Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan (Episode-3) Jashn-e-Yaariyaan

Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, How r u all. Really feeling these days like a ride on a rollercoaster ride emotionally.
But today Coming here coz of my 2 beautiful lovieeeeeeeeeeees manha and roma and my beautiful all friends .

Thank you so much for ur heart warming love. It gives me strength to come here again and write.

Seriously , It is just like that Jeena yaahan marna yaahaan iske siwa jaana kahaan.

Missing u naty a lot, mansi(mandy) tasnim zara. if u find them tell them to come Can’t find them these days .

So lets start where we left.


Radhika came to her house running with babloo.

She came into the house with all in wet condition. Head to toe.

Mala(her mum cames) : Radhika where have u been. Its been afternoon now. This is the time to came. Its been raining outside see your condition.
She take a towel and making her sit and start rubbing her hair.

Radhika: She start coughing and sneezing and say maa, We are coming at home its raining in the mid way and anshika told us to wait and thannnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
She stops while saying it.

Mala: She took her chin up and make her see into her eyes and say when u know you can’t lie to me . I caught u in one second. She hold her nose and said.

See ur nose become red when u lie. I know very well you . I am ur mother . Never forget my child.

Now take this cup of tea , give this another one to Dadaji also.

Radhika nodded and return a smile to maa.
And go to dadaji.

Radhika : Dadaji, Giving him a cup of tea with a huge smile .

Dadaji: Giving a big smile in return , and sing

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai
Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum

And radhika also sing with dadaji

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai
Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

And then they both smiles .

Dadaji: I remember, I sang this song for ur dadi, When she doesn’t talk to me ,
I sang this song and this song made her smile. and his eyes got teared when he remember those days.

Radhika gives him tight hug. and say this is not the magic of this song but the magic of ur love that made my dadi smile because she loves u a lot.

And suddenly she starts coughing and sneezing then.

Dadaji: you also got this kind of Red cute nose just like ur dadi . But your dad have got really different nose not like ur dadi or not like mine. Always get on the top with lots of anger.

They both laughs then.

Radhika ate the dinner with family and then Changing clothes wearing a kurta (a cotton white) with a salwar and going to bed after saying good night to everybody.

She is going to sleep . Off the lights and All the lights off and everybody sleeps
And a sound heard.

What??What sound it is ??

Have any idea??

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the entry of the Junglee billeee. Sammmmmmmmmmmmy. Radhika’s college friend. ( telling u later their story)

Radhika is sleeping and heard a sound of a cat.

Meow Meooooooooooow This one is in anger
Then three times altogether.
Meow ,Meow,Meow

Radhika, I don’t know why this cat is shouting so much.

She take one pillow and put it on her ears to shut the noise.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh why this cat noise soo much. (rads mind)

Then after a second. Radhika eyes open like in shock.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!!Holy shit !!!!!!!!!

She wake even less than a second in a rush and said shit shit shit.

How can I forgot . She is going to kill me and lock her room door, made a bed full of pillows hiding it and go in the balcony
Her balcony is attached with a tree. An old tree with heavy thick branches. Its one branch straight attached to her balcony .
She get on to the tree and murmered.
Radhika: I am going to dead one day. God knows how many times I have to go like this outside. I am not going to leave u for this .
And then she jump.

Ooch Ouch, Radhika said, my leg.

A girl with a black trouser and white shirt with a Purple hoodie jacket standing here . Chewing Bubble gum.

And said . Good , you deserve this. YOu are late she said in an angry look.

Radhika: yeah sure. If my family get to know about this , they will kill me for going so late.

Sammy: Janneman, who cares about the family , When I am there for u and u r there for me. Come on now. Don’t waste time I already getting so late because of u.

Already told u , that we need to go and u sleeping beauty, This is not the time of sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. . Come

Sammy : Sitting on a activa . Holding the helemt and said come on dear. . Its party time.

Radhika : yes, Yes , yes my sammy who can say no to u???God himself will have to take the permission from u to saying u no for anything. she folded the white dupatta on her face. properly.

Sammy: NO doubt in this and they both start laughing radhika sit and they hug each other . Rads front on sams back and they go .

And the song plays as sam play it on her phone while going and they both sings loud on road .

Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi
Jaise daaru desi
Khatti mithi batein hain nashe si
Jaise daaru desi] x2

Ladkhadane lagi muskurane lagi ๐Ÿ™‚
Bewajaah har jagaah aane jaane lagi
Tu mujhe main tujhe
Jo bhi ho dil me woh khul ke bataane lagi

[Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi
Jaise daaru desi
Khatti mithi batein hain nashe si
Jaise daaru desi] x2

They stop the activa and sammy says: we reached the party destination.

Get ready to shake ur legs dear.

Rads: YOu have a doubt?? Lets get the things . I think our guest wouldn’t wait so long.

