Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki promising Sankara that she will get her wifey rights from Bihaan, so that he never insults a woman again. She goes. Sankara thinks Thapki thought she tried to commit suicide, but actually she trapped her thinking only iron can cut iron, She says your sacrifice will help me get Bihaan. Vasu tells Bihaan that Vani is not Thapki. Bihaan says if she is not Vani, then she is not Thapki too. Bihaan says he is repenting for misbehaving with them and Thapki, and feels apologetic. Kosi comes to Chacha ji and tells that Vani got Sankara married to Bihaan. She tells she wants to press her neck and kill her. Chacha ji asks her to kill her and get her property. Kosi is very much angry.

Aditi is waiting for Dhruv in their room. Shraddha comes there and asks can I come

inside Mrs. Dhruv Pandey. She tries to upset her and tells that they have spent their first night on the same bed, and asks her to take care of Dhruv, else he will leave her and come to her. She says it is not easy to forget Shraddha and asks her to enjoy the night, don’t know if this night will come ever. Aditi gets upset. Dhruv is going to room. Shraddha stops him and says although he is married to Aditi now, but he will feel compatible with her. She says there is no comparison between Aditi and me. Dhruv tells that there is no comparison between you both, and tells that Aditi is his life, love, wife etc…Shraddha asks him to go.

Kosi comes to Thapki and asks why did she get Bihaan married Sankara. Thapki asks will you tell me what is right or wrong who have relation with her dewar, and left him in jail alone. Kosi thinks she can’t tell anything to Vani as she knows her secret. Dhruv comes to Aditi and thanks her for coming in his life. Aditi smiles shyly. Just then their bed breaks.. Vasu asks Dhruv, are you fine. He says yes, and opens the door. He asks Vasu to make Aditi sleep in her room tonight, and he will sleep in guest room. Aditi gets sad. They leave. Shraddha comes in room and laughs…she says I have separated you and your Aditi on first night itself. She recalls cutting bed..and telling that she won’t let them celebrate their wedding night or every coming night.

Thapki thinks to talk to Kabir. Bihaan comes to her and asks her to stop giving him pain. He says you can take out your anger on you, but not getting separated from me. He asks her to wear this mangalsutra and shows it. Thapki asks her to make Sankara wear it. Bihaan says this is not only a mangalsutra, but also my love. He says I won’t make Sankara have mangalsutra or sindoor of my name. He says only you have the right to wear it, and asks her to wear it. Thapki refuses. Bihaan tries to make her forcibly. She throws her, and says I am not your Thapki. Bihaan asks her to marry Kabir and then I will accept that you are not my Thapki. He goes.

Thapki picks her mangalsutra and recalls her marriage with Bihaan. She comes to Kabir’s room and is about to say. Kabir says I love my life and lives in 21st century where marriage is not a possible thing. Thapki asks him to go whenever he wants to, and says you can stay here to have home like feeling. Kabir asks are you showing care to convince me for marriage. He sees mangalsutra and says he don’t want to marry. He says he can’t think of marriage and asks her to let him go. Thapki says I am also not interested in marriage with your or anyone else. She asks him to act and get married to her.

Bihaan shows the cards for Thapki and Kabir’s marriage. Thapki likes the card instantly. Bihaan says it is Kabir’s marriage too, let him see.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. pooja prabha

    First of all,
    episode is moving on the same dramatic track…precap is asusual Bihaan tried to expose Thapki,she will shows some new drama along with kabir..there is no improvement in the plot.writers if you can pls change the track or shows some positive aspects of Thahaans life,otherwise TPK maybe lost all its viewers.


    idiot pls cvs u die r jst stop tis tpk nonsense…pls..u make thahaan ruined the toal drama ruined…such an idiot..pls laq wei think twice before write…f***ing irriating >_<

  3. Ak

    Leaving this serial for few days and then will see if thahaan are together yet or not. Duh!
    Bye fellas.

  4. sadia

    hello to everyone….hapy bdy to manish..may u get hapoiness and a brightful future inspite of this nonsense tpk

  5. sadia

    i observed one thing thapki is always a stone hearted person having no care for love as she can move frm one man to another diwaker to dhrv thn bihan thn kabir….when dhruv was getting maried wd shadz he was begging for his love frm thapki but thapki don bother him…and she is again rrpeating her history wd our bihan too….wht a lovely main actress she is….cvs…always want to ruin th tpk charctrs….vasu…dhruv…bihan and now its thpki turn….i suggest all the thahaanians to quit this shw atlst for a week so tht the idiot cvs can knw the power of viewrs…cvs always go against the loyal audience expectations….and this is enough now….

  6. sonia

    Ek Dum bhagwas.stop is going very low ratings these days.tapki is all bhagwas.isse ache apne aapko peetdo

  7. Alisha

    I actally like tapki new found confidence and even though I like bihan I don’t want them together coz of his behaviour. She’s better off without him. I hope she marries the new guy he’s cute.

  8. Reshal

    Happy birthday dear Manish .may God fulfill ur all wishes enjoy ur holiday .God bless u dearManish today is ur happy wala birthday so enjoy it

  9. Jay

    They need to change the title tapki from bihann pyaar ki. Writers are doing there best to make show goes offair.

  10. pooja prabha


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.