Uttaran 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 13th September 2013 Written Update

Meethi and Vishnu have come over to Thakur House for pag phere ritual. Tappu gets emotional looking at them but doesn’t show anything. She stops them from entering. Let us do your aarti first. She calls out to everyone. Tappu does their aarti. Rohini compliments the couple. Meethi and Vishnu feel a little awkward. Nani and Mukku have come there as well. Vishnu notices Mukku and they both look at each other. Meethi too notices Mukku who looks away immediately and wipes her tears. Divya too compliments the newlywed and joins their heads together….as a form of blessing. Stay happy always. Tappu notices Mukta’s discomfort. Meethi and Vishnu are looking at Mukta who is looking down pained to hear it all. Tappu tells Mukku to go and check if the food is ready or not. Mukku leaves after glancing

one more time in Vishnu’s direction. Everyone welcomes the newlywed inside. Nani is praying that Meethi puts her left foot forward first (which is considered inauspicious). Meethi is about to do that only but Tappu stops her in time. Right foot first. Meethi hugs her bade papa soon as she steps inside. He asks her if she is alright. Meethi nods her head all the while looking down. He senses that she looks a little worried but she denies. I am just a little tired. I should meet Nani now. Vishnu too seeks Jogi’s blessings while Meethi touches Nani’s feet. Vishnu too follows suit. She feels awkward again. She asks for Anni. Divya says she did all the preps so got tired. She has gone to rest for some time. Meethi wants to go meet her but Divya stops her. It is more important to seek someone else’s blessings before that.

Ekadish comes back home loudly calling out for everyone. Kajri comes there wearing a white sareee. Maiyya has brought sweets. She calls her and tries to feed her some. Everyone else has come by now. Agarth asks her what kind of a joke is this. Poor Kajri couldn’t even see her husband for the last time….whose body is yet not to be found. What’s the point of feeding sweets to her? What kind of good news do you have? She says not one but three. Pavitra tells her to feed it to her before telling them. Maiyya says….firstly, that stubborn Rathore who killed Nirbhay has been put behind bars now. She feeds one laddoo to Pavitra. Agarth wants to know how this happened. Maiyya tells them I had gone to Mumbai and got that Rathore arrested from his home. Agarth realizes she had gone to Thakur SAHAB’S (:O) place….Surabhi’s in-laws place. She nods back. Secondly, Surabhi is all happy in her home. She gives one laddoo to him as well. Gomti asks for the third good news. Maiyya feeds her too. Meethi got married.


Kajri is super stunned with the news. Maiyya continues…that Meethi is now Vishnu’s wife. My son is free now. Pavitra and Gomti are happy hearing it. Kajri isn’t ready to believe how Meethi could do this. Where is Akash? Did he not come with you? Maiyya declines. He dint come back with me. He had become all soft like a wax. He needs to be a strong man. His wounds are still fresh. I will have to cure them. Agarth too is concerned for him. Where is he right now? She replies in a place where nobody’s shadow can reach.

Akash is shown hitting himself with his belt in some dark place. In Aatishgarh haveli, Maiyya says he is all alone. He will make himself very strong….just like an iron man. Flashes of Akash hurting himself are shown in between. He will fight his weakness….will win again and then come back. Back to Akash, who can still hear Meethi’s I love you loud and clear echoing in his head; Meethi and Vishnu’s wedding rituals. He drops the belt and sits down on his knees. His eyes are blood shot….face grimly set. Agarth thinks AKash should be with his family right now. Maiyya rejects the idea firmly. Family will make him weak and I want my that son back whose heart was made of steel. My son will come back after wiping out all the memories of that Iccha’s daughter….to start a new life.

Meethi and Vishnu are standing before Iccha’s photo. Everyone’s watching them and Nani is busy making weird faces. Vishnu says…you know everything…what happened and why….it was all wrong. I haven’t forgotten your teachings. I will respect this relation. I may not be able to love but will surely give your daughter all her wifely rights. Meethi says…how your daughter can take the right of being a wife. This relation has separated 2 people who were in love with each other…hurt Akash. Vishnu says I wont worry about my sadness. I will certainly fulfill this relation. Meethi is firm she will have tp end this relation so that Mukta and Vishnu can be together….can live together. Show me the right way ma please. Vishnu thinks I will be with her for life who I have accepted as my wife in front of the holy fire. I will forever follow the path shown by you…the right way. Meethi wants to know what the right way is. I cannot understand a thing. Now you only show me the right way. Tappu is standing a little behind them watching them pray. She thinks….hope history wont repeat itself. Bless our both the daughters this much only. You would be able to see the dilemma in which Mukta is in today. I only wish she chooses the right path for herself. Vishnu wants to go to his room for some time. Tappu nods…I have got it clean already.

