Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara stopping Thapki saying don’t go to Bihaan, he did not spare his dad. Thapki says no, and goes to Bihaan. He aims gun at her. Dhruv says Bihaan, move the gun away, she will get hurt. Bihaan says no, I won’t go anywhere, I will be here. Operation ends and doctor comes out. Dhruv runs to doctor and asks about Bau ji. Doctor says we saved him, but he slipped in coma. They all get shocked. Bihaan drops the gun in shock. He runs to see Bau ji and cries. Dhruv asks him is he happy hearing this now. He asks inspector to arrest Bihaan. Bihaan is arrested and is taken away. Thapki cries seeing him. She hugs Krishnakant.

Vasundara and everyone meet Bau ji. Vasundara asks Bau ji to say something and cries. Doctor comes and says we can’t say when he will get conscious,

we have to keep him here under observation, get these medicines. Dhruv talks to Bau ji and says our ways were always different, don’t know why we did not talk to each other well till now. He regrets and tells Vasundara to ask Bau ji to get up, I have to hug Bau ji. Vasundara hugs Dhruv and they cry.

Dhruv says once Bau ji gets up, I will hug him, I could not tell Bau ji that I love him a lot. Vasundara consoles him. She asks him to promise he will not spare Bihaan. Dhruv promises that he will not leave Bihaan. Shraddha goes to get medicines. She goes out and smiles, saying Bihaan did not do right with Bau ji, but did right for me, everyone will be focused on Bau ji, they won’t focus on my fake pregnancy, I can do everything I want, I can postpone fake abortion and putting blame on Thapki plan, but thanks Bihaan for doing all this.

Bihaan is in lockup and cries recalling Bau ji. FB shows Bau ji teaching me shooting. He asks him to learn to lessen his anger. Bihaan fails to shoot at aim. Bau ji encourages him and asks him to shoot from heart. Bihaan fails and says sorry Bau ji, I don’t think I can learn shooting. Bau ji says you should just see the bottle, like Arjun just saw the fish’s eye. He puts bottle over his head. Bihaan asks what is he saying. Bau ji asks him to aim, I trust you, shoot, I know you can never hurt me. Bihaan aims and shoots at the bottle. Bau ji laughs. Bihaan runs and hugs him. Bau ji says see, I told you I know you can never let me get harm. FB ends. Bihaan says forgive me Bau ji, I have harmed you. Bihaan recalls the happy moments of the family and gets sad.

Thapki comes to meet him. Bihaan cries. Thapki asks him what happened there, how did Bau ji get hurt and reads out what all Bihaan wrote about Bau ji. She says you wrote all this in your sketchbook, how can you do this, tell me what happened. Bihaan gets angry and blames her for all this. He throws the sketchbook and says you proved all this wrong, you ruined everything. He gets angry. Thapki looks at him.

Thapki says you always use right hand, but whoever attacked Bau ji is leftie, I m sure Bihaan is innocent, I will prove this. She stands against the family for Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sag

    Episode – 31107:00 PM –
    07:30 PM, 03 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan tries to remember how Balwinder taught him to
    use a gun when he was a teenager. Meanwhile, Shraddha
    instigates Dhruv against Bihaan, but he is busy trying to
    calm Dadi down.
    Episode – 31207:00 PM –
    07:30 PM, 04 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Vasu and the entirely family reach home in the morning.
    Frustrated, Vasu throws Bihaan’s belongings from his
    room. Later, when he enters the house, everyone looks
    Episode – 31307:00 PM –
    07:30 PM, 05 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Sad and depressed, Bihaan finds a gun and points it at
    himself. Suddenly, Thapki enters the room and stops him,
    trying to convince him to tell her about Balwinder.
    Episode – 31407:00 PM –
    07:30 PM, 06 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Bihaan remembers how his teacher once hit him for
    a mistake, he hits himself so hard that it bleeds. The
    doctor tells Thapki that the murderer’s intention was to kill

  2. Thapki

    Writter pretty much inspired by swaragini and other shows copying others and have nothing to show from his own mind :p

    • Roshni

      Havnt seen swaragini…bt ppl seem to find it so similar. Yawn… hmmm… I wish cud watch chore tera gaun bada pyaara insted

  3. the track is really bad.Wondering what is going on with this is my favourite because of thahaan but they are against each other.hate bihaan for doing this to thapki.

