Tere Sheher Mein 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaz calling Kangana for her dance program. Kangana dances on Aaja Nachle………….. Sumitra gets glad seeing her. Sumitra blesses Kangana after the dance ends. Kangana goes to change. Jaz calls some donator. The thieves gang look at the donation box. Jaz calls a kids team for the dance. Pushpa and Dimple introduce Rachita to Mishra family. Rachita hears Bua using Sumitra’s post to do darshan before time and goes to her. Rachita says pandit is right, you have to wait, when bhog is done and mahurat comes, you can do darshan, its rules, and its same for everyone.

Bua says I m silent for Sumitra. Dimple asks Rachita to come. Rachita asks them to see the program and then do darshan when temple opens. Kangana asks Sumitra to keep her purse, as there is much crowd.

She says its much donations for this good cause. Sumitra says people have put gold and silver coins in it too. Kangana goes. The gang looks on.

Rama is asked to call her dance partner and tells the man that she will come. Amaya looks on. The girls find Rama cute and ask for a selfie. Amaya regards him cheapo. Rama asks Amaya to click their group photo. Amaya asks why, is Suman not here. Rama says I told as they wanted. He gets Suman’s call and goes.

Amaya says he shows attitude as if he is hero. Suman apologizes and says I can’t come for dance program, I got leg sprain, its not possible. He asks her to take rest and thinks his fate is bad, what to do. The man asks Rama to go for his program. Rama says with whom will I perform, and asks the girls who complimented him. He says his dance partner did not come, would you dance. They refuse and leave. Rama sees Amaya and thinks he has to take her help. Amaya wishes him all the best. Rama says Suman could not come, you dance with him, Suman got hurt, I have seen your rehearsals, our dance steps matches. Amaya says so sad and checks his temp.

She says I m not suitable to dance with you. He says I have seen in sangeet, you dance well. She refuses. He apologizes. She asks him to apologize well. He says sorry and you are world’s best dancer, thanks a lot. She teases him. She asks him to dance alone.

Jaz announces Rama and his partner for the dance. Sumitra asks Bua to see how Rama dances. Bua says today Gupta family will be filling colors, first Kangana, now Rama and Suman. Sumitra asks about Kangana. Bua says maybe she went to have water. Rama starts dance alone. Sumitra asks where is Suman. Amaya comes and they all get shocked. Rama smiles seeing Amaya, they dance on Radha kaise na jale…………………Bua says Amaya won the challenge, she is dancing better than Kangana.

Bua says see Ramna, he is staring Amaya and smiling, I think she has mesmerized him. Everyone clap for Rama and Amaya. Sumitra unwillingly claps. The man says they danced so well that they deserve a nek from our committee head. He calls Sumitra on stage. Sumitra gives the nek. Amaya taunts Sumitra. People compliment Rama and Amaya’s pairing and dance. Rama thinks he misunderstood Amaya, she helped today, else don’t know what would have happened. Amaya thinks she knows Rama is good hearted, but he gets angry being heartbroken by what happened in marriage, he has attitude. Rama thinks Amaya brought focus in his life, and brought him from bar. She thinks they should not fight from now on. Rama thinks they should become friends. She thinks they should understand each other. He thinks they should respect each other.

Rachita coughs standing on the stage infront of the mic. Jaz asks is she fine. Amaya gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Smart of Dhruv Bhandari to walk out of this show….apparently someone else will play Mantu , who goes on to become a negative character. Wow! How predictably useless a twist! After all the only way we can justify Amaya staying with Rama is by showing that Mantu is not a good person. Then no one will want to see Amaya and Mantu together. oh my gosh how did the writers become so creative? oh wait a minute, they are not creative…they are just going through old libraries of shows and movies that have been done time and again to rehash the same old $h!T …great! Thank you for ruining a perfectly good story line.

  2. I’m just furious,when I saw Amaya and Rama dance together my blood was boiling. And the last moment when Rama & Amaya think about each other .omg I can’t explain the moment, that time my brain get damage and thought give a tight slap to blo*dy Amaya.

    I know the condition of Dhrub aka mantu .He quitting TSM but what the problem to show the flash back of mantu by Amaya memory. If Amaya think about mantu and felling bad for mantu then the viewers like the show but in the current track Amaya starting friendship with Rama. Just disgusting

    . today episode is last episode for me.
    (PUNISHMENT- STAY in HELL 50000years???)

    Bad bye tsm????….

  3. Wts going on??? Nonsense.

  4. Wow….what a story I never wrote comments but for these serial I had to write….before amaya used to do anything for mantu and now she started likeing rama wow who z did bakkkwaas writer Ill slap him for making it bakwaas we want amaya and mantu…..and rama and rachita

  5. Wow….what a story ….before amaya used to do anything for mantu and now she started likeing rama wow who z did bakkkwaas writer Ill slap him for making it bakwaas we want amaya and mantu…..and rama and rachita

  6. Anuja paltasingha

    Now in tsm the twist n story line is too good. And we like Amaya n Rama jodi very much.

