Badi Devrani 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kajal yelling at Reeti that she has dared to allege her mom openly and says her mom has got siddhi and does not do magic. She should play games on laptop instead of learning black magic. Reeti says she will get their truth out soon.

Reeti’s friend calls her and asks where is she nowadays. Reeti says she is busy with family’s problem and explains issue. Friend says her uncle is a psychiatrist and can help her. Reeti meets uncle who explains how con artists use hypnotics and simple tricks and tell it is black magic. He teaches her some tricks and asks her to do it inside her home and not outside. Reeti thanks him and thinks she will expose Bhairavi in front of everyone that she does hypnosis and tricks as black magic.

Bilasi sees kitchen repair

bill and panics that seetaram biyani’s daughter is destroying his wealth. Daadi comes and asks what is he yelling. Bilasi says he is looking at kitchen repair bill and asks what will be prepared today. She says badam kheer, zafrani pulao, and lots more. Bilasi says already there are lot of expenses and now he is overburdened. Vibhors hands him one more bill and walks out. Bhairavi enters and says he is tensed just with a small jhatka by Reeti. Today, he will see how Reeti will run from this house with her bags after wearing black sari. He gets happy.

Manbhari’s daughter gives black sari to Reeti and says Prabha asked her to wear this during function. Reeti thinks mom does not like black sari, then how can she give it to her. She calls Prabha and asks if she sent her black sari. Prabha says she did not. Kajal hears her conversation and runs to inform Bhairavi.

Bhairavi performs black magic on black doll and says Reeti will destroy today just like this black doll. Kajal says Prabha did not come under her black magic and denied sending black sari to Reeti. Manbhari says she has done her 1 month’s siddhi on black sari. She sees her energy deteriorating and thinks why her black magic is not working, who is blocking it. She sleeps on bed and asks Kajal to convince reeti to wear black sari. Kajal leaves.

Whole family gathers for celebration and wait for Reeti. Bhairavi thinks if Reeti does not wear black sari, her magic will not work. Reeti enters wearing black sari and says she will show them tricks how tricksters trick people since 100s of years and call it as black magic. Bilasi asks her to stop her drama and show what it is. She says she will show how black magic is done and removes cloth from props. She lights fire in a box and asks family to clap for her. Everyone clap. Reeti says daadi to hold a cloth and wish something. Daadi asks her to lessen her age and looks at dadaji. Reeti says daadi is very young. Everyone smile.

Reeti chants magician’s mantras, drinks water and blows on daadi’s palm. Daadi’s palm catches fire. Bilasi shouts if she will burn maaji. Reeti then blows it off with her hand and smiles at daadi.

Precap: During magic tricks, Bhairavi thinks Reeti will be vanished permanently and Reeti goes invisible. Bhairavi smirks seeing this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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