The Buddy Project 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 25th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 25th February 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with all the buddies in the teacher’s room, KD tells JJ Banga has deliberately put up the Viva to stop them(buddies) from appearing for exams
JJ tells them he knows what he means but Banga is the principle of the school and he cannot stop him, but he knows of something that can stop him
Next JJ is in Banga’s office with the two trustees and he is explaining them that the viva will stop the weak students to appear in the exam which is their basic right and the school cannot take that away from them
Banga tackles JJ’s words saying that even a country takes away a citizen’s fundamental rights during emergencies and to bring back Royal’s prestige they need to do what is required, JJ tells him he wish its for royal’s prestige but the fact

is this is a revenge and tells Banga he knows what he’s talking about
Banga tells the trustees this allegation is not right, JJ says then why is it that after giving the preliums the students need to give Viva
Banga confidently then tells everyone he did a research which said that students giving written exams have more possibility of passing because there is a chance they can cheat, but during Viva its not possible, he further says if JJ thinks his students passed the prelims on their own merits then they wouldn’t have any problem giving the Viva, the trustees agree
Banga tries to turn the tables accusing JJ that he doesn’t seem to save Royal’s prestige otherwise he wouldn’t have opposed to this idea, JJ says he will be honest and says that he has a strong doubt that he(Banga) is discriminating the 8 students
Banga says he will make two points clear for him, JJ is also a teacher for all the students of the school other than the 8 students, and he is also the principle of these 8 students along with all the students so why would he wish bad for his students
The trustees decide and tell JJ that the viva is a good idea and he should cooperate with them
In the buddy caf, Samar tells everyone that Banga is all set to destroy their career in a legal way, Bobby says Piddi will be dead hearing the name of Viva, RV says he’s not that fattoo he will die with hearing the name, Bobby says last time for Chemistry’s viva he gave his wrong name, he becomes a nervous wreck and this time he will definitely fail
RV tells them to relax and says JJ is trying to help them out and surely he will be bringing their point up in the meeting
Back at Banga’s office Banga mocks at JJ and says he bet on the wrong horse and now the buddies wont be able to appear for the exams, JJ tells him he is not doing right, he is going to destroy their career life like this, Banga tells him that is the whole point
Banga says to JJ he thinks its revenge but its justice, few days back the 8 buddies tried to destroy his career life and now he is going to destroy theirs, because his junglees deserve this, he tells him to go to his buddies and get them ready to run
JJ looks towards Banga angrily and leaves off from there
At the buddy caf JJ is with all the buddies, Samar says they are doomed, he cant go anywhere, wherever he will go people will laugh at him, Panchi says its not fair Banga is going to ask them questions which they wont know, Juhi whines who will save them now, Samar says how does he know who will save them and sits down irritated
JJ walks upto him, Samar stands up, JJ tells him why did he stand and tells him to take his seat, he looks at all of their faces and says they all look like loosers, and what do they mean who will save them, they themselves have to save them, they have to do something
He tells them those who loose out on a war with out doing anything are called the real loosers, and asks them are they loosers, JJ tells them what will happen Banga will ask question from their syllabus and they cant even prepare and answer for those questions, he tells them to pick up the challenge and make Banga loose
JJ further tells them he has seen for so long, them playing cat and mouse with Banga, they have always made Banga loose but in the wrong means, this time they have to win and if they do win this time they wouldn’t be suspended but instead Banga will be compelled to applaud for them
He tells them they can win this and says this time this win will be better then all the others, the buddies agree with JJ and says they can do it
Banga is walking with Vats when he stops noticing the buddies with JJ, he looks at them, JJ tells the buddies maybe Banga didn’t hear what they just said, all the buddies move out of the caf to Banga and tell him all together they will take their exams and nobody can stop them
Ratta mar sequence- everyone busy studying at their respective homes
On the other hand Bobby creates a secret group for all the buddies on facebook, Mission BBF (Banga Black Face)
Kiya starts thinking about how she stepped on to KD’s photo and how KD helped her when her shirt tore, she getsback to her books when Aanya comes in and starts her taunts that Kiya and books are the biggest mismatch of the history
Kiya ignores and gets back to her studies, Aanya sits next to her and says to Kiya is she trying to compete with her or she wants to break her record, she picks up a book and says to Kiya even if she drinks away everything in the books she wont be able to go above 90% and tells her she can never break her record
Kiya tells her did she pass her geography by cheating, Aanya gives dagger looks to her, Kiya says if she would have passed with studying then she would have known that earth moves around the sun not her, she tells her she is not the centre of earth and tells her to go get a life
Aanya again starts taunting her she can never match her brilliance, Kiya tells her she doesn’t need to match her brilliance, Aanya taunts her that its about capability, she always thinks why mom likes her more then Kiya, because she can never be the way she(Aanya) is, she is about to leave calling Kiya a looser
Kiya ‘s head heats up and she tells Aanya that she never thought of competing with her but now she is thinking just bring off her so-called arrogance and she will bring better marks then Aanya, Kiya tells her to leave before she starts using her cheap tactics to taunt her again, Aanya pissed tells her she can not beat her marks even in thousand years, Kiya tells her off she doesn’t need that long time, just two months will be enough and tells her to leave again, Aanya leaves irritated
Kiya to the camera: did she say too much, but she doesn’t care, when she challenged Banga then Aanya is nothing
At school JJ looks at all the buddies scattered studying their heads off, he becomes happy seeing them studying hard
Banga comes to him and says for a man who is going to loose he seems to be too happy and asks is it fear or madness, JJ is laughing and says it’s a feeling of gratitude, because of the Viva he kept, he tells Banga the scattered energies of the 8 buddies have got an aim and is moving towards its destination
JJ says he thinks Viva will bring out the best of his buddies, he corrects himself junglees, JJ thanks Banga
Banga tells him life is weird and says when you know what are the questions sometimes the questions may change, he tells him directly that his buddies how much ever they work hard they wont pass as he is going to be the one to ask questions
Banga leaves smiling when Vats collides with Banga and drops the books in his hands, JJ turns to see a book of class 12, Vats apologizes to Banga and hands him the books and they both leave, JJ is in thoughts looking back at his buddies

Precap: JJ tells them to relax and says they have something to counter Banga’s plan, KD asks what do they have that will counter his plan, JJ says the name of a book and says its Banga’s favorite book

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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