The Buddy Project 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 27th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 27th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Panchi saying that she always helped RV and he does not have any option left.She says that he always needs to do,what she does not want him to do like she wanted him to propose her in the new year party,but he asked her to go with Piddi.She tells that she wont leave him easily and even if 100 girls come behind him, she will make them all to run away.She proposes him saying “Idiot ho, par jaise bhi ho na, sirf mere ho. I love you Nonu”.The buddies are happy and RV moves forward towards Panchi and says “I love you”.He goes on his knees and kisses her hand.They both hug while everyone claps.RV tells her that he does not wanna lose her and asks whether she really but Panchi stops him midway and gives him mic to say whatever he wants to.RV says “I

love you,I really really love you”.Panchi and RV hug again while crowd cheers them.

KiSha goes on stage.KD tells everyone that RV has to dance with some girl as they said before and now RV has chosen his life partner.So there must be a RaHi Dance and it will be the highlight today.RaHi come on the dance floor and dances for malang from Dhoom 3. (The dance was perfect…).Their dance ends with an eyelock.The buddies and others come and congratulate RaHi.A man enters…none other than our Jaitley sir.He whistles and buddies look at him.Buddies are so happy to see him.They all go and hug him. (Finally he is back ).The buddies asks where was he and JJ replies that none knows where Junglee jaitley will be there and what he does.JJ asks them how is the party going but buddies again asks him where was he and whether he remembered them soon.JJ tells them that he wanna talk to them but it is loud here so they can sit and talk somewhere.

Everyone are laughing and KD is telling the Piddi rescuing those two gals incident to JJ.He tells Piddi that he never thought Piddi can beat up those gundays.Piddi tells him that they are just pulling his leg and not praising him.JJ tells him that just because they are having fun that does not mean they dont respect your achievements.Piddi says to JJ sir about KD saving Kiya by showing the true colors of the fake US college where Kiya was about to go.JJ congratulates him and RV tells that they both need to get a bravery award as they both are together even after so much fights.KD tells JJ sir about RaHi being a couple finally and he wishes them best.JJ sir says that the whole things that happened are filmy having romance,action etc.

JJ asks what else happened.Piddi replies only RaHi love,his fight and nothing else.JJ asks whether they done or achieved something.Buddies remain silent, so JJ asks them to leave the topic.Piddi inquires about where JJ went.JJ tells them that he went to help the other people who needed him for which Panchi tells she is sure that he would made alright.JJ denies and tells there is still someone left to make alright.Sophia and Dean are coming and JJ notices them.JJ asks the buddies to go and enjoy the party.He tells that he wants to talk about something but that can be after the party.He asks them to enjoy the party and leaves to meet sophia and Dean.

Panchi tells that sir wanted to tell something.RV asks Panchi that he will tell later and Piddi calls everyone to go back to party.RV says that its time for Kiya’s performance but Kiya tells that she wont sing alone and they will sing together to surprise JJ.KD asks all the others to leave and he will stay there itself.Kiya asks him to get up but KD tells her that he can’t sing.Piddi says to him that even he can’t sing but he is coming, so KD also needs to come.

RV comes and announces on mic that this song is only for JJ. Buddies perform on “We are like this,We are like that”. (OMG..It was awesome Our Buddies Rock!!! ) Piddi goes and hugs JJ sir.Jaitley thanks buddies for a good welcome.JJ asks them to continue and leaves.

JJ comes outside and sees Chillars & Dhakkans fighting for a girl.JJ scolds them and asks them to behave properly.He asks them all to get out.He comes to RanSh and asks them to take care of their gangs.JJ says to them that there is a chance for big fight which may spoil new year’s bash.KD and RV goes to Chillars and Dhakkans gang respectively.They try to make both the gangs understand but the people in the parties taunt both of them for being friends with the opposite gang.Both of them ask the gang member to not get personal with them.A chillar member talks bad about Kiya and KD beats him up.Similarly, a Dhakkan member talks bad about Panchi and RV beats him.

Dean comes to JJ and asks why he seems tensed.JJ informs him about the fight between Chillars & Dhakkans.JJ tells that he sent KD & RV to control them.Dean asks whether they both could do it and JJ assures him.The screen divides into three as KD getting beaten up by chillars, JJ in party and RV getting beaten up by Dhakkans and JJ.

A girl comes in the party and shouts that serious fight is going on between Chillars & Dhakkans.JJ asks all the teachers & professors to make sure that no one leaves the party hall.JJ finds that KiyAn are missing.Chillars are beating KD & Dhakkans are beating RV badly.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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