Tere Sheher Mein 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya coming to Mantu and greeting him in his style. She laughs and he asks why is she laughing. She says his face is such. He asks whats the problem. She says when he gets angry, he sees like this. He asks her to go and let him have food. She says she has thanked him and she has saved him from Mukherjee’s scolding. He says fine, now go. She says I have to say sorry, you have to forgive me. He eats food and says you mean you will not let me have food, fine, answer me how did I m sorry screensaver come there. She says she kept it for him.

He asks does she think its joke, Mukherjee was scolding him, she wanted to insult him. She asks how can he think she can insult him. He asks you now realized how it feels when anyone blames wrong thing, I felt the same. She says

she will eat food and calls him miser. He says its canteen, she will get food. He takes food back and she apologizes to him. She says sorry holding her ears and asks any way to tell her. He says he does not believe her, but fine, will she do what he says. She says yes. He asks her to hold ears and do sit ups. She asks what?

She says you are joking. He asks am I laughing, I m serious. She says she did not do situps in her life, not even in school. He says I don’t trust you. She says not this, not here. He says fine. She holds ears and does situps, and stops seeing Mukherjee. She acts as her earrings fell. Mukherjee asks Mantu to have food. He says I m soryy screensaver was good and leaves. Amaya does situps again and sits. She says she has done 3 situps, and now will he talk to her. He laughs. She asks did she joke. He says I have forgiven you when you said sorry for the first time. She asks why this situps. He says life should be fun, I did not know you will do situps for me to talk to you. She asks him not to stop talking to her, she can do anything for him. He asks what. She says I mean, when anyone is angry or annoyed on me, I don’t like it, especially those for whom I care. She gets teary eyed and talks to her.

She says we are friends now and he is stupid as he did not share his food. He gives her the tiffin. They eat together. Music plays………… She asks how did mouse come in her bag, she knows he will not put hand in her bag, then….. He says actually, I lied there, I kept the mouse. She says you put hand in girl’s bag. He says my eyes were closed, I did not see in it. She laughs and asks who is Abhimanyu. He says he is his good friend, he will introduce her later. He coughs while having food and she makes him drink water. She cries seeing tears in his eyes. He asks what happened to her, why is she crying.

She says don’t know, maybe after seeing his tears, that’s why, this did not happen before. He wipes her tears. He says he does not like tears in eyes of people he cares for. She says she looks cute when she does like this, like a small kid. He asks her to end tiffin and goes to wash hands. She thinks its love which is saying me to make him fall for me, and she should confess love to him. She thinks Mantu loves him too and seeks an answer from him. He turns and smiles. She smiles seeing him.

Sneha, Rachita and Jaz decide the dish. Kaushalya comes and asks whats special. Sneha says Amaya will come from job. Kaushalya suggests the dishes. Rudra comes and says he is tired, he went to see houses and his friend did not come. Jaz asks how did he get tired then. Kaushalya says we will make food, as Sneha is unwell. Jaz says we will manage, its few days matter. Kaushalya thinks she will make food well. Jaz asks why is she forcing so much and finds it weird.

Amaya gets the cheque book and credit card. She gets happy and asks Rishi is she seeing this, its first one for her, she has spent money from his credit cards, and today she has got her own earnings to spend, she is so happy and misses Rishi. She goes to show Mantu. Manish says Mantu has gone to meet tourists. She thinks he did not even inform her before going. Amaya calls Mantu and asks why did he not tell her bye, it takes a second time and he does not have time of one second for her. She gets annoyed and ends call. Mantu shares this with Barfi. Barfi says he feels its heart matter. Mantu asks him to say good things, Amaya is just my friend, don’t tell anything to anyone, Amaya is rich and grown up in Mumbai, she is different, I did not think about this. Barfi asks whom does she like. He says he did not think anyone, he wants someone who is lovely, and loves Chiklu and Banaras, with whom I stay happy. Barfi smiles. Mantu says Amaya does not have all this, she is good friend. Barfi teases him. Mantu says he will never fall in love with Amaya.

Mantu thinks to say goodnight and messages her. She gets glad that he said good night to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank u hasan …. For Thr update

  2. Manya superb chem ….. Lovly couple … Go ahead tsm team ….. Way to go keep it up

  3. Today epi is awesome more scenes of manya cute amu like the way she lives mantu and her attitude to make him happy hope mantu realises his love for Amaya soon pls don’t drag the love story hope to see more manya scenes everyday

  4. wow so cute nd sweet episode 😉

  5. Amaya mathur once was annoyed seeing mantu the banarasi boy low class boy and the one who was getting irritated by chiklu ….. Has totally deeply changed coz of heart and love ….. And now tht same amaya mathur became amu who gets annoyed if month the same banarasi boy does not even say bye and the same amaya says chiklu is very nice and good ….. Wow nice transition made by tht love in amaya …. Gud tsm team

  6. Wow so many manya scene jst luv it

  7. manya is superb………
    hate rudra and kaushalya. I thought at least kaushalya will be gud
    omg!!!she is worse than rudra!!!!!!!

  8. amaya n mantu superb acting…. amaya Ur expressions very cute.. n love u yar…. har ladiki ko man mey toda confusion lagata yeh oh love our attraction… but amaya u loveing somuch mantu se … toda jalide mey batavo apaka love mantu .nayi to rudra ????? we r all supporting Ur acting becoz I love dis serial very much keep rocking

  9. Akanksha singh

    Wow! Luv amaya nd mantu..bt mantu iz damn crazy..dnt evn realiz his own flngs..nd ds huma c iz stopng hm frm thnkng about amu

  10. Akanksha singh

    Want more manya scnes..nd hope mantu proposes hr frst

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