Reporters aberrant 31

Next day, I was preparing breakfast when Kabir came from behind and held me in his arms. I did not pay any attention and said, ‘Kabir, I am not in the mood, please leave me alone’. He twisted me to face him. I stared at him when he replied, ‘How many times must I day sorry? C’mon Ananya, you are stretching it’. I protested, ‘Oh! So why don’t you directly say that I am immature?’. I grabbed my bag, stuffed my things and prepared to leave when Kabir held my hand and pulled me towards him. I protested but his hold got stronger. I said, ‘Kabir, stop it! I need to go. I am late’. He replied, ‘No you are not’. Now I bit his hand and ran out. Kabir squealed when I bit his hand, but later he was frustrated, much more sad.

I reached office much early. Saunya was busy flirting with Manav. When she saw me, she said, ‘Oh Ananya! Good morning’. I smiled and went towards my seat. I called Khurana when he said, ‘We have got some evidence of interest to you’. I replied ‘Cool, I’ll be there in 1 hour’. I went to Malvika’s cabin, to take permission from her for a leave. I ignored Kabir everytime he passed me, and Kabir got more sad each time. Malvika was crying!?! I stormed towards her and asked, ‘What happened Malvika? Why are you crying?’. She replied hesitatingly, ‘Ananya, thank God u saw me crying like this. U won’t believe what I saw yesterday’. I pricked my ears, like a bunny and she started filling get me up with the details, ‘If you remember, yesterday Manav dropped Saunya home. And.. And..’. She started sobbing hard. I patted on her back and urged her to continue, ‘I saw Saunya hugging Manav’. Definitely, that was a bad news. One day at kkn and all this? I started to realize that I exaggerated my fight yesterday with Kabir. If she got to know that I am upset with Kabir, she’ll leave no stone unturned to make him have a grudge against me. I calmed Malvika and said, ‘Look Malvika. Saunya is a big cheap flirt. Only one day at kkn and all this nuisance that she has created is, is unbearable. Why don’t you ask Manav if he has feelings for her?’. Malvika replied, ‘Oh.. Ok’. I quickly told her that I am off for investigation and without asking me about the details of the case, she granted me the permission for leave. I reached the mall at half past 12. Khurana had got the mall closed down for investigation on the case. I reached upto him and asked, ‘Where is the evidence that you were saying?’. He narrated the story and soon a broad smile crossed over my face. I was as happy as ever.

Meanwhile, Malvika entered Manav’s cabin where she found Saunya sitting in a chair opposite to Manav’s. She told her, ‘Get up. And leave. I have to discuss something important with Manav. In private’. Saunya looked at Manav, got up and left. Malvika said, ‘So Manav, on the scale of one to ten, how much has your day been merrier with Saunya?’. Manav replied, ‘5’. Malvika crossed her arms and said, ‘Really? Oh! So now on the scale of one to ten, how much do you like her?’. Manav replied, ‘8? No no 7. No I guess 8. Final.. 8.5’. Malvika yelled, ‘So why don’t you make her your girlfriend? If you are so close to liking her, then why not love her, right?’. Manav got up and came close to Malvika and replied, ‘Malvika, don’t get jealous. She is just an employee and I am her boss. She was discussing about the shows to put for line-up, that’s it’..’. Malvika said, ‘Oh! So day and night, she sits in your cabin to discuss about the lineups? This is the limit Manav. I am leaving you and your hypocrisy. Don’t you ever say a word to me. U don’t know me, I don’t know you’. Malvika stormed out of his cabin towards her own. Saunya smiled on seeing her leave angrily. She entered Manav’s cabin and said, ‘Anything wrong sir?’. Manav replied with a friendly smile, ‘No of course not. Please sit. Where were we?’. Kabir was busy thinking about me the whole day. “How do I apologize Ananya?”, and soon he came up with a mind-blowing idea. He proved that day that his love for me was priceless. He started dancing around like as if he had won a lottery. He called the peon and said, ‘Listen to me very carefully…

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