Vishnu comes in his room and finds Mukku standing there. They both keep looking at each other and Tujhe Yaad na meri aayi starts playing in the background. He is pained to see her in pain. She is holding a towel for him. She has a few flashbacks of their past moments. She is about to go after giving him the towel but he stops her. I am sorry. I can neither wipe your tears nor can I tell you to keep your head on my shoulder and cry. I can only ask you not to cry. She turns around to look at him. You said sorry….Meethi too said it. But can I live my life with this sorry? Can I forget it what was between us? Can I forget your love? We both love each other…we had dreamt of getting married….we had seen so many dreams together. How can I forget them? I can’t. Whatever has happened is very wrong. You will have to change it. He says it’s not possible now. She is shocked. It cannot be changed now. Maybe it was written in our destiny. We have had a proper marriage. I cannot disrespect this ritual / relation now. Our sorrow is alike but maybe we aren’t meant to be together. She doesn’t believe it. Who made this decision? Nobody else has a right to change my fate. I haven’t given this right to anyone. Why did you get married? Tell me why.

Meethi answers on his behalf. No one is to be blamed for this. It is entirely my fault. I am responsible for everything….no one else. Mukku doesn’t want to talk to her. Plus don’t act all innocent in front of me. Don’t shed these crocodile tears. Stop it. She starts going out. Meethi tells her to at least listen to her but Mukta stops her. Mukta is dead for you. Meethi and Vishnu are sad. He looks at her once and then walks out of the room as well. Meethi doesn’t know what to do. Who should I talk to now about what’s right or wrong? Whatever has happened with me, Mukta, Vishnu and Akash how do I change that?

Damini is taking a nap in her room. Meethi comes there. I have seen her sleeping all relaxed for the first time since I came back from Aatishgarh. How can I snatch her peace from her? She cups Damini’s face who wakes up from her touch. I was waiting for you only. I don’t know how I fell asleep. Meethi hugs her. Damini asks her if all is well. Meethi composes herself and answers in a yes. Damini says its been only one day. I know it wont be easy for you to forget your past. You loved truly but got cheated in return. But think of it as a bad dream and forget it. God has given you another chance to live your life. Look at your future. And be happy handling your home. Leave all that you must be hungry right. You and Vishnu have food. I have made your favorite food today. Meethi asks her if she can ask her one thing. What must one do if with your one decision someone very close to you is very happy yet some another person who is also close to you is not? Should we forget one’s pain for someone’s happiness? Damini smiles….ask yourself. Have you ever hurt anyone knowingly? No, right. At times you have to take a decision following what your heart says. But we mustn’t think of what other people think about that decision as if it is right then you must follow it. But if you yourself are unhappy with your decision then its something else.

Jogi has come to meet Rathore in jail. Inspector says I know you (Jogi) so I am doing the best I can for you. You can give him (Rathore) the food you have brought. Rathore says I thought you would have come to bail me out. Lawyer said the bail… He asks the inspector what’s the problem. Jogi tells him due to a 3 days long holiday you couldn’t get bail. But don’t worry you wont have to be here for long. Rathore calls it a scheme. She is playing a game by creating a false eyewitness. Jogi says it cannot be proved right this way. If they are saying you have killed him then why couldn’t they found the body?

Rathore asks him if everyone at home is fine. Jogi nods. Vishnu and Meethi have come home for pag phere. Rathore is worried for Mukku. Jogi tells him to take care of himself. I will meet the lawyer while going back home. Rathore thinks….I cannot share the news with you which I wanted to share with you 2 days ago as well. I couldn’t tell you at time as well and I cannot say it now. I don’t know what has happened and what should have happened. My Mukku wouldn’t want anyone to know. Tappu too dint call. I hope she is giving motherly love to Mukta right now as she very much needs it.

Mukku is crying in her room recalling Vishnu’s words that it cannot be changed now. Maybe it was written in our destiny. We have had a proper marriage. I cannot disrespect this ritual / relation now. She throws the pillow and quilt in frustration.


Nani is in her room. Meethi comes there and remembers her convo with her about Mukta keeping something for her in her room. Why did you lie to me? Mukta kept the letter for me but you said that she left shagun for me. Why did you lie? What was the reason? You only did it right? Answer me this is your game right? Nani taunts her for doing the wrong thing yet blaming her for it. Your intent is malicious and you are pointing finger at me? Go and do this drama somewhere else. Meethi says…you very well know that. Nani says I know you have snatched Mukta’s love from her. Meethi denies. I dint. I myself am trying to change it. Nani wants to know if she will reverse the vows now. Meethi doesn’t know what she will do but one thing is for sure that I want to free Vishnu from this relation. Nani taunts her….you have a big heart like your mother. Sacrifice is in your blood. After all you are Iccha’s daughter. That Iccha took Veer away first then created a big drama by crying all the while and gave my Tappu her bridal attire in Uttaran and now you are going to give your Uttaran to Mukta? How dare you think that Mukta will take your Uttaran? Meethi is shocked.

Precap: Tappu asks Nani if she has seen Mukta anywhere. I have been searching for her in the whole house but couldn’t find her. Plus her phone is switched off as well. Meethi suggests searching for Mukta. Tappu (is driving) and Meethi are in a car. They come to a stop as everyone has gathered around something. They too get down to in find out what has happened. She asks someone about it. He shares that a young girl was hit by a car. Meethi and Tappu move forward to take a closer look. The girl is wearing white suit with the same color dupatta. The inspector looks at the girl and shakes his head (that girl is probably dead as he took off his cap). Tappu looks shocked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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