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so from today story starts

AT NIGHT 12 am
a big room is shown and in that big room a boy is shown sleeping in a couch with his books on his chest. [that obvio means that while study he felt asleep.

suddenly his phone starts ringing . after two rings he gets fred up and pick up the without seeing the name of the person .
BOY:[in a sleepy tone ] helloooooooo . how is it plzzz let me sleep i have my exams tomorrow plzz i beg u
GIRL[LITTLE ANGRY TONE ]: agar exams hoti hai toh raat bhar padhai ki jaati hai…….. soya nahi jata mr.sanskar maheshwari[ yesssss the boy is none other then sanskar maheshwari our HERO ] SANSKAR [ gets scared listening her voice]: SWARAAAAAAAAAAAA
SWARA: yes swara ….. idiot, dumbo, duffer , insane i was knowing it you must be sleeping only
SANSKAR: how…. how said i was no…no i was not sleeping i wasjust…
his voice guts off by swara
SWARA: sanskar stop it . you know you cant lie to me … so there is no use of telling lies
SANSKAR[IN A CUTE TONE]: cho sorrrrry but what should i do i m feeling so tired you know there was a lot of work in office today.
SWARA: what you went to office today…. are u mad
SANSKAR : papa requested me so i could not deny
SWAR:okay[sighs] how much you studied till now
SANKAR : little is only left
SWARA : take some rest n startstudying again okayy[ in a strict tone] SANSKAR: okay madam and thank you for spoiling my sleep
SWARA: now u understood how much u get angry when someone spoils yours sleep but you alwaysmy sleep ragini se jagda hua toh swara ko udhao raat ko , mom se jagda hua toh swara ko udhao raat ko hello helllo r u listening [ she realises that sanskar kept the phone and she was speaking like a mad] SANSKAR: [to herslf] sanskarrrrrr u seriosly mad but kya karu tujhpe dil joh aa gaya hai i love you sanskar and i hope that you dont get to know this ever in your life because i know how much you love ragini and also i dont want to a best friend [sighs]

alarm is ringing from past 30 mins but swara is in no mood to get up thats yy shamishta come to her room to wakes her up
SHAMISHTA: swara get up see the time ……. swara get up you are getting late for your exams
after listening to the word exam swara gets up in a hurry and sees the time
SWARA: oooo shit how can i forget it areeee yarrr today toh definitely i’ll be late and upar se sanskar toh aur daatega
sanskar always comes to pick swara because one day got a prey of eve teasing and she got scared that day . sanksar could not see her like that so he decided that he will come to pick up swara every day to pick swara for college
swara was on phone
SWARA:haa sanskar bas paanch minute bas main ready ho gayi huu plzz relax
SANSKAR: jaldi we are getting late paper hai yaar
SWARA : ha so sorry
after 10 mins she come down and sees sanskar who is getting very much angry
SWARA: so sorry
SANSKAR:[in angry tone] abb chalo jaldi
they sit in car after taking everyones blessings

SWARA: so sorry
but was in no mood to talk to her
after some time they reached college
as they were late professor gupta started asking and swara ke upar naam na aaye isiliye sanskar ne saara blame apne upar le liya and he said sorry
swara was overwhemled to see his concern for her she thought in her mind he is truly a best friend
swara and sankar came out of examination hall but now also sanskar was not talking to swara
RAGINI: sanskar y u lied to professor gupta in examination hall
SANSKAR : When i lieditwas the trth dear i was seriosly late
RAGINI: i called at ur house n annapurna aunty said that today u left for college early
in all these conversation swara was not present as she always used to be with her friends so that sanskar and ragini acn gat some personal time for each other
after ragini said this she winked at sanskar and gave an angry look to him


Credit to: peehu

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  1. pls yaar update n english….

    1. So sorry next time pakka

  2. Nice epi..nd i love love triangles..waiting fr nxt

  3. Love it???

  4. love triangle is between???? but jo bhi ho pair ragsan hee rkhna

    1. Swara , ragini , sanskar

  5. Peehu I really like triangle lovestorbut pls make it swasan at the end

    1. It will be swasan in the end as I said in the introduction part

  6. Awesome yr when will u introduce laksh

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