Sanyukt 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rita tells Gayatri that Shree had told once her mind is clear regarding divorce, she can file for divorce, so she wants divorce from Niranjan. Gayatri gets tensed. Rita says she will talk later and leaves for shooting. Parimal informs Niranjan that Rita wore sari after a long time and even gave tiffin box for him. Niranjan gets happy. Parimal then tells about Shree and Rahul’s alliance. Niranjan says Shree is a very good girl. Parimala asks how does she know Shree. Niranjan tells whole incident.

Rahul while leaving for cafeteria tells Tanu that he will return in the afternoon itself, let everyone know how much he loves her. He tries to get romantic. She says someone will see. He says who will see. Sam comes and says he made a mistake calling Shree as Didi, how can she be his didi. Shree cries. Rahul tries to speak, but Sam stops him and says he will call Shree as bhabhi hereon. They both get happy and hug him.

Gayatri informs Ila about Rita’s decision to divorce Niranjan. Parimal returns and says they all misjudged Niranjan, he is not bad at all and tells how he met Shree and repented betraying Rita and wanted to tell Rita everything, but before that Maya sent Rita that video. He is suffering just to see Rita get out of her depression. Ila thinks her upbringing cannot be so wrong. She thinks Sethji put her into examination and went to ashram to meditate, she will go and meet him right now and asks what to do next.

Ila reaches ashram and requests to meet ashram’s supervisor. Lady comes and asks who is she. She says she wants to meet Govardhan Mehta. Lady says she cannot sethji as it is against ashram’s rule. Ila asks her to handover her letter to sethji and writes a letter that his dream of united family has come true and continues writing. Sethji is seen meditating in his hut.

Precap: Rahul gets romantic with Tanu/Shree and is about to kiss her when he gets severe stomach ache and moves aside. Tanu waits for his kiss closing her eyes.

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