  4. the track is really bad.Wondering what is going on with this is my favourite because of thahaan but they are against each other.hate bihaan for doing this to this is sad and deppressing

  5. Roshni

    In yestrdys episode wen Maa asks dadi n al to go sleep..the camera angle luks like someone is hidin and watchin. Anywy…i see very lil comments today. I guess evrybdy is fed up with current track. Seriously… the way the wtiters made bihaan over react and then admit to a stabbin bau ji wen he himslf wud obviously knw wat hapnd… and then now genius thapki who cudnt even figure out tht shradda was fakin pregnancy is gona solve murder attmpt case. Oh God! Ab aur kya!the only thing worth watchin is manishs acting.

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Last few episodes were reall pyn fully mean.writers copy zee with women abuse..loved tis now wers it going….stupid bihaan…just love druvv n tapki…

  7. Syed Hussain

    Why u guys are reacting so negatively about this track. Yes definetly this track started with bad note. But now we can see thapki standing for bihaan & she is going against the family to save bihaan. Now bihaan will no doubt realise his love for thapki. U guys want everything in hurry just wait & watch whats going to happen & then post a comment whether the track was good or bad & one more thing dont focus on murder mystery just concentrate on thapki supporting bihaan & bihaan cooperating with thapki.

    • reji

      u r 100% ryt SYED.Bihaan is going realise his love 4 thapki.jus c d way he looking at her in d promo when she tels bihan is innocent n she’l prove it .wait n watch .don’t hurry

      • Kana

        Reji naan appave sollala,innum oru 2 or 3 maasathuku ilukka poranugal.thahaan love track start panrathukulla namaku vayasayirum 🙁
        Aana intha manish maddum yaro evaro yaar peththa pilliyooo ennamaaa nadikuthu 🙂 pesama tamil cinema industry ku vara solliruvomaa??

    • vinlora

      Well said syed…..I’m watching only for thahaan. ..and nw I’m happy that thapki supports bihaan. ..only this thing is important for me….love thahaan. ..thahaan forever. ..

  8. Sam

    Very very bad writers. U finally lost the beauty innocence of this show. Directers need to think twice before making any action ahead. Pooor poor poor poor writers. Not happppy at all. I miss my bihaan and tapki choti moti larahee. Bihaan u are just a awesome actors. I wish u come in movies toooo.
    Very veryyyyy disappointment

  9. ishu

    i like bihaan(manish)acting..what a grownup….superb…his frustation r brust out……and the emotional is mindblowing…….
    Finallly….guys….thahaan track start… thapki support bihaan like bihaan support her in same situation nobody trust her….and he also realized his mistakes….
    i dont like nistry and all…i watch only bzc thahaan
    Thahaan rockzzzzzz
    i dont like that mistry

  10. TIA

    I guess it’s dhruv. He only stabbed Bauji as he never liked him, and now wants to remove Bihaan out of his way.

    • Ally

      No way….
      Druv love Bauji… he don’t like his activities like giving money for interest and taking others home if they don’t pay it. And his attitude.

    • reji

      mayb.that’s Y BIhaan didn’t admit d truth to thapki n other family y druv wants to kil bau ji?

      • reji

        s kana .aprom koopta nammalae manish maranthuruvan.n i accept ur chlnge.adutha tamil padam namma varuthapadatha tpk valibar sangama than irukanum.neenga thalaivar na seyalalar .padathula manish hero.k?

