Swim Team 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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In the race of Bhagat and Neel, there was a draw between the two. Jugnu and TK bucks them up. Bhagat was leading inspite of her injury. Bhagat wins the race finally. Jugnu cheers.
Rewa comes to washroom thinking where the medicine must be. She empties Kanika’s bag, she looks in the dustbin and spots a thread coming out from behind the mirror of washroom. She drags it, it was a bag filled with medicines. She was enraged.
Rewa shows TK all the medicines in the bag, and says she is sure this all belongs to Kanika. TK asks how she can be so sure that it is Kanika. Rewa says all these coincidences, suddenly Kanika turning to super performer, then her asthma medicines missing, and then all the marks on her arm. Rewa says all of them indicates that Kanika is taking performance enhancing drugs. TK says that it is of no use until her PED test doesn’t show anything, and the association would ask TK how he can be sure that it belongs to Kanika and not Rewa. Rewa asks what they will do. TK says they can’t test Kanika today, there is a lot of medicine in the body already and all the tests would come positive. Rewa says there is a way, she says that if he asks Kanika to participate in race today she will look for the PEDs, they can catch her red handed then. TK says no, even if Rewa is right in that situation Kanika can kill herself. Rewa asks what if she replaces the medicine with someone else like saline. TK says this is Nationals, they both can lose their careers. She is accusing her own penal mate. He tells Rewa to keep these medicines there and wait till tomorrow. Rewa says no, she has an idea what a big matter it is; TK doesn’t.
Rewa was coming from the corridor when Jugnu brings Bhagat hung on his back, cheering. Rewa also cheers that Bhagat has won. Neel comes there too. Rewa comes to Neel who leaves without replying. Rewa cheers that Bhagat has won. There, Bhagat told his mom on phone that he has won. Rewa comes to him and sprinkles and blows party poppers over him. She cheers, Bhagat throws it over her as well but Rewa stops him. Bhagat holds her, both were happy. Rewa says she is really happy for him and is proud of him. She says she is sure he will win in the Olympics. Bhagat leaves her finally. Bhagat says there must be another name in the Olympics that is Rewa. Rewa says today is her important race, if Kanika competes and she will come as she is crazy about Olympics. She tells Bhagat that Kanika is taking PEDs, if she comes to the race it is the most important race for her life.
There Umang tells Neel that she won’t leave him at all. Neel was upset that his father must be broken, he had high hopes with him. He says he can’t tell his father. Umang says he doesn’t need tell him alone, they will tell him together. Neel cries, she hugs him asking him to be brave.
Rewa tells Bhagat that she has replaced the medicine with saline solution, she will guard outside while Bhagat must hide the bag. Bhagat tells her that Kanika will soon be caught.
The next morning, TK asks Kanika if she is sure she is ready for this race. Kanika says she is ready for race and for victory as well. TK tells Kanika that her race is with Rewa and Umang in ten minutes. Kanika says she will beat them both. TK texts Rewa that Kanika has left. Deepam was shocked to see Kanika, she asks Kanika what happened to her. Kanika says she had a cramp in her leg and is fine now. Deepam asks if she is sure she is participating. Kanika says she can’t lose her dream, no one can stop her from going to Olympics. Deepam says sometimes she is inspired by Kanika. Kanika asks Deepam that she needs some time alone for warming up.
Deepam comes behind Rewa who was peeking through the washroom door. Rewa tells Deepam that she has pain in her stomach, she can’t even move. Deepam goes to get medicines for her. Umang comes there and asks why was she creating this drama. She asks Rewa is afraid of Kanika and has started to make excuses. She tells Rewa that she will win this time for sure. There, Rewa filmed Kanika takeing PEDs.
Rewa stood beside the pool, she forwards her video to everyone. The champions, boys, jury, association members and everyone gets it all at once. Rewa thinks that for cheaters like Kanika, there is no place for her. The jury shouts at once what is this all? Rewa says to Kanika that she is exposed badly. The video played on the screen ahead. Kanika says she didn’t take anything, she takes the medicines approved from association. Rewa asks if she has no problem taking the PEDs. Kanika asks why she must give a PED test? TK makes an announcement that the race is delayed, Kanika must give a PED test.

PRECAP: The race between girls was going on, the announcer says that nine months ago Umang was the unbeatable champion but now Rewa has emerged as a big challenge for her.

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