The three words (part 66)

Vasu comes to the home and gets ready to go to the office,he finds it getting late ad goes without taking his breakfast.Jeeva sees Vikram coming down to have his food and tries to stand up on seeing him.he shows his hand not to do so and joins in the breakfast with Jeeva.She completed the food and takes leave from Vikram and goes from his house to the place where the interview is going to be held.

Vasu calls Jeeva to talk with her ,She gets into a bus and picks the call without much happiness or sadness.Vasu tells her all best for her interview in the company.she doesn’t talk for a while and says “Welcome Vasu,but “.he corrects his tie in the rear view mirror and smiles .Vasu says “I know about a of your movement,do the interview well “.Jeeva laughs and says “I am talking about that even a idiot can understand it because I have kept chit on the bedroom table,the things is about you and your corn flakes “.He stammers and joins in her laugh.She finds the stopping and cuts the call.

Rohit remembers about Vasu’s words and feels very much upset,he think to talk to Jeeva to clear the matter about Vasu’s participation in his marital life us nil.but finds the call either engaged or not reachable .Jeeva switches off the phone and enters the interview room in the office.

Authority1:please take your seat Mrs.Jeeva
Jeeva:thanks Sir(gives her CV)
Authority2:Very nice working ability from your reference but .
Jeeva:yes Sir.
+After many questions and answers+
Authority1:we can give you job but you are Mr.Vasudev’s wife so only we are
Jeeva:I am sorry to interrupt,I am not only his wife but also a efficient personality and Sir,he is my husband .
Authority2:mmm we will telkthe result in a while,please wait.
Jeeva:sure sir

She comes out and waits in the outside lobby.the members talks among themselves and appoints some other person for the job.Jeeva feels sad but she congrates the appointed person and begins to walk from there.The authority stops her and says that she wasn’t selected because Vasu asked them to do so.and leaves. Jeeva gets angry and call his number.Vasu sips the coffee and says “Hello,I know about the result,come back to Chennai”,she controls her anger and says ” cold blooded criminal oops sorry business man usually thinks like this
Vasudev “,He gulps the coffee and says”I can”,she says “Enough ,thanks for you blo*dy influence “cuts the call and goes from there by walk,She sits in the park and sees small children playing and smiles forgetting all of her stress .

Risha reached the office latead finds Rohit in his cabin,he seesher coming and signs her to come to his cabin.Risha leave to his cabin and knocks at the door.He says”Just come in”,and shoesher the seat to sit.she sits with lots of confusion.He shows her the watch and says “If I find you late next time,you would be just fired from this job,and you may leave”.Risha controls her tears and gets up to leave from there .Rohit asks her not to cry and hands over a kerchief.
Vasu thinks about Jeeva’s anger and turns to go for a small drive,he finds his phone ringing and attends the call from Jeeva,he sees Rohit coming to his room and leaves fro.there telling g about his head ache and starts his car and drives it without talking for sometimes .Jeeva says hello for many times and almost shouts “Vasu,what are you doing ?”.He replies and asks her the matter.She tells about booking her return ticket and cuts the call.

next day night ,Vasu comes to his room in night and trues to change his clothes,he hears the message from Jeeva that I have reached and thinks to go and pick her.Rohit remembers about scolding Risha in the previous day and feels sorry for His anger.Vasu tells about Jeeva coming and goes to pick her from the airport. Jeeva stands in the cold night waiting for him.Vasu stops the car and asks her to get in there remains silence.

Vasu finds Jeeva not speaking and stops the car near a tree,She turns and finds him seeing her with lots of questions,she opens the door and sits in the front seat .Vasu doesn’t give any response and starts the car.Jeeva says “But Vadu,why did you ask them not to give me job,it was very much ” he hold her hand and says “No,I said that she is my wife and your wish ,I didn’t ask them to do so and actually “. Vasu finds Jeeva not listening to him and pulls her towards him.Both of them share a eyelock .Jeeva asks him to drive properly.Vasu thinks something and laughs.She asks him the matter,he tells about conversation with Rohit in the morning.
Jeeva:you are really
Vasu:that was a true thing ,isn’t it,you didn’t ask me question about their break up.?
Jeeva:yes but wat about filing divorce.
Vasu:Mmm OK,that was a exagration but you said it during one of our tussle .
Jeeva:Too much,Rohit must be very much worried ya.
Vasu:you want them to be together or not .

Jeeva:yes but ,I called you 6 times and at last I went to hospital on my delivery date but you said as if I am a anti heroine in your life.
Vasu:Yes,but you went by yourself .
Jeeva:Do something but don’t do too much acting,
Vasu:OK director madam
(they laughs holding each others hands )

Risha sits near Srimathi and looks after her because she WS not feeling well due head ache and fever.Rohit calls her to askabout some of the file and heard Srimathi’s murmuring noise in the background.He gets tensed and asks Risha about Srimathi,she tells about her condition and thinks about his concern for Srimathi and gets very much sad thinking that she doesn’t have any importance in his life.Rohit thinks ‘How could she manage Amma and office together,I should not have scolded her,”

precao:Rohit and Risha comes to office together and finds Jeevain the office.

(sorry guys for ending it like that in previous part with such a twist,I hope no one gets too much worried, this was the Vasudev’s lies ,and it was plan of both to unite Rihit together)

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  1. So this is jeeva and vasu master plan too gud uaar

  2. if everything is so good between jeeva and vasu why they want to divorce.
    and yaa i really enjoy ur writing so do write and do continue to post it is really good

  3. Ohh… vasu just cooked up a story to bring rihit nice..keep going really liked it!!but y is jeeva looking 4 job??

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