Yeh Vaada Raha 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence, Dubai
Survi is tensed to see kartik and wonders whats the motive behind it. She tells him to notice that the door is locked from outside. he then asks if she has another key. She says that she has but she cant open it for him, as her father has told her not to. Kartik says that her father is, and then is about to blurt out something, but says that he shall take time to come back home. he asks her to give him the key. she says that she cant let him in, and then asks how he got to know about this place. he says that his business lets him know everything, and asks her to let him in. she says that srikant shall come and open the door. he goes silent and she wonders whats going on. she hollers at him, but he doesnt respond. While survi is tensed and worried, glass windows shatter and kartik steps in and confronts survi, who is scared. he tries to talk, but she says that she doesnt wish to speak to him, or listen to him, and if he doesnt go, then she shall scream. he says that if she had to scream, she would have done so by now. He asks her to come along with him right now, as its urgent. she says that she wont go with him. he says that he shall go but with her only. She continues to say that she wont go anywhere. he then says that he shall make her understand, but after hearing him, she has to promise that she shall quietly go with him. She asks if there’s any problem. he asks her to promise first. She asks him to tell what happened. He tells her that srikant has been caught by the police, due to the charges of smuggling. he tells her that they have to go to get him out. she starts guffawing out loud, while he is shocked at this reaction, and asks if she is in shock. She says that four years have gone by, but he hasnt changed, and is still lying just like he used to. he emphasises that he isnt lying or joking, and swears on thee lord, and she gets extremely worried.

Scene 2:
Location: Police station
While survi waits worried and tensed, kartik comes to her, and asks her to come along, to meet srikant. She keeps sitting tensed. he asks her to come, and takes her hand and starts walking with her. they enter a room, behind which srikant is locked, within glass walls. they both try to speak, but are unable to hear to each other. kartik tells him that they shall not be able to talk or listen as there’s glass walls. The constable comes and switcehs the speaker on. he starts exclaiming that he didnt do anything. survi is distraught. She is distraught and says that he isnt at fault. Srikant says that he is innocent and that the manager has implicated him in a fraud, and soon he shall be out, as the truth always wins. he asks kartik to explain it to her, as he cant see her like this. He then asks survi to calm down and get okay, as if she cries, then srikant would get upset and cry too. Kartik says that their lawyer shall get him out on bail and swears yet again on the lord. Survi is tensed. Srikant assures her that he shall be out soon, but till the time he doesnt come out, she shall have to stay with kartik. she says that she shall stay where he is. she is adamant. they both try to make her understand but she begs to her father. kartik asks her to understand, as its just a matter of some days, aftre which srikant shall be out. she leaves without saying anything. Srikant asks kartik to hold on while he explains. kartik says that he shall wait out and asks him to get survi to agree. He goes out. Srikant then tries to make survi understand. he tells her that what she wants, they shall never let it happen, and he cant leave her alone outside. she says that she cant do what he wqants her too. he says that she should continue her prayers, and pass this extreme test. She asks how shall they pass if they arent together. He says that they shall take care of themselves, even if they stay apart. he says that when her mother left, he was asked how would he handle the small girl. but he never had any problem, as the lord never made her a burden and she was always a good girl. He pleads her to go with kartik, and places his hand on the glass wall. She too places her hand, resignedly, helpless and promises that she shall go. they both cry bitterly.

Outside, Kartik tensedly thinks that survi is behaving immature. Just then, a guy beside him congratulates someone on the phone, that he got srikant implicated falszely on drug charges, and he has done it so setalthily, that no one shall know about it. he says that srikant is gone for a long time, and he shall forever rot in jail. Kartik gets enraged hearing this, and grabs him by the collar and asks why he did this, and asks who was he talking to, and why is he doing this. the person denies plainly of any involvement. The phone rings again, and kartik gets into a scuffle trying to receive it. Finally, the police intervenes.

A sheikh comes in who is kartik’s lawyer, and says that he knows this person, as he is the one who has filed the complaint against srikant. Kartik is surprised and lets him go. The guy who kartik had grabbed, composes himself, and takes off his phone. The sheikh asks srikant to calm down, as they shall deal with the person legally, and he is already on that. The guy leaves the cabin. he then again comes out on the call, and asks the person on the call, to be confident that in this age, atleast, he shall not be able to come out of jail. The manager of the place where srikant works, tells tai over the phone, that there’s no need to worry, as in this birth, srikant wont be able to get a clue of whats happening, and wouldnt be able to live in peace. The lady, who he is talking to, gets down from the car and says that finally, her balance is settled, and her record set straight. it turns out to be tai, who has harboured revenge for this long.

Just then, the sheikh comes in and asks srikant not to be upset as they shall get him out of here soon. he tells her that her father shall be out scot free, and asks her to be brave as soon she shall be with her father. Srikant asks him to get kartik inside for a minute as he expresses his need to speak to kartik. the sheikh says that he was just outside, but then left in a hurry. they are boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Office, Dubai
As the manager sits in his office, he is startled as kartik comes in his office, calmly and casually, while he starts palpitating. kartik says that he wont do any harm to him. he asks why is he here then. kartik says that he wants to talk, and that even if noone knows about it they both know that he trapped srikant, and got paid to do so. Kartik says that whatever money he got for getting srikant trapped, he shall pay double the am,ount, right now in cash, to take back his statement. he eyes akartik tensedly.

Scene 4:
Location: Police Station
The sheikh is tensed where kartik went, and just then kartik comes in with two inspectors. Sheikh asks whats this new problem now, that he got himself arrested for. the constable say that kartik tried to intimidate the person who made a complaint against srikant. Sheikh asks kartik to calm down and then tells the police that kartik is new here and doesnt know the law. The other constable says that its his good luck that the person doesnt want to file a complaint and just gave a warning, or else they would have been filing a chargesheet by now. They leave. Sheikh interestedly comes and asks that he is taking care of one case, and involving himself in two cases. he asks kartik to calm down and meet srikant who has been wanting to see him. Kartik asks him to keep a track on the manager as he has taken money from someone to do this. he complies. kartik goes inside.

In the cell, Srikant tells kartik, and says that he had a talk with her and she agrees to go with him. kartik smiles and asks him not to worry, as they have hried the best lawyer, who knows he hasnt done anything. he says that nothing shall happen to her. Srikant says that he isnt worried for himself, but for survi. Kartik tells srikant that till he doesnt come out and to Mumbai, till then, survi is his responsibility, and that he would seee to it that she has no discomfort, the same way he had promised Tai too diabolically opposite. He promises in the same manner through the glass wall. Srikant too complies, overwhelmed with gratitude. The screen freezes on kartik’s smiling face.

Precap: tai looks at bhao’s pic, and gets emotional as she says that life has been incomplate since he left, as aniket is handicapped by the leg and all due to srikant. She says thats why he has separated srikant from his daughter and wonders who shall take care of her, oblivious of kartik’s promise to srikant. As kartik and survi are in the plane, they experience severe turbulence in the plane, which is more than the normal disturbance. Later, one of kartik’s allies, tells lata that the plane is which kartik was coming crashed mid-air. Lata is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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