Ashoka Devi ( ASVI ) (Episode 8)

Hi friends…….
I know u all r missing CAS very much just like me……
Well, it is the eighth episode…..
Hope u all love it……

Recap: Devi asks Ashoka about his (devi’s mother gifted her) locket……

Ashoka: Ooo this is my lucky charm, only after getting this I achieved something great (overpowered Dhruv). But why r u asking about it and where r my friends???
Devi: From where have u got it???
Ashoka: While I was passing through a path beside the forest, I suddenly found it and thought that let me wear it and when I will get its owner then I will give it back. And suddenly after wearing it, it became my lucky charm. Is it urs??? Then u may take it…
Ashoka goes to open it but….
Devi: STOP!!! No need to open it. And yes its mine, my mother had gifted it to me. But as it is ur lucky charm, u may keep it.
Ashoka: Let it be my lucky charm but its ur. Take it.
Devi: Accept it as a gift from me.
Ashoka: Ok…..

Suddenly Devi notices that a piece of his earring was missing and after seeing the other pair she remembers that the piece is with her so she brings it and gives it to Ashoka.
Ashoka: From where did u get this???
Devi: (She tells the story of losing her locket and getting the piece of earring)
Ashoka returns it to Devi….
Ashoka: Now keep it as a gift from me….
They both laugh …….
Devi: Let me call ur friends, Ashoka….
Ashoka: R u not my friend???
Devi: (she smiles)
Ashoka smiles too…..

Devi goes out and calls Acharya RG and Dhruv…..Acharya RG and Dhruv enter the room and Devi goes to bring food for all.
Acharya RG: How r u Ashoka ???
Ashoka sees here and there as if finding….
Dhruv: What r u finding Rajkumar???
Ashoka: Where is Devi???
Acharya RG: She has went to bring food for us. And here we, we r asking u about ur health and u r thinking about Devi…. OOO ho….(teasingly)
Ashoka: Areeee…..(shyly). I am fine Acharya…. Well now pls call her Dhruv, I need her company.
Dhruv: Why?Her company only u need….ur company will not work???(teasingly)
Ashoka: Aaaaa…..Yesss….. Now call her.

At that moment Devi entered the room and was shocked to hear it but didn’t react much.
Acharya RG: She has come….. Ok bye….Devi, u arrange our food at our room….
Devi: Ok
Ashoka is writing a letter….
Ashoka: Devi, will u write this letter for me pls….. I don’t have a mood to write it but I have to send it today only to my mother….
Devi: Why will I write? Tell to ur lover not me…..
Ashoka: (shyly) I had told u…. I have not asked for any suggestion….(his face turns red)Will u write???
Devi: (smiles) No…..
Ashoka after seeing the plate full of food in her arms: Ok as I am writing so I can’t take my food on my own so at least u feed me by ur hands…..(he tells all these in shy)
Devi (blushes): Ok…..
Devi (to herself): What is he telling??? Has he started liking me??? I have to find out if he has started liking me…..

Devi feeds the food to him and after sometime Devi just turns her eyeball to see what is he doing and just then she sees that Ashoka is looking at her by moving his eyeballs but the position of his face was as if he was looking at the letter. Just after the eyeball contact she moves her eyeball to the other side.
Devi tightly holds the bedsheet with her left hand and
Devi(to herself) : What is he doing??? Why is he staring at me without writing his letter???
After the completion of food, Devi runs and gets out of the room…
Devi(to herself): What is he doing??? What has happened to him and what has happened to me??? Why am I always thinking about him???
Ashoka(to himself): What was I doing??? What is happening to me??? Why my eyes r always wanting to see her???

Precap: Asvi love increases as days gets passed….

So guys ur wait is over….. Asvi has started liking each other……
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    It may be the last episode before my exams. I may post 1 more epi or may not before my exams but i will surely continue it after my exams….

  2. Astra

    very very awesome and all the very best for exams…

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    2. Tiyasa

      Thanks for praying too

  3. awesome dear , i just loved the asvi scenes a lot . very nice update . update next one soon , cnt wait to read the next epi . all the best for ur exams

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    Dhananjaya, I remember u. I am fine, hope u r too fine. Thanks for praying a bright future.

  5. Vanshika

    Sooooooooo nyc nyc nyc nyc nyc super super lovely lovely.. AsVi rocks I loved when they asked to kip each other belongings as gifts and then the last part the bells of love ringing tung Tung I was so happy ? lovely Precap best of luck for your exams dear.. I’m sry for late comment and yup… Check out Radha Krishna eternal love ❤ update whenever u hv tym coz hv only 2 readers u n astra didi so plz check.. Luv u loads cutie kip writing

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