey..anything else?
Swara:Haan..don’t talk to kavita.
Sansker:Swara..don’t u think u r forgetting something?

Sansker:My morning kiss??

Swara:Sansker..here..what r u saying?
She started to go but sansker holds her hand.
Swara:What r u doing?Someone will see!
Sansker:Just a kiss!
Swara:Okey..fine..leave my hand first.

Sansker leaves her hand.She gave a quick peck to his cheek and ran away shyly.Sansker smiled touching his cheek and seeing to her direction.Then he left for college.

Ragini was writing down in her diary about the morning event.Only one word was roaming on her head.”Love”.Could lakah love her?Till now he wrote all her time with laksh and today too she wrote it.It was only diary with whom she shared all her true feeling about laksh.The feeling of her love.

She looked back hearing sound at the door.She hide the diary seeing laksh there.But laksh saw it.

Laksh:What r u hiding?Diary??

Ragini:That is none of ur business.
Laksh:Are u writing about ur extra marital affair?
Ragini:What nonsense!!
Laksh:Then why r u hiding this?
Ragini:This is my personal diary.I will never let anyone read it.

Laksh in mind”now i have to read it..at any cost”

Sansker was walking towards his class.He was in a hurry because he was already late for his class.All of a sudden he heard somebody calling him from behind.


He exactly knew who was it.And he recalled the promise of swara.So he pretends as he didn’t hear anything and continued walking.

But the person keeps calling him and he felt her chasing him all the way until she cathes up with him.

“I am calling u for a long time sir..how r u?”the person asked her breathing heavily as she ran all the way.And now she was in front of him blocking his ways.

“Hi kavita..what r u doing here?”sansker asked with a awkward smile.

kavita:Sir..today is our result and i have come to see it..but it isn’t there in notice board till now..can u say when will they publish it?

Sansker slapped himself in mind for forgetting this day.It was the result day of his wife,brother and his only shali.But he was too busy in thinking about proposal that he even forgot to tell swara or laksh that the result is arriving one week before the previous given date.

“I will talk to u later kavita…i have an important call to make.”sansker said while taking out the phone.

Kavita:But sir…

But sansker was already gone.Kavita fumed as she couldn’t talk with him as she planned.

“I have to do something…he can’t get away from my grip..he should suffer the worst.”she thought.

Swara ran to ragini’s room as soon as sansker told her that result will be out soon.She was little angry with sansker as he didn’t tell her earlier.But it was not the time to think about that.She was too much tensed about result.

Ragini also freaked hearing the news.The only person who was steady was laksh.It seemed that he was not at all affected by the news.

Laksh drives the car to college.Ragini saw swara over tensed so she asked about the reason.

Ragini:Di..u were never that tensed during the result before..so why r u now??Is that only tge result or something else?

Swara:U know what..i am angry with sansker l..he knew about this and he didn’t tell me before!Just let me meet him..i will just cut his head off.

Ragini laughed at her word.

They reached the college.Sansker met them there.Swara completely ignored him.He understood the reason.

They went towards the notice board to see the result.There was crowd as always.Ragini found her name first.She was 3rd in merit list.Then they found swara’s name.She passed with a good marks.But they weren’t finding laksh’s name there.

“Bhai..will this time my wife will pass and i will fail??it is so shameful bhai..i want to die..plz give me some poison”Laksh said nearly crying.Now he was being dramatic.

“First let me die.I am teacher here..and my brother will fail..did u think how shameful it is”sansker snapped.

Laksh gave him a death glare.But then ragini shouted finding laksh’s name.

Ragini:Hey..u didn’t fail..u r passed..but
Ragini:With grace!

She burst out laughing and laksh felt extremely embarrassed.He passed with grace while his wife was in 3rd position.

But when he looked at ragini laughing,he couldn’t help but watching her.She was looking too pretty while smiling.Something was happening.He ended up smiling seeing her.In the mean time swasan exchanged some angry glares.Well swara was angry and sansker was trying to convince her.

“I want to go to mom and dad first..i will tell them the good news meeting them”ragini exclaimed.

Swara:I am coming too.


All three looked at him.

Sansker:I mean..if ragini is going to meet parents..then u should go and tell the happy news to bade papa,mom and others right?They will be happy.

Swara was sad but nodded yes.

Sansker:Cool..so laksh..u go and drop ragni In GM..me and swara will go home…bye.

Laksh:Okey bhai.

Here they parted ways.Swaragini hugged before leaving each other.

On raglak car

Laksh was driving the car and smiling at ragini occasionally without any reason.She was confused.

“Has he gone mad?Why is he smiling at me?That too without any reason!”ragini thought.

She saw a icecream stall and and shouted.

Ragini:Stop stop!!I want to have icecream.

They went to the stall.

Ragini:Bhaiya..give me an icecream with combination of mango,vanilla,and banana.

Laksh:Ewww..what a bad taste!

Ragini:Check ur own taste..don’t dare to judge mine.

They took the icecream and started to eat.

Laksh:Did u remember last time we had icecream?

Ragini recalled the memory of running after stealing the icecream and started to laugh like a mad.Laksh stared at her leaving his icecream.What a business he started nowadays!!

“I don’t want to talk to u”swara said as she started walking ignoring sansker.

Sansker:At least listen to me once!

Swara turned at him and said”Why?U were too busy with ur students that u forgot that u promised me u will give me more time than ur books.”

Sansker:I remembered that swara..i just forgot to tell u..trust me…and i am sorry for that..

Swara started back walking.Her gaze was locked on sansker so she didn’t notice the truck coming to her.

Swara:I am not convinced.

She continued back walking.Sansker hit his head with palm.Swara chuckled seeing his nervous face.She looked at her left side hearing a sound of horn.But it was too late!


She heard sansker screaming and then everything went blank.She lied down there surrounded by pool of blood.The truck escaped from there after hitting her.

Sansker ran…as fast as possible to reach swara.He was not believing his eyes.Swara was lying with a pool of blood in front of his eyes.

Precap:Twist in the tale.

Don’t throw rotten egg and tomatoes after reading this chapter.I believe that u will urge to throw them over me after reading the next part.

Random ques:Have u seen “Ayisha” movie of sonam kapoor?I watched it a long ago..and watched it 2nd time today.I am just in love with this movie..what about u?

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