thahaan_game of fate (episode 3)


Hello friends!
I am here with 3rd episode of my fanfiction. As the track of thahaan remarriage is here in tpk. So please do pray that dharuv may not spoil their marriage.

Episose3 :
Bihaan couldn’t believe his ears. After six months he had heard someone brought news about his thapki. He had been searching for thapki for six months but never found someone saying that he or she knew about thapki that where is she. Even no one had seen her.
Dharuv called his layer.
After some time the layer reached pandey nivaas. They show him the court’s notice. He examined the papers or sometime
Layer: dharuv you have to give divorce otherwise court can take some serious action.
D: i am ready to give divorce
All family members were silent.
L: okay, i will contact thapki’s lawyer. I should go know.
Lowyer leaved and every family member tried to get involve in their daily work but all were thinking about thapki. Bihaan went to his room and broke down into tears.
“Please come back thapki” were the last words he uttered and then tears started flowing from his eyes. It meaned that thapki was in noida.
2 hours had passed and he was still sitting in his room,crying.
“I will find her and will never let her go” his heart told him. But “where could I find her”, asked his mind. Something knocked at his mind and he wiped his tears and called their lawyer.
B : hello. Me bihaan pandey….
L: yes Mr.Bihaan?
B: sir, did you contact thapki’s lawyer?
L : listen Mr.bihaan today i am busy as i am going to court for my another case. I ‘ill meet Mr. Abhishek Gupta tomorrow.
B: is he thapki’s lawyer?
L: yes, sorry i have to go know..
B: its okay
“Abhishek Gupta” bihaan repeated the name and called his friend.
B : listen Paan, I need your help……..

And in 1 hour bihaan was standing outside the office of Abhishek Gupta. He went to the reception and told the receptionist that he has to meet mr. Abhishek right now.
R: Mr. Abhishek is busy with someother client. So, you have to wait.
But bihaan couldn’t wait. He had been waiting for six months but now he didn’t want to waste a single minute. He rushed towards the office.

As bihaan was about to open the door of the office, a lady came out and bihaan collide with her. Their shoulders collided. He was in great hurry that he didn’t even bothered to look at her. bihaan didn’t notice her and saying sorry, went to the office.
B: are you Mr. Abhishek?
A: yes. But who are you?
B: can you please give me a favour?
A: what?
A: you are Miss. Vaani chutervedi’s lawyer. Right?
Abhishek nodded.
B: can you give me any information about her? Like her contact no. or her address?
L: sorry i don’t know any thing. Two or three times she has came to my office.
B: when did she come last time?
A: just before you, she was here and she just leaved the office when you came in..
B: ohhh… she was thapki…
Bihaan really felt unbelievable. He touched his shoulder. His heart was beating really fast.
B : thapki…
Bihaan ran out and his eyes only searching for his lost love.

Finally bihaan and thapki comes face to face.

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Credit to: sam

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