  11. Sam

    Very very bad writers. U finally lost the beauty innocence of this show. Directers need to think twice before making any action ahead. Pooor poor poor poor writers. Not happppy at all. I miss my bihaan and tapki choti moti larahee. Bihaan u are just a awesome actors.
    Very veryyyyy disappointment

  12. Sam

    Yes u said it right its becoming CID. Crapy story line. I wabt our bihaan back with tapki. Ooh maybe i guess bihaan atays in jail and they will start thdrve track. If writers thinking that then i m quiting and big time disappointment.

  13. Murtaza

    Please correct me if I am wrong…. I haven’t seen yet that recap in which shradda was in front of mirror removing white pillow (fake pregnancy) & thapki passes by and sees her…..has that seen on-air or not yet??

    • LoveLyn

      Yeah you are right! I’ve been thinking about that…when was that scene shown? I doubt it was.

      By the way, this track is quite interesting and I think it may be Dhruv cause he wants to send Bihaan to jail for revenge…I don’t think it’s Shradda that’s too predictable.

  14. Bea

    I tried to restrain myself because I didn’t want it to seem as if I was just one of the many jumping on the Manish Goplani appreciation band wagon ,but praise is gotta be given where praise is due.

    Simply put , that was sublime. A masterclass in acting. Brilliant brilliant. How well he managed to convey Bihaan’s anguish. How does he do it? With each episode he seems to get better and better . Now I can’t wait to see him in a different role just to see if he is really this good or this is just a once off.

    Today , Jigyasa too was pretty good. Finally she conveyed the kind of emotions I’ve been wanting to see from her. For the first time I felt like Thapki loves Bihaan too. Her
    eyes were just glued on Bihaan and l felt like his pain was her pain. She looked really bereft when they were carting Bihaan off to jail. Her father’s presence was a nice touch because he provided her with a shoulder to cry on and we needed to see her cry for Bihaan.

    Sorry if I am rambling, but in case you haven’t understood, I really liked today’s episode and can’t wait for future episodes.

    • Nimisha ?

      Bea, I sound like a stuck record, but I agree with everything you say!

      I also really really liked today’s episode.
      Thanks for articulating it so well. Xxx

      • Bea

        Not that I am bigging myself up or anything, but you do know what they say about great minds don’t you?

      • Nimisha

        Indeed I do.

        Honestly, what you wrote us what I was thinking. I just wish I could be as eloquent and succinct as you.

        Rather than the thahaan tharuv discussions, this is by far the most interesting development in the show in a while. Actually enjoying it loads.

        Hope you’re having a lovely day. Xxx

  15. hareem

    Now i think bihan will get close to thapki again… we want thahan to b united again .. plzz stop this aggresssive behaviour of bihan

  16. Ally

    I think that man whom Bauji slapped on road is the real culprit. If so its ridiculous…. who will try to kill someone for a slap…..

  17. I always thinks bihaan cant do these to his bauji bcoz he luvs him ….nd that episode also show that bauji fall from ladder but not showing bihaan stabbed directly show bauji fall ladder thats why…Now thapki time support bihaan againts all family members nd bihaan also realise his miskate…nd (i hope now thapki also realise the felling for bihaan)

  18. Afnaz

    Roshni i think u vil get online episode from ‘dailymotion’.all most all serials are avilable in that


    the useless, and annoying thpki has glued herself to PN and at any price does want to stay, the last price was destroying Bihaan , NOW HOPE TO GOD THE SISTER IN LAW KICK THIS STUPID, WOMAN OUT OF PN.

  20. chriz

    Some of u r thinking that dhruv is the culprit…but i am 100% sure that he cantdthis….he only knows to love everybody….but fate is doing some tricks on him..on tpk i love dhruv only…and now i hates thapki very much…what kind of girl was she..first she loved diwakar..then dhruv…now bihaan…then who is next,??poor fellow dhruv….living to cry…

    • aditi

      Yes. Bihan fans out here are always ready to put blame on dhruv.. How can they even think that. He is not arrogant like bihaan. Ya I hate thapki too. She never loved dhruv.. Poor dhruv feeling bad for him..

