The Falling Heart (Part 3) Contd.

Raghav geared up and got ready. He reached hotel royal sharp at1pm. He called up Riya.
Raghav: hey riya. I am here. Are you done with your work?
Riya: yes, I am coming.

Raghav turned on the radio. Riya’s favorite song ‘subhanallah’ was being played at that moment. A grin spread on his face.

Raghav and Riya were childhood friends. Though Raghav had special feelings for Riya but for Riya he was her best friend. Raghav’s dad Mr.Armaan Phukan is a business man with hotels spread all across the country. Mr. Armaan phukan always believed that his son would be a good business man and genuinely Raghav had a good brain in business. But he was not much interested in hotel business. He excelled in his architecture designing course and now planned to open an architecture farm of his own.

Riya came And sat down in the car. Raghav turned up the volume and happily said,” see your favorite song”
Riya turned off the radio and said, “Raghav! Please!” (In a exasperated way)
Raghav sensed that something was wrong. Raghav looked up at Riya and saw that she was looking through the window.

They reached the hotel. where they decided to have lunch.
Raghav had already reserved a table for 8 but Riya was too lost in her thoughts to notice the table.Raghav tried to catch what she was thinking and her eyes. Such perfectly eye lined eyes. She was looking down.
Raghav: Riya,(in a very sober tone) tell me what happened? I know you don’t want to talk much but hiding something from me is surely not your cup of tea. So don’t waste time and tell me everything.
Riya: I want to open an organization.
Raghav: wow!
Riya: Raghav please.
Raghav: sorry, continue..
Riya: I want to stop this Bali system. You remember during durga puja we went to a durga temple. People were sacrificing animals in the name of god. Why? Ma durga never said she will be pleased if people sacrifice animals. Mom says let it be a small insect or a human,we all are created by god.
Riya spoke as if she did not speak for years.
Riya: Raghav , only because these innocent animals cannot speak, is that the very reason the are subjected to such deaths?
Tears rolled down Riya’s eyes. Riya was an extremely sensitive girl and Raghav knew how to handle her in a situations like this.
Raghav: Riya, stop crying.
Riya: why can’t people support me?
Raghav: what happened?
Riya: I went to hotel royal to talk to a few people regarding this organization.
Raghav: and?
Riya: and they refuse to help me in anyway.
Raghav: why? (shocked)
Riya: because they think getting into such a critical project will lead them to loss.
Raghav: leave those cowards out of your head. Why don’t you take Mira Aunty’s help?
Riya: like you don’t take armaan uncle’s help similarly I won’t want to take ma’s help.
Raghav: okay. Now?
Riya: I dont know Raghav. I seriously don’t know.
Raghav: okay,listen. Mamoni raisam goswami who was also know as Indra goswami was a very popular name in the field of assamese literature. Even she fought against this system through her writings . Her books were her medium of telling. Her books spoke what she want to. Riya, even you need a medium. Such a determined girl like you can do whatever she wants to. I’ll always stand by your side. That’s my promise to you.
Riya: I know. Thank you so much raghav.
Raghav: now, cheer up dude. I need to make an announcement.
Riya: what is it?
Raghav: have some patience dude. Let them arrive first ,you will get to know.
******to be continued********

Credit to: viti

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