Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv saying he has to find Thapki. He warns Bihaan that he won’t leave him if anything happens to Thapki. Thapki cries and says where will she go, she has no home, she can’t tell her family whatever happened. She sits near the temple and cries. Bau ji comes to her and says she is his daughter, he will come there as his daughter, not bahu, he will do what a father should do. He asks her to come with him to Pandey Nivaas. Dhruv says he has looked everywhere, but he could not find Thapki. Vasundara says don’t worry, she will come. Dhruv says such big injustice happened with her, I don’t know where did she go.

Bau ji brings Thapki home and says she is here. They all look at Thapki. He says Thapki is Bihaan’s wife and our bahu now, and no injustice should

happen with her, so I decided Thapki will stay here, not as bahu, but as a daughter, I will free her from this fake relation soon. He says he will break this fake marriage by legal divorce of Bihaan and Thapki. Vasundara gets shocked. He says Bihaan did wrong with Thapki, I will rectify this mistake being head of the house. He says he will bring Thapki out of his mess and promises her that it will happen what she wishes.

Vasundara says you are right, you said marriage is not a joke. Bau ji says I also said marriage is formed on truth, not on lies. He says Thapki’s family or anyone else should never know this shameless act by Bihaan. Dadi says we should get rid of this problem. Bau ji says yes, Thapki will stay in our guest room and she should be taken good care of. He leaves. Dhruv gets teary eyed and sees Thapki. Thapki goes and prays. Dhruv looks at her. Vasundara is afraid that if Thapki and Bihaan get separated, Thapki will bond with Dhruv, but she won’t let this happen. Dhruv leaves.

Vasundara comes to Thapki and consoles her. Thapki hugs her. Vasundara explains her about marriage importance. Thapki says I lost belief in marriage, I don’t accept this fake marriage. Vasundara asks her to go and rest. Thapki gets hiccups. Dadi asks her to drink water. Dhruv gets restless. Thapki drinks water and still gets hiccups. Dhruv asks servant to give some food to Thapki, so that her hiccups stops. The servant gives food to Thapki. Thapki eats some food and her hiccups stop.

Dadi gets surprised and asks servant how did he know. The servant says Dhruv told him. Thapki leaves. Dadi says fine, tell Preeti and Suman to make juice for Thapki. Vasundara gets tensed. Preeti and Suman talk about Thapki. Suman says if Thapki’s family gets to k now that Bihaan married Thapki, then they will take Thapki. Preeti asks how will they say, Bau ji stopped them. Suman says she will inform them. Bau ji talks on phone about some land. Dhruv comes to him. Bau ji says I m very angry, you go now.

Dhruv says I have come to thank you, you supported Thapki, she was very lonely, I know our thinking and ways are different, but I can’t forget what you did for Thapki, thanks. Bau ji says whatever I m doing is for my daughter Thapki, I don’t care who remembers this and who don’t. Bihaan and Vasundara see this and get glad that Dhruv and Bau ji are together. Vasundara says Bau ji wants to break your and Thapki’s marriage, this is not good. He says he did not take any marriage vows, he did this for her happiness, you know Bau ji, he does what he decides once. He leaves. Vasundara says I will not let this marriage break, I will not let Thapki get after Dhruv again. Vasundara calls Poonam and talks to her. Suman and Preet intentionally tell about Bihaan doing wrong with Thapki. Poonam hears this and asks Vasundara about it. Vasundara gets shocked.

Bihaan’s finger cuts and the blood falls on Thapki’s maang. He apologizes. She tells about their marriage. Krishnakant and Varun come there and get shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bauji I agree with you..can anyone tell me new promo of udaan swara and thapki join hands..

  2. plz join two lovers. dnt want bihan. plz

  3. Precap is little shocking…
    I think they are trying to show the chemestry between Thapki and Bihaan.Then what will happen to Dhruv’s love???

  4. What a episode yaar. I am waiting for next episode…

  5. Stupid vasundhara. Wat c thnks. Its too much & too drag. In our India ppls trust & believe marriages r made in heaven but colors channel serials r spoil that trust. All seriala r went wrong eg. Swaragini thapki maths at all. Its all r totally rubbish

  6. Every serial brks the pavithr of shadi..sab bakwas hei

  7. plz join dhruv and thapki plzzzzzzz

  8. I hate this kind of twists in love dho pyar karne walom ko hamesa ekhona chahiye

  9. Poor thapki.. plz plz plz bring dhruv and thapki together..

  10. Saswat Panigrahi

    Faltu Serial. Mein toh av sirf comment dene k liye hi tellyupdayes kholta hoon bilkul v nahi padhta hoon bas comments padhta hoon. agar kuch interesting lage toh jake padhta hoon. Saale aise bigad diya hai behterin serial ko. Salaaaaaa

  11. I’m now going to stop watching this shit .. I hate when entertainment is compromised for sorrows and useless expectation that it will improve trps.. Watch out producers if that’s really happening or not ! At least I quit!

  12. Stupidddd i don’t like this…..

  13. I think that if there is no marriage concept then the serials like
    Thapki pyar ki
    Will not exist
    All serials are just playing with marriage and feelings …
    But except all these I love it

  14. Bihaan n thapki do suit though but who is poonam diwakars wife n wen will his story come to an end the truth should always triumph

  15. Now the story track was sooooo niceeeee….. Thapki and bihaan jodi

  16. indira bhajan

    Vasundra so wicked pleze let love win once and stop this twist let druv sir and tapkie reconcile pleze

  17. You lost me for your Trps
    Pls bring Thapki and Dhruv together back

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