Tere Bin 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Abhaya calls Vijaya and informs her that Ratan locked her inside a room and came to nursing home cafeteria alone. Vijaya shouts how dare he is, she will ask Akshay to file a police complaint against Ratan. Abhaya says no need for that. Vijaya says once Akshay’s parents leave, she will come there with Ratan.

After performing surgery, Akshay comes out with Nandini and says it is better if they meet here at nursing home. She says she cannot meet him like this. She sees Akshay’s parents and asks why did not he inform that his parents are coming. He says he forgot. She says she introduced her to his parents as their would be bahu earlier, so they will easily identify her and inform Vijaya. He hides her in doctor’s room. Akshay and Vijay show their nursing hom to parents.

Dad says Vijaya has managed nursing home well. Vijaya says Akshay helps her a lot. Mom says manager’s work is most important. Akshay thanks Vijaya. Vijaya gets Abhaya’s call and she tells her that she will come there with Ratan soon. Akshay says he wll drop his parents to airport and then will go home. Nandini comes out seeing no one around and then suddenly sees Akshay’s parents and hides in store room. She suffocates. Akshay in lieu of exchanging his clothes searches her and finds in a store room, asks what is she doing here. She says she saw his parents and hid her. He feels guilty that she suffered because of him.

Vijaya goes to cafeteria and asks Ratan to take her to his home right now. He says he will after working hours. She keeps closed board and forcefully takes him to his house and asks to open door. He opens door hesitantly opens. Abhaya hugs Vijaya and cries. Vijaya asks him to apologize Abhaya. He says he will never opolgize a woman who disrespects her husband. Vijaya gives him a tight slap and warns if he tries to trouble Abhaya, she will send him behind bars. She asks Abhaya to call her if Ratan troubles her and leaves. Ratan shouts that he will not forget Vijaya’s insult. Abhaya continues crying.

Akshay reaches home before Vijaya. Neeti asks where is mom. He says she must be coming. Naani tells daadi told she does not have a sister and found one in her. Akshay says that is good to hear. Vijaya comes home. Naani sees her tensed and insists to tell what happened. Vijaya tells what Ratan did and says he is not a good match for Abhaya.

Precap: Ratan shouts at Abhaya that he will punish Vijaya. Naani hears their conversation. Vijaya says Akshay that he was against Ratan’s rude behavior and now is supporting him. Akshay meets Nandini. She asks how come he came to meet her.

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