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Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi and Vasundara saying we will get Ganesh ji first. Bihaan and Thapki see each other and leave with their respective families. Shraddha asks why did you not let me go. Preeti says you and Sankara will clean the house, we will just supervise. Suman says its big work to make Shraddha work. Sankara says we will start cleaning soon.

Both families reach the shop to buy the idol. Kosi and Vasundara like the same idol. The man says its just one idol, any one of you can get it. Thapki says let Kosi take it, we will take other idol. Thapki shows a beautiful idol. Vasundara likes the idol and asks the man to give that one. They break coconut and do rituals. Thapki asks the man to give less incense sticks to Bihaan, he has allergy. Bihaan says I don’t have allergy and

takes it. He does aarti and coughs. Thapki looks at him. Naman and Kosi do not care for Bihaan. Kosi goes and punctures the Thapki’s car tyre.

She sees both drivers talking. She says I don’t like to lose, I will see how they win. Suman asks Sankara why does she do stupid things. Preeti says Sankara’s luck is good to get a husband like John. Sankara says no, he is not my husband. Suman asks who is your husband. Sankara says I can’t say, Kosi Maa refused me. Preeti says please tell us. Suman says leave it.

Thapki gives water to Bihaan. He drinks water and sees her. Bihaan and Thapki do aarti of respective Ganesh ji and take the idols along. Kosi lifts Ganesh ji. The man says what are you doing, Ganesh ji’s face should be in front. Kosi asks the man not to teach her. Both families go to their cars. Bau ji asks how did this tyre get punctured. Vasundara asks what will we do now. Kosi says its big abshagun. Naman says they made Bihaan away from us.

Vasundara says we will get late, I have to place Ganesh ji. Bihaan hears them. Thapki says we can go by walk and take auto on the way. Bihaan looks on. Kosi asks who will win by walking. Naman says we will win. They leave in the car. Thapki sees the dirty water and comes infront of the idol to save it. Bihaan asks driver to stop car and sees Thapki. He scolds driver. Kosi says he did not do this intentionally, drive.

Suman and Preeti see Shraddha sleeping and throw pillow. Shraddha says I have headache, I will rest. Sankara says over rest makes health bad, my Dadi worked a lot and lived for 100 years. Suman asks Shraddha to work. John comes and Shraddha smiles seeing him.

Vasundara lifts idol and is on the way. Thapki tries to get an auto. They don’t get auto and walk. Vasundara says we will reach late, our tradition will break. It starts raining. Vasundara asks Ganesh ji to do something. They see the procession passing by. A man offers them help. Bau ji says our car tyre punctured and we are not getting auto. The man asks them to keep their idol in Jhanki and walk. Bau ji thanks him.

John asks them to clean the house and their life will increase, why are they cleaning house, is any guest coming. Preeti says yes, Ganesh ji is coming. John says I will also clean house. Shraddha says no, sit here. He says person should do on his own. Shraddha says yes, I was also saying the same to them. Suman asks when did you say. John calls Shraddha funny. Shraddha says funny with a sweet smile. Jhon cleans the mess. Shraddha gives him a bowl. He holds her hand and she smiles.

Sankara says this broomstick broke, will I get other one. Suman says we will get it, and goes with Preeti. Kosi asks Naman to lift idol, my hand is aching. Naman says I have ache in the leg. They keep Ganesh idol on the seat. The driver applies breaks and idol slips. They hold idol and Kosi asks driver whats happening. Bihaan says its Ganpati procession. They get stuck in the traffic. Thapki, Vasundara and Bau ji pass by them. Kosi and Naman gets shocked seeing them. Bihaan looks on. Thapki and Bihaan see each other.

Thapki brings the idol home. Kosi tells Naman that they will lose. He asks what shall we do. She throws coconut. Bihaan steps on coconut and his feet gets injured. Vasundara runs to Bihaan. Kosi and Naman run inside the house to be first.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Overall a good episode…but,I feel very sad to see Thahaan…writerji,pls stop this idiotic drama and show more Thahaan scenes.Guys…who is the crack sankaras husband?I wish after this ganesholsav every problem will be solved…so much of eagerness to watch unexpected going of the track.Manish…

    1. Renuverma

      Hi pooja sankara is told that BIHAN is her husband

  2. Yaar koi bata sakta ha ki yeh track kab khatam hoga???^/#$^^^_ pehele sapola aur ab sapola jaise log ….but only shankar is nice

  3. Evn i hope after ganapathi procession this mess will be cleard n gt to see thahaan together.

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