Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doc checks Manvi. This is no regular fever. It is triggered by some infection or allergy. Did you get hurt? Doc checks the wound on Manvi’s hand. She gives injection to Manvi. She should take full bed rest for 24 hours. Rahul comes there and gets concerned for Manvi. Doc shares they will wait for injection’s reaction. We will hospitalise her if she does not recover by tomorrow. Rahul sits down next to Manvi. It wont be needed. I will take care of Manvi. Leave all the medicines at home.

Ambika tells Kabir tonight is very important for them. Will you be able to keep Manvi and Rahul away? He assures her that everything is happening as he wanted it to. We will win tonight. Ambika is happy with his preps but warns him that even a slight mistake can end their clan. Make sure nothing goes wrong. He agrees.

Upmanyu is collecting the money that he has to return to Manvi. We will have to sell the shop for the same. Harsh is confused. Why will we sell my shop? Upmanyu wants to shut Raj’s mouth by throwing money at his face. We will have to sell the shop for it. Harsh reasons that their house, their expenses are managed by that shop’s earnings only. Upmanyu does not want Raj to insult Manvi again and again. Harsh says Manvi can take money from Rahul. Rahul is rich enough. UPmanyu reprimands him. She is not after Rahul’s money. I did not send here for that. Harsh says she can take expesive gifts from Rahul like jewellery and all. She can then take money from Rahul easily. Upmanyu asks him if he isn’t ashamed. Harsh shares what all he did to earn and run this house since he was young. You want me to lose the only source of my income for your fake arrogance and enmity. Upmanyu raises his hand but Shilpa intervenes. Harsh stays put. Everyone cares about Manvi. What will people say when I will sit at home after selling my shop? Come what may, I will never sell my shop! Upmanyu is tensed.

Raj tells Sonali to talk to Rahul. Sonali says Rahul wont listen to her tonight maybe. Manvi is ill. Raj blames Manvi for everything going wrong in their life. Sonali reasons that Manvi is really unwell. Rahul has said that he will not go anywhere till she gets fine. Kabir hears them from outside. Sonali finally agrees to talk as Raj insists.

Kabir thinks how I forgot Rahul wont leave Manvi if she is in a bad condition. She has been his shield always. I will have to do something tonight to bring Rahul to the ghaat. The landline rings. It is Harsh. He asks for Manvi. Kabir asks him to give his message. Harsh says tell Manvi I don’t want to see her face ever again in life. Kabir feels this is the perfect way to keep Rahul away from Manvi now. he calls back Harsh. I want to meet you. It seems like world is conspiring in my favour. Rahul will be finished today. He still does not remember it is Purnima tonight. Rahul will go outside and turn into tiger. No one will be able to stop me.

Rahul feels uneasy. Am I falling ill too? Who will take care of manvi if anything happens to me? I shouldn’t have fought with Manvi. I am an idiot. I should check on her now. Her sponge bath must be over. He goes to his room. Sonali and Dadi are taking care of Manvi. Rahul tells them to rest. I will take care of Manvi. They agree and leave. Rahul caresses Manvi’s head. He puts cold cloth over her head and recalls how she had cared for him in the past. Manvi talks in her sleepy state. Why don’t you trust me Rahul? I am your shield. Why dint you trust me? He holds her hand. rest now. Everything will be fine. He hears the roar of a tiger. He begins to feel the effect of Purnima night. He fails in sitting or standing properly.

Harsh is drinking. Kabir joins him. He acts to be all concerned for Harsh. Harsh says you should leave if you have come here to take Manvi’s side. Kabir asks him what Manvi’s fault is. Harsh says she is Rahul’s wife yet she stole money. As far as I know Rahul, he always listens to her. She could have said it all to him. She still stole money which is ok. But she was all quiet when I was insulted there. Ma Baba worry about her and not me. I will have to sell my shop for this? Kabir takes Manvi’s side. Rahul is afraid of his father. Manvi is not to be blamed. No one is supporting Manvi. If Rahul supports his wife then no one can point finger at her. I was there. Manvi said so many times she dint steal money but no one believe her, not even Rahul! I doubt Raj uncle is behind it. we all know he does not like manvi. Why dint Rahul give money to Manvi if he really wanted to help her? Think what the point of her not is asking for money from Rahul. Harsh agrees with him. Rahul trapped manvi who wanted to help me. He wants to show me down. Kabir advises him to trust Manvi. Take stand for your family, for your sister. Meet Rahul alone at ghaat. Everything will be cleared then. Harsh says I will call him.

Rahul gets Harsh’s call. He apologizes to Harsh for that day. Harsh tells him to be quiet. You will listen to what I say now. Rahul realises Harsh is drunk. Harsh asks him if he will hit him now. I am drinking to forget that insult only. Your brother searched me when I came to your home first time. You slapped me the second time. I bore everything but you have insulted and misbehaved with my sister a lot. I cannot forget it. Rahul asks him where he is. I want to talk to you personally. Harsh asks him to come at the ghaat. I will show you how to take revenge for insults today! Rahul agrees to come. Harsh passes out. Kabir switches off his phone. Half of the work is done. I will do the rest now. Tonight will be Rahul’s last night.

Agni / Kabir seeks blessings from Ambika. She gives him something that belonged to his father. It will help you in your mission. He assures her they only will win this time. She says tonight is very important for them. Rahul wont be able to win in his shield’s absence. End him and be victorious!

Precap: Rahul looks at the full moon. How did I not recall it is Purnima today? I have to go from here (jungle). He tries to go but then he begins to turn into tiger.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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