Sammy : Then come my Lioness. lets go and meet them.

Waqt bhi sarfiraa sa lage
Bhaagta saa rahe har jageh
Waqt ko in dino sujhne hai lagi dillagi
Ho, yaariyaan gadiyaan jab huyee
Aaj kal marziyon ki jagah se thhagi zindagi

Sath hum jo chale
Bann gaye kaafilein
Aur koi hamen ab mile na mile
Mauj hai roz hai
Roke se bhi naa ye rukte kabhi silsile

Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi
Jaise daaru desi
Khatti mithi batein hain nashe si
Jaise daaru desi

Sammy and rads both came with 2 tiffins in both of her hand and they open it. and

Sammy blow a big whistle after that.

2 and 3 times. Hey guys no more wait , sammy and rads are here.

Ladkhadane lagi muskurane lagi
Bewajaah har jagaah aane jaane lagi
Tu mujhe main tujhe
Jo bhi ho dil me woh khul ke bataane lagi

Any guesses who’s the guests there in the party????????????????

Hai chadi hai chadi iss kadar
Ghoomti jhoomti har dagar
Befikar befikar saa lage zindegi ka safar
Yaar ko yaar ki hai khabar
Pyaar se pyaar si baat kar
Yei Jahaan hai jahan
Hum rahein ab woh hi umra bhar

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many dogs and puppiess are came , running towards sammy and rads.

They open the tiffins . Chicken made by both sammy and rads they make the plates ready for them already there .

All dogs and puppies eat the food and fastly and more fastly move their tails

Dhup ko thaam ke chal pade na thake
Fursaton mein rahe, kaam ho naam ke
Befikar befikar subah suhaani ho khali ho pal shaam ke

[Chadi mujhe yaari teri aisi
Jaise daaru desi
Khatti mithi baatein hain nashe si
Jaise daaru desi]-2

After all that they all are gather towards sam and rads . And they start rubbing their forehead and rubbing them all over .

Rads take one puppy in her hand and say . Awwwwwwwwwww day by day you are getting weak . My batman.

Wait let me make u eat some food. She serves him and make him eat. and

Both are smiling all the time and spending some time with all of them.

Chadi mujhe yaari teri aisi
Jaise daaru desi
Khatti mithi baatein hain nashe si
Jaise daaru desi]-2

Ladkhadane lagi muskurane lagi
Bewajaah har jagaah aane jaane lagi
Tu mujhe main tujhe
Jo bhi ho dil me woh khul ke bataane lagi


Hey my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees love u all my loveeeeeeeeeeeees

Thank u soooooooo much for ur sooooooooooo much love.

loving u all seriously from my heart . manha and hayathi thank u for ur extreme support.

love u both my loveeeeeeeeeees. And all seriously who read this .

One secret from my side want to hear.

When I heard this song first time I start dancing on it and imagine in my class.

What ???sabke saamne nooooooooooooooo never

In a break . We me and my friend listen to it and shut the door of the class and dancing on it and enjoy this song.

Love u all friends .Dancing with me all . I am already dancing .And yaa this is the link to see the video . Dance my friends khatthi mitthi yaari nashi se jaise daaru desi

Happy diwali to u manha roma hayathi, my sweethearts

And liya , nandhini, tanya, kfar, thena, naty sweetheart, anna love u all. my lovieeeeeeeeeeees happy diwali

Yeh din jahaan mein har kahi bhar de roshani usi ke pyar ki
Dil dil se woh mila de har chehra woh khila de
Rut laaye aaj khushiyon ki
Yeh din yeh din jahaan mein har kahi kahi
Bhar de roshani roshani (usi ke pyar ki) – 2
Dil dil se woh mila de har chehra woh khila de
Rut laaye aaj khushiyon ki
(Mere tumhare sabke liye happy diwali
Saare sitaarein uske liye happy diwali) – 2

Ham sabhi mein har kisike dil mein hai wahi
Ho zameen ya asmaan ho woh hai har kaheen
Roshani – 3 yeh music ka naam hain
Yeh jahaan – 3 saara usi ka kaam hain
(Usne banayi sabke liye happy diwali
Saare sitaarein uske liye happy diwali) – 2

Usne kaha ke jab main kahu aayega woh mere liye
Kyun na bhala main duurr rahu aayega woh mere liye
Usne kaha ke jab main kahu (aayega woh mere liye) – 3
Duniya meri kaise chamke jaise roshani ne roshani ho bhar di har kahi
Duniya saari aaise mehake jaise iss khushi mein har kali ho mehaki har kahi
(Aaj jahaa bhi tum raho chalo saath hamare ab kaho say (happy diwali) – 2
Aaj miley tumse koi use tum bhi bade dil se milo say (happy diwali) – 2) – 2
Mere tumhare sabke liye happy diwali

Credit to: Nisha

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