Trapped in lies- Twinj FF (Part 3)

Previously: Kunj enters the college in hope on fighting twinkle. On his first day, he found out twinkle was hated by the students. He also found out, the women he had liked during high school was twinkle twin Teni. Heart broken, he found twinkle ready to jump of the board. Lets continue……

Kunj enter the pool area . He could see the moon shining it’s light on the water. Giving it a magical glow. Kunj look around wondering if someone was there. Suddenly he heard a sqeek sound. Looking up, his eyes widen seeing twinkle. ” what is she doing up there it’s dangerous ” he mumbles

He watch her take another step, and stop at the very edge. ” don’t tell me she’s planning on commiting suicide?!”

his eyes widen when twinkle jump. Panicking , he quickly ran to the edge of the pool ready to jump. But kunj froze. He was afraid, while looking at the water, he recall his childhood.


A young kunj was at the beach with his family, riding his bike. when suddenly his wheel starts to shake.he tried to balance it, but no luck. Suddenly it took a turn, heading straight to the ocean. He scream, while his parents call his name in panick. The next thing he knew, he was drowning in the water.

End of flashback

Kunj was so busy contemplating that he didn’t see twinkle coming for air. ” that was a good swim” she says to herself

Kunj finally snap out of it, when he saw her climbing the pool stairs. He watch as she squeeze her hair. When twinkle finally look up, she raise her brow ” who are you?”

Kunj heart hammerd, just when he was gonna respond, they heard a loud click. They look at one another before looking at the door, suddenly the alarm starts to ring. ” what’s going on?”

” I don’t know, but let’s go before we get in trouble.”

Twinkle for once couldn’t agree more, she wrapped her towel around herself and follow kunj. Kunj tries to open, but it wouldn’t ” why aren’t you opening the door?”

” I’m trying, it seem like someone locked it”

” what?…. that’s impossible, we’re the only two here” she says before bang the door for some one to open, but no luck.

Twinkle starts to panick ” how are we gonna get out” she says

Kunj told her not to panick. He said he will call his friend. Grabbing his phone, he dials yuv number. When he didn’t answer, he tried again. Twinkle asks if he answerd, Kunj shook his head. Twinkle says she will try her sister. Just when she was about to, the door opened. their frowning was non other then the principal. ” is their a reason why you both are in here so late?”

” we can explain” they said

” I’m sure you can, just like I’m sure you guys can explain the reason why you pull the fire alarm. ”

“What?” Kunj says ” we didn’t pull no alarm”

” uhu” the principal says ” you two come with me to my office ”

” but sir” they said

Coming out the room. The principal was about to speak, but stop. Kunj an twinkle turn to see what he was looking at. They were surprise to see a person covered in blood, coming out the other door. The person was stretching her hand, before falling into the pool. They we’re all shock. It wasn’t long before the principal grab his phone an dial the ambulance. They arrived shortly, follow by the police.

The officers told them to step out. When they did, they saw many students watching. Kunj didn’t know how his first day could turn out like this. His friends call his name, asking if he was OK. Kunj nod, yuv says he was having the best dream before the alarm rang. Sid says ” do you know what Moran pulled the alarm”

Just when Kunj was about to respond, he heard someone call twinkle. He turn to see teni, twinkle twin sister. Now that their near, he realize how identical they we’re. The difference is their clothes choice. Teni prefer modern wear while twinkle love tradition. Teni check to make sure she was alright. She asks twinkle if some thing happens to her . Twinkle wrapped the towel more tighter around her body.

” I’m fine” she says

” why did you leave the room so late. Do you know how worried I was” she says

.twinkle looks away. Soon investigator arrived, party steps out with the leader. Parth walk to Teni ” a murder happens right when your sister arrives at the campus, I’m not surprise ” he says.

Teni glaring at parth says ” listen here Mr.wannabe lawyer, di is not the murderer. She has nothing to do with this.”

Parth scoff ” we will see when we find the evidence. Than I will see how long you will defend her, Ms.pagal

Teni turns to twinkle who was emotion less . ” come di, let’s go”

Twinkle remove her hand from her arm. She told her she wants to be alone. Before Teni could say something twinkle ran away. Kunj seeing this follow once more. The principal yell at them to come back. The police calls him for more questioning.

Meanwhile, twinkle ran until she reached a small building . Turns out it was the garden building. It was dark, inside, and pots we’re everywhere. But their we’re no flowers. Twinkle broke down crying. She recall her father death, and now this incident. She remember dadi-ma accusing her of having bad luck. She remeber her saying out of the two, she was the evil twin. ” she’s right I am cursed. Bad things always happen around me. I can never live a normal life, without people accusation. ” she cries

Kunj heart broke seeing her like this. He wish he could take the burden away and wipe all her darkness replacing it with happy moment. Just then, Kunj saw a shadow picking a pot, and ready to throw it. Quickly he calls her name, before running to her. Twinkle stop her tears, surprise to see Kunj. She fell on the floor when Kunj tackled her. They both heard the pot crack, scattering soil. Twinkle look at Kunj, before looking at the pot.

Kunj curse when he saw the person running. He trie to get up to stop them, but her dupatt got stuck to his necklace. They both had an eye lock. ” are you OK?”

Twinkle nod ” thanks for saving me”

” i-ts no problem”

They both got up, wondering who was trying to hurt her.

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  1. Presha

    Hey kanie its just awesome ….
    Loved it….
    I think there r many mysteries…

    1. Angelk1

      Their is, revolving twinkle. I mean her dad mother thinks shes evil, and a cursed. Why would someone think like that, and with kunj , before spring started, he kept thinking. The person he was in love with was twinkle, but when he found out it wasnt. But instead another person, he was disappointed. But little by little he will come to see twinkle in a new light and her

  2. SidMin

    Hey awesome …just loved though Kunj fell for Tani I am sure in the end it will be Kunj and Twinkle …
    Love you post soon ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Angelk1

      It will, it will also explain how twinkle from the past came to be this expressive girl in the future. The title meaning will be played with a lot.

  3. Hey ?? Kanie …..Twinkle and teni are adorable ??. ….Post next soonnishhh?

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks an i will lol

  4. Baby

    ohhh god kanie……..
    just amazing fabulous episode…….
    loved it……….☺
    too emotional……….♥
    post soon……..

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Chiku

    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Lovely. Loved it.
    Post soon
    Plzzz post ur other ffs too❤️

    1. Angelk1

      I will have time for them. And thanks

  6. SidMin23

    It was nice and keep writing

  7. Awesome..

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing

  9. Ramya

    Awesome angel
    It’s amazing n so intresting
    Love u keep smiling

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