thahaan ( a true love) part 18

the episode start with it is morning and our cute handsome bihaan is recalling her beautiful princess and previous night spend with her he smiles and say:” thapki soon i will come and bring u here.”

days passed and after 5 days bihaan comes to thapki residence to bring her to his house. poonam g blessed thapki and pray to god that may u lived long and be always happy she turned towards bihaan and say:”now if thapki want to come here its ur duty to drop here and next time u will not come here at night to disturb her ok.”
thahaan blussed their face got red and aditi say:” what ma did jiju come here previous night how romantic jiju.”poonam says:” yes he comes here to spend quality time with his wife but he didn’t know i m his sasu ma much intelligent than him.” bihaan says:”ok sasu ma next time i’ll be careful.” poonam helds his ears and say:”u badmash.” bihaan say sorry to her and everyone laughs.after that thapki take blessings of her ma & papa and leaves with bihaan.

thapki:” bihaan why r u not talking with me since we leave the house.”
bihaan;” oh! don’t be silly u know why i m angry.” thapki says:” stop the bike i say.” bihaan:”but why”? thapki try to stop the bike., bihaan stops the bike and say:”what happen chuk chuk gadi r u leaving me?No no plz don’t do this i’ll be die.”thapki put finger in his mouth and say:”dont say this and i m not leaving u i want to eat ice cream and want to spend a some romantic time with my H 4 handsome H 4 hubby.” saying this he kissed on his cheeks which no one notice except a small child who smiles seeing this and bihaan says:”oh kid what’s the matter go & play u stupid” thapki says:” why did u shouting at kid leave him come with me.”
thahaan comes to ice cream parlour and bihaan orders the two ice cream but thapki say:”no only 1 we will eat it together”.waiter smiles and say:”ok mam.”
bihaan:” thapki i have a doubt r u my same chuk chuk gadi who often quarell with me & never express her love publicly.what happened to u.R u ill.”thapki says:” bihaan i m fine and i just doing it coz i love u the most.” bihaan smiles and say;”if i know that u become so romantic when u go to ur MAEYKA than i will surely drop u there 1 in week so that my wife will began to love me the most.”thapki say:” now stop all this we have to eat ice cream and u know that everyone is waiting for us.”

bihaan say:” again u change.”thahaan smiles and music plays in BG.
thahaan eat the ice cream together and lost in each other eyes suddenly bihaan gets a call and he say:”thapki its urgent call i will come in a min and dont be vanished.”
bihaan goes and after a long time he didn’t come thapki worries and call him but phone is not reachable.someone calls thapki she picks the call and say:”whom u r searching is being kidnap by me now he is mine not u is her true love but i m.if u want ur husband its only a dream which never fulfil.
dont try to be too smart…ok.”
the lady cuts the phone and smiles.
thapki gets sad and cried a lot where have u gone my dear.

hope u liked it

Precap: thapki is running on the road and she collides with some girls


plz give ur views is about whom i will be introduce as villain.
i m little bit confused
i want ALIYA of (Kb) or shagun of (yhm) or ritika of( Matsh.
plz comments

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  1. Anubhuti my friend its so good.
    but plzz make it a little bit long.

    1. ok my dear minney dont forget to read the next part

  2. Dear anubhuti it’s Superb ep.I think u should introduce ritika as villain because she is more evil than aliya and shagun.

  3. thanks mineey i will sure post it long
    dont forget to read the next part

  4. it might be bihaan relative who loves him and wanna marry him

    1. no sonia she is not a relative of bihaan
      thanks for ur comment

  5. nice one dear.If possible don’t bring any villian.Already fred up of villians in the real show.

  6. Hey friends I m unable to post the next part as my phone is not working properly sorry for it but I tried my best to post it

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