      • Roshni

        Im pretty sure it isnt druv.also thapki neva luvd diwkar… she ws just being a polite bride. And may b she never really luved druv either… she was a fan.. she started liking him a lot.. but before their luv cud mature into a stronger bond… vasu put bihaan into the equation. Bihaan and thapki got to go thru more adversities than she did with watevr be the bond…wethr friendshp or luv, it bcam strong.nt evry1 gets to marry their first luv… often its a heartbrek and then they muv on.dats jus my point of view. Ankit batla seems like gem of a person from interviews… so may b thahaan in reel and tharuv in real life? Evrybdy wins ??

  21. dev

    Let me tell after stabbing bauji fell down through stairs so hw come dhrv be the culprit he was standing down with everyone

    • Roshni

      Must b dat dandia bomb fellow…. wat ws his name.. frgot. I dnt thnk i care also.Oh… the way thse writer’s brain work….. i strongly suspect it was rampyari???

  22. thaaruv

    Writers….u r forgeting to give some happiness to dhruv…in the first episodes u showed him ast hero…and now…..cant accept this thahaan track…plz unite thaaruv

  23. Rachana

    y sm of u r thnking dat dhruv stabbed bauji nd wanted 2 take revenge on bihaan? He cant do dis bcz he was with evry1 at dat time…he’s nt any magician..! nd dhruv always disliked bauji’s attitude..nt bauji…he’s no reason 2 hurt him…

  24. Rachana

    nd y vil he wish 2 take revenge on bihaan aftr accepting shraddha…am sure d real culprit is an outsider…bcz d camera was focusing frm a corner abve as if some1 was watching..i think der was a 3rd person in terrace expect bauji nd bihaan…

  25. Well bihaan is reallyyyy reallyyy stupid dis time…………….. but tharuv?? no way……… well u mght thnk am saying all dis cuzz am a thahaan fan bt for ur kind information…. bihaan has always been d hero of d show………………………….. he was always dere wid thapki during her bad time…… and druv could’nt even have d courage 2 take her side……………………….. arey koi bihaan ke bare mein bhi toh socho…………………………. born orphan, betrayed by vasu whom he loved soo much, when he married thapki for dat stupid vasu………every1 blamed him…….. or koi doosh na hone par bhi sab kuch use hi sunna para par fir bhi aaj tak usne vasu par ek ungli tak nahi uthai…….or uske so called maa ne kya kiya………. she blamed bihaan that he stabbeb bauji…….woh bauji jiske liye woh apni jaan tak de sakta hein……… watt a joke…………………… aur toh aur thapki dos’nt know d whole truth still…….. dat how vasu BLACKMAILED him for doing all dis…………….. pata nahi yeh thapki aur bihaan kab apna love confess kaenge………………. and tharuv can never unite……. thapki has always been more close to BIHAAN and not dhruv…………………… aur samjho agar tharuv unite ho bhi gaya toh…. …………

  26. …………………..iss show ke trp bhi gaya…….. cuzz tharuv is soo yuckkk………….. but thahaan mein masti hein… emotions hein…..and twists bhi hein………… not like tharuv…. stupid, meaningless and boring……………………………. but thahaan luv story izzz true………… chahe bihaan kitna bhi bad behave kar le thapki se……………. usse zyada pyaar toh thapki se koi karr hi nahi sakta……………….thahaan is pure and gud 2 watch……….luv thahaan…..

    • aliza khan

      No offense but love tharuv…nd dhruv ka character aisa bnaya gya h story k mutabiq to kya kren…..nd dhruv ye sb nh kr rha aur na krega agay gar thahaan unite huay bhi to…bcoz usky character m ye nh h k wo ks se revenge ly….may be vasu ne ye sara drama rachaya h…..
      India forum m to dhruv ky character ka mazak bnaya jarha h….apko koi haq nh k ksi ki acting ka mazak bnao…

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