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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone sitting by Dadi’s side. Naman says if this old woman says something…. Kosi says she will not get conscious. Doctor says I have her injection, she will get conscious. Thapki says if anything happens to Dadi, I can’t forgive myself. Bihaan says nothing will happen to Dadi. Dadi gets conscious. Vasundara and Bihaan ask her how did he get hurt. Dadi points to Kosi and Naman, and says they both tried to kill me, they are very bad people, they want to kill Bihaan, they want to get Bihaan’s kidney transplanted to their John. They all get shocked. Bihaan asks what are you saying. Dadi says yes, they want to kill you, don’t leave them. Bihaan looks at Kosi and Naman.

He says you are my Maa and you did all this, I left my dear ones for you, you did this

with me, you tried to kill Dadi and Thapki… Kosi shouts no, and her imagination ends. Bihaan asks what happened Maa. Kosi says nothing, I was much scared, I will go. Bihaan says don’t worry, stay with me, Dadi will get conscious soon. Thapki says Bihaan, Dadi is getting conscious. Bau ji and Vasundara ask what happened, tell us Maa. Doctor checks Dadi’s hands. Thapki asks what happened to Dadi. Doctor says sorry, she lost her voice after she got hit on her head, and her body below neck got paralytic attack, take care of her. Thapki tells Dadi that we all are with you, you will get fine. Naman acts and says sorry, I did not do that intentionally. Bihaan asks why are you blaming yourself, Dadi will get fine, it was not your mistake, I trust you completely.

Naman goes and thanks Lord for saving him, else he would have got beaten up. Kosi takes knife to cut her wrist and cries. Naman stops her and asks did she go mad. She worries for John. He says I can’t see you crying, you are my life, don’t cry, everything will be fine. Sankara comes there and sees them holding hands. Kosi scolds her for coming inside room without knocking. Sankara says I came to ask about tea. Kosi says I will see you, come with me. She takes her to kitchen and lights the stove. Sankara cries. Kosi heats the tong and signs her to put cloth in mouth. Vasundara comes and stops Kosi.

She asks her does anyone burn others like this, see Sankara’s hand, she has burn hands, what happiness we get by hurting others, till Sankara is here, I won’t let her get hurt, come Sankara. Sankara says no, Kosi is doing right. Vasundara says this is torture, not a punishment for mistake, we have to stop her from torturing. She takes Sankara along. Kosi says I will have to do something of them, they got stuck in my throat like a bone.

Preeti and Suman check their selfies and praise themselves. John coughs. They ask why is he coughing so much and give him water. John drinks water and thanks them. He takes many medicines. Suman asks why so many medicines. Preeti says you are young, handsome and healthy, why many medicines. He says nothing, I was unwell and doctor gave many medicines, lets see this medicine stay or me. Suman asks what did he say.

A man tells Bau ji that our colony families will compete for competition in Ganesh Visarjan. Vasundara says we can’t come this year. Bau ji says our Maa is not well, we will send help. The man says we will miss the ideal family like you. The lady says we will pray Maa ji gets fine soon. Bau ji asks Vasundara is Maa alone. Vasundara says no, Bihaan is with her. Bau ji says its good, he is annoyed with us, but will talk to her.

Bihaan asks Dadi to get well soon, everything is like before but I feel like nothing is saved now, I miss the old time, Thapki is also right, no one can understand me. Dadi cries. Thapki and Bihaan together wipe her tear.

Thapki says you are understanding everything, you are not getting us along. He says fake support has hurt me a lot, now I don’t have more courage. She says you read truth by seeing eyes. He says because I got cheated by family, it has made my life and identity fake. He goes. Thapki sits with Dadi and says those family is not good, I don’t know how to explain Bihaan, don’t worry, everything will be fine, just bless me, that I can face this tough thing. Dadi blesses her.

Bihaan makes a sketch of peacock feather. Thapki comes and says even I want to explain you, Maa still loves you, more than before, go and give this sketch to her, she will be glad. Bihaan says its for Kosi Maa, not Vasundara, I know you will feel bad hearing this. She says no, why will I feel bad, it holds same value for me, its your true heart feelings, it does not matter its for Kosi or Vasundara, go and give this to Kosi, ask her to keep this safe. He says she is my maa, I won’t need to tell this to her. He goes. Thapki says I m worried seeing your blind love and faith for Kosi, I m scared if her truth comes out, you will break down, I love you and can’t see you breaking.

Bihaan goes to Kosi and says I make sketches since childhood when I m not able to express feelings, I have made it for my true relation, my mum for the first time. She says I will see you now, I will see this later and keep this safe. He goes. She throws the drawings and burns them. Thapki passes by and gets shocked seeing Kosi burning the drawings. She asks what are you doing and tries to blow off fire by her hands. Thapki says Bihaan made this with love for you. Kosi says let Bihaan and his love go to hell, all this is junk for me. She smiles. Thapki gets shocked.

Kosi calls Bihaan and says see what is Thapki doing, she burnt all this. Bihaan says you changed, what happened to you, you got against me today. Thapki cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ? precap why bihan’s behaviour is harsh towards thapki….how he can believe a person so blindly whom he met some weeks before..Writer pls write some ? meaningful script …they are spoiling bihan’s character….pls end this backwas track soon….

  2. Disinteresting episode…sadful precap.Thahaans life is going on a different track…writerji this is not at all fair.when Bihaan realize their true color,kosiji you never deserve Bihaan like a loving son…Waiting for Thahaans scenes.Hi,Garima…I am also happy to get a friend like you…thankful to TPK for giving such an opportunity for sharing our comments and views through this forum and its help us to get so many friends in different sphere of the country…at the mean time,I miss my old friends in this circle…I think they were turn to silent readers.Thahaan is the only reason for me to watch this telly especially ManisH….Hope for everything will be change soon….

  3. when he know the truth, he will be breakdown totally. when the day come, feel sad for bihaan.

  4. Suhana

    i thought tat irritatin kosi drama ll end today…but it didnt..i can say manish and jigyasa career are spoiling bcoz of this track…so irritaing stuff…ppl should change t soon..thahaan ll rock than swasan pair if t story line goes well 🙁

    1. Suhana….. Eagerly waiting for the nxt episode of ur ff……… ?


  6. hope for the best….

  7. ? If anyone knows the current TRP of ..pls share…..i think it will become zero soon if the writer keeps on draging the track?….pls show the news channel & other track….

  8. ? If anyone knows the current TRP of TPK pls share…..i think it will become zero soon if the writer keeps on draging the track?….pls show the news channel & other track….

  9. The writer gone mad he write the Immeaningful script the drama gone boring.

  10. The writer make t story bad… How cant bihaan not knowing caharacter of thapki that she cant hurt anyone.. Arrrgghh…

  11. Bihan and tapki relation will break down soon.. after that bihan will realise the truth his kosi ma. At that time sankara will be getting close to bihan. No more bihan and tapki. At last duruv sir will return for tapki and sharda will no more as duruv sir wife.
    This how the track will be up coming episode. Good luck with tpk..

  12. I hate tpk .i like duruv and thapki pair

  13. Eid mubarak joe…reji….iqra….and all my dears….follow our insta acc tamil_tpk_fans…

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