    1. Are you kidding me

  7. Heartfelt Condolences to dhruv and family for the loss of his dear father.

    The rest of us should stop tuning in now. No mantu means no TSM. They spent months building up their love story. Months building up the song dheere dheere and the moments. For what? To toy with our emotions. To throw it all away. Mantu was an awesome actor. Totally refreshing. Not a rich guy who took
    Care of his dad’s family business. He was doing it on his own and still carefree and honest. He was a loveable guy. Amaya falling for him mAde total sense. Rama was just a sappy mamas boy who fell in love with rachita. Mistake not writers, we only liked Rama for his honest simplicity in loving rachita. But he was never and never will be lead paid material. He can never take mantu’s spot. He doesn’t have that charisma. We do not want to see amaya falling for Rama. Or their love track. Or anything. We could have stomached rachita marrying Rama and turning him into a strong man. THAT would have made sense to us because rachita was that strong of a character. Amaya was perfect for mantu. This isn’t a story about kangana and rama’s old aunties. Star plus not only ruined a good show they have lost tons of viewers. I won’t be tuning into any star plus show. It’s absolutely astounding how the crew can think of just ignoring their viewers. and hiba. Disappointed in her. Take a stand. Sure you are getting screen time everyday. The show is all about you. The pay check is great. But have some ethics. Be true to your character. They just assassinated amaya. You cannot cannot love someone like mantu. Be crazy in love. Then take a drastic step like marry your bro in law. Then never think of mantu. I don’t care how indian you are but it doesn’t work like that. And then start falling for bro in law and never think of mAntu. You don’t want to be remembered for that.

  8. At first I felt bad when amaya married rama ..
    I was likee areyy writer pagal hai kia
    but then agar amaya or rama ki shadi phr toot ti n amaya mantu k pas jaati den writer ka murder kr deti mein
    Cz real life me kon apni shadi pagalo k trh tor ta hai
    I want amaya n rama to fall in love nexttt 😀 mantu or rachita ko b koi mil jayega :p

  9. This amaya is looking like item for me …….

  10. Yeah…real lyf me pyar kisi aur se n shaadi kisi aur se ho jata h bt iska ye matlab nahi ki bad me husband ko chor k lover k pas chali jaye.

  11. What the hell is happening in this serial? If Manya is not the lead pair thn y the romantic song dheere dheere was played 4 them. Irritating show.

  12. just wondering how the serial is still running. OMG starplus wake up you have removed beautiful serials and continue such bakwaaas serial

  13. All are stupid actor except dhruv. Producer and Hiba is big ones :p

  14. This serial is just a crap .writers lost their mind

  15. Hi guys do not worry much about this serial it’s getting over…..soon!blo*dy star plus always spoiles good serial and throws it out of the channel…..we all have seen manamarziyan!and now its TSM its gonna end??

  16. i miss mantu .amaya and mantu is pair

  17. i miss mantu .amaya and mantu is best pair

  18. i miss mantu (dhruv)

  19. What useless the show is . when mantu and amai gets married………

  20. We shud stop watching star plus…completely

  21. What does the show wants to teach us? How we should snatch our sister’s fiance.

  22. Whts going on???? Did ever Rama love Rachitha as well as Amaya loved Mantu.. When i see Amaya and Rama attracted to each other i feel yuck…!!! They are not even humans… blo*dy Ramya pair… Rama not even in future could be a lead in any stories.. Amul baby without any
    Mantu u where awesome and will always be…u wer the real hero…
    I request all mantu fans out here to please srop watching the show..let trp fall and show get stopped… It’s better than watching Ramya onscreen as well as new negative character being portrayed by some one else as Mantu

  23. Yup…i vl be the happiest person when I know its going off air

  24. Exactly peeyush if rama really loved rachita?how can he get attracted to her sister?that too within such a short period of time.does he likes every girl he comes across just bcz she helped him?hw can he forget amaya married him by betrayal.&talking abt our dear amaya who always claimed to love mantu crazily,hw can she forget mantu so easily & dance with other man get jeoulus for him &get attracted to him.hw can she?tht too her sisters fiance.i agree with june & sme others tht u should be with the one u marry but if u love sme1 really It takes time to forget them & the way they hav showed amaya’s love for mantu its disguisting tht the girl who loved mantu so much doesnt even remember him for a moment & she doesnt feel any pain being awy frm him.waw wht a love amaya.uma deserved mantu more than u.atleast she loved him truely.

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