Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki coming to Aryan Khanna’s office and hears his assistant telling him about his concert. He asks about Gupta. She says he didn’t come. Gupta came and tells that his wife is serious and needs surgery. He writes on a cheque and gives to him. Gupta thanks him for giving a big amount and asks how to repay your favor. Aryan asks him not to come for work again and scolds him. He asks him to leave. Thapki knocks on his cabin. Aryan asks you? You came here also. He says I hate this, what do you want from me. He says will you please tell me what do you want from me. Thapki says I want you to become my husband. Aryan is shocked and says you want me to become your husband and share room and bed with you. He says you want me to do all those things which a husband does with his wife. Thapki slaps him. She hand overs Bihaan’s pic in his hand and goes. Aryan looks at Bihaan’s pic and is shocked. She comes to the temple. Aryan comes there. Thapki tells that her husband fell down from the mountain and couldn’t be found till now. She tells him everything, starting from their marriage, separation, Bihaan’s death, bani’s misunderstanding etc.

She says that’s why I requested you to act as my husband and come to my house. She says if you help me then I will try to clear Bani’s misunderstanding. She asks if you are ready to help me. Aryan says your story have everything, but I live my life practically and logically. I think about gain and loss and don’t do any deal of loss. He refuses to act as Bihaan or help her. Thapki says sorry and says actually I am sorry to thought that you will become my Bihaan. He looks on. Munna wishes happy birthday to Tina and says I have brought mehendi tea leaves for you. Vasu says you did right and tells that color will be dark now. Munna says if color darkens then it means Samar loves you. Thapki thanks Munna. Tina asks about bani’s mehendi. Bani comes and says she will not apply mehendi as she don’t have the habit of all this since childhood. Thapki asks her to make Tina as princess.

Tina goes. Bani challenges Thapki that she will break Tina’s alliance and stops her mehendi. Thapki says she is my second daughter and I won’t break her alliance. Bani blows mehendi leaves on her and goes.

Suman grinds the mehendi with her hand. Samar and Dolly comes there. Tina says if mehendi appears dark then it will show that you loves me much. Thapki sees blood stains in the house and follows it. She sees Bani in a pool of blood and shouts Bani. She asks her to open her eyes and shouts….Bani opens her eyes and smiles. She says ghajab and tells that this is not blood, but color. Thapki asks what is this madness and says I got worried and shocked. Bani tells her that if she don’t break Tina’s alliance then she will die for sure. Thapki says how can I stop her alliance. She tells her that she didn’t do her kanyadaan. Bani says it was you, and asks her to either break Tina’s alliance or see her death. She goes. Kosi smiles happily and appreciates Bani for her plan. She says Thapki will failed in one go, and says you have proved that you are my son’s daughter. She thinks her revenge will be fulfilled now. Thapki cries.

Bani keeps revolver on her head and asks Thapki to stop Tina’s marriage. Thapki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Good morning my dear garima,reshu,
    Bhai,kudrat,rinks and all thahaaniams…Yesterdays episode was nice especially Thahaans scenes.Thapki slaps Aryan it was an unexpecting one I think soon we can see Aryans entry in Pandey house…Banis turned tobe a torturing character.Manish you just awesome man…awaiting more Thahaan scenes.

    1. Holaaa pooja how are you ?? ?
      I misssed you a lot ❤️

  2. Just assume that Aryan would help Thapki to clear Bani’s misunderstanding..,
    Wouldn’t she be more angry on Thapki when finally she finds out the truth about Aryan..? Very complicated… ? ?
    So sad seeing Thapki’s condition…

    1. Yep my thoughts exactly , but maybe Thapki thinks in the short term bani will stop trying to sabatoge the wedding and by that time she can convince her off the truth. I agree in the sense it’s a short term plan

  3. Gajab no cmt….
    wish u all very FRESH (taji-taji) MORNING..

    miss u GUYS…
    commnd yaar, come here nd do cmt…
    h…e mera chona babu where r u..??

    so basically, I’m PRESANT nd what about you…

    1. Holaaa …my dear …?
      I missed you a lot ..❤️

  4. Dear Bani, please do shoot yourself, I want you to, that way Thapki will go crazy because she’ll lose her child which will eventually also make Tina go crazy, then the whole Panday Niwas will go crazy, everyone will be sent to a mental hospital and then the show will end~! So please, Bani, do it shoot yourself, cuz I really can’t handle this BULLSHIT anymore!! The drama has had more time leaps in two years than a series which goes on and on for 10 years!! Dear writers, producers, directors and anyone part of the cast and crew, please pack up and wrap up the show before you lose more than just ratings and viewers~! I’m being blunt here, but this show literally has no direction, it’s drama after drama, no positive is coming out of it, and at this point no character development can save this show~!

    1. This is good point that I fed up wth kosi hurt all pandey family.

    2. hey stupid!

    3. I absolutely agree with your comment ??

  5. Mani orf AK entry in pandey nivaas…
    according to Mani interview AK have some personal motive to coming Pandey Nivaas..
    so please watch TPK…
    do cmt
    only for ur lovely THAHAAN nd friends please…
    love u all

    1. I will watch tpk only for Manish ?❤️

  6. Final I understand thapki asked Aryan to be her husband and sort out for bani. Aryan look very handsome suit. I hope he change his mind to help with thapki. I don’t like Bani become Sanker because of kosi. Stupid and bad bani told thapki to break off Tina and Samar. Somethings wrong Bani was fell in love Samar not Mannu. Poor Tina don’t know that Samar don’t love her. I agreed with Lucy’s comment yesterday. I will watch next day thapki pyar ki.

  7. hello poo kudrat anu garima vino di ritz di santhosh bhai ,hw r u all .tc
    temater i am really busy because of exams preparation that’s why not commenting here .
    i like Mani new character .he is really awsome as Aryan .i like his attitude and MG expression wow .amazing .

    1. Holaa ..reshal how are you ???
      I missed you a lot ❤️

  8. Amy_park,I am fully agree with you.

  9. pooja prabha

    Dear reshal…miss you very much.wish you all the best dear for your well.surely I will pray for you…you will get high marks in all subjects.Manish is absolutely gajjab in his new look.once again hood luck come back sooooon.

  10. bani and samar.. they are match..want to see them romance

  11. Thapki abd Bihan…. Bani and samar…. Tina and Mannu

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