The Buddy Project 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 13th September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th September 2013 Written Update

RV drops some boxes he’s carrying and Avi helps him to pick them up. Rukmini says to him that Avi really seems to be sad about what he did , RV agrees and says that hope Panchi forgives him () Kiya hurries to see if KD is alright, she sees him crossing the road. Joshua tries to hit KD with his car, and Kiya and Panchi panic seeing that, But KD gets saved . Kiya hugs him and cries. Panchi and KD think that she’s stressed out due to her concert and calm her down. JJ wishes Kiya all the best for her performance. Kiya is sitting worried in the green room , when Joshua comes there and asks her why was she late? Everyone was waiting for her and the crowd is going crazy for you. KD comes there and hugs her from back and says that she’s looking beautiful. Joshua gets angry on seeing this and leaves from there.

Kiya sings ‘Mere Saath’ on the stage while RV and Joshua are the guitarists. In the middle of it, Joshua hurts his fingers while performing and Yara get worried seeing the wound, but he continues to play the guitar. After the concert, The buddies and the band take a photo and have a group hug. Kisha hug each other and Joshua gets annoyed at that.Kiya goes to the green room and says to herself that’s she’s getting too stressed and that she need to relax. She puts cucumbers on her eyes and sits back to relax, Joshua comes there and hugs her from back, Kiya asks if it’s KD, But after realizing it’s someone else, she runs out of the room very scared. KD hugs her and asks what’s wrong? Kiya tells him that there’s someone in the green room. KD and RV check the green room but find no one there. KD says to Kiya there’s no one and maybe she she’s mistaken. Kiya says yeah maybe they are right , she tells them she’s fine now, and they leave. Kiya is still scared.

Precap: Kiya in Joshua’s car. Kiya tells him to drop her at her house which is at the left , but he ignores it and continues driving ahead.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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