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“ what is your decision “ shekhar
“ uncle , I am ready to marry your daughter. Ask her if she has problem or not.” Sanskar
Now all turned toward swara, all are seeing her like she is alien.
“ beta,are u ready for this alliance” Ap
She nodded in yes and run away from there. Ragini also goes behind her.
Here all of them discussed about marriage preparations.
Whereas swara is standing near window blushing. Ragini entered there and started to tease her.
After deciding about preparation maheswari family started to going. Laksh ask them stop for one minute.

All looked puzzled.

“ what happen laksh” kavya
“ I am just coming , can you show me bhabhi’s room. I wanna ask something from her. Plz” laksh
“ okay come” shomi
“ aunty, u don’t worry I will show him bhabhi’s room” kavya
They nodded in positive.
Kavlak goes to swara room, whereas swaragini are pillow fighting with each other. By mistake pillow hit laksh.
“ bhabhi, only before marriage you’re planning to kill ur one and only one devar.” Laksh
“ vo , sry laksh ji. We are just hitting each other. By mistake it hitted you.” Swara
“ kavya,am I looking old? “ laksh
Kavya nodded in negative.
“ bhabhi, I am not so old. U can call me lucky. “ laksh
“ okay lucky, do u need anything?” swara
“ ha bhabhi I want ur no.” laksh
“ why my di will give you her no?” ragini
Swara glared her. She give “ what “ look.
“ vo bhabhi, bhai is reserved type . he will not ask your no. I want it for him.” Laksh
Swara nodded in yes and give him her no.
Laksh comes in hall. Ap and Sanskar ask him what he had work there. He denied them telling anything. All started to go from there.
Swara is still in her room. She is continuously seeing toward window. All maheswari family comes outside. They started to go toward car. Swara is silently watching them. She become disappointed when Sanskar even not looked toward her. She turned to go , mean time Sanskar looked toward that direction.

Engagement day
Both are becoming ready in their respective house. Their sibling not leaving even single second to tease them. Specially sanskar’s side, kavlak both are teasing him. Kavya is imitating swara’s role on their first meeting.This made him little smile on his face. Laksh started even more teasing him.

Swara house
Ragini and swara’s friends are helping her in becoming ready. Ragini is acting like Sanskar.
Finally that precious moment come for which all are waiting. Sanskar is already present in hall dressed up in white serwani . Everyone gaze shifted to on a girl who is coming from stairs. Ragini and kavya are helping her. She is dressed up in pink lehnga with little make up and loose hair yet she is looking breath taking.
Swasan are standing in middle of hall, both are not looking at each other. Soon they exchange ring.
Family decided marriage will be after 1 week.
In this 1 week both families come more closer to each other. Swaragini and kavlak always go on outing Sanskar never company them due to his busy schedule. Sometimes swara used to feel bad for it but kavlak always cheer used to her mood.
Finally marriage day also come, both couples are seated in mandap performing rituals. Soon marriage complete they declared husband and wife.

Sanskar’s house
After completing all ritual there , swasan allowed go inside their room. Whereas kavya and some girl are not allowing Sanskar to go inside.
After so much struggling Sanskar finally able to enter inside his room.
Swara is sitted on bed with long viel as soon as she sensed sanskar presence she closes her eyes in nervousness. Her heart beat is raising as she is sensing his footsteps are coming closer. She tightly hold her lehnga.
Sanskar is also nervous like her . On his face it can clearly scene ,he want say something but can’t able to speak. After fighting with inner self he finally open his mouth.
“ swara, I wanna talk to you. Are you listening me? “ Sanskar
She nodded in positive

“She nodded in positive
“ I only married you due to my family because I thought you prefect for them.” Sanskar
After listening it, her heart broke in several pieces, she immediately remove her viel and stand in front of him.
“ so what you want from me, do I need to pretend good wife in front of your family or something else” swara
“ swara you are taking me wrong, I like you but I need time to accept you as wife. I don’t want start relation without knowing you properly. In every relation there must be love and trust. Yet we don’t have anything.” Sanskar
“ I agree with you, but why you now telling it. You may clear all this before marriage itself.” Swara
“ I know I should have told you all this before marriage but I am afraid of loosing girl like you. That girl who can fight for right thing, I thought you may deny for marriage.” Sanskar
Swara started to go from there, sanskar started to feel guilty not sharing these things before marriage.
“ what’s your decision” Sanskar
“ can we become friend?” swara( without turning)
Sanskar doesn’t understand first what she is saying, he asked her explain it.
“ see, Sanskar ji we have spend whole life together in one room. We can’t be act as stranger . so friends..” swara
She forward her hand for friendship , he also accepted it.
Days are going like this, Swara bonding with family are increasing day by day.
Even swasan are unknowingly coming closer to each other. Swara is well known about her feeling that is love but for sanskar it’s only friendship.

Expect kavya no one knows swasan marriage reliaty.
“ bhabhi,now you both are married nearly 6 months ago. Soon it will be your anniversary yet you both don’t started your relationship.” Kavya
Swara smilingly places her hand on kavya’s hand.
“ he want time, I can’t throw my feeling on him. So I am giving him time only.” Swara
From room Sanskar shouted her name, she rushes to him.
“ no bhabhi, you are not understanding he also started to love you but only ignoring his own feeling. Don’t worry I will make him reliase your value he can’t take you as granted” kavya( to herself)

Swasan room
“ swara , you know na in morning how much I need you. Where are my file , hanky, watch etc” Sanskar
“ ups sry Sanskar ji, I am just talking to kavya. Without me even you don’t able to find your things I don’t know what will happen if I go away from you” swara
She forward his thing to him, Sanskar become angry listening her talks he tightly hold her hand.
“ never talk about these rubbish thing. Do you understand?” Sanskar
She tried to take her hand but no use
“ I am just kidding. I don’t mean that” swara
“ you can’t even think about leaving me . now I am habitude of you. You are became my need” Sanskar
She nodded with teary eyes, seeing her tears he understand he reacted over on it.
He immediately leave her hand and hugged her.
“ sry, swara I reacted over ma. You are my first firend with whom I can share all my feeling. Plz never leave me, I will die if you leave me.” Sanskar
Swara also hug him
“ never, if you want also go away from me I will take you back” swara
Sanskar broke hug and wipe her tears. He bring some cream from drawer and applied on her hand. She smiled at his caring behaviour.
This all seen by kavlak .They decided something to make them reliases each other feeling.
Same day, evening
Sanskar reached home from office as usual days he started shouting swara name but today he don’t getting any response. He become panic after remembering morning incident. First time in his life he is worried for a girl that girl is not simple she is his besti and wife.
He started to ask servants about her. But none of them know anything. He called her on her phone but she is not picking it.

Soon she entered with shopping bags, he immediately hug her tightly. From her hand bags slip due to shock, Sanskar is not that type of guy who can easily shows his emotions.
Kavlak are smiling on his behaviour.
“ bhai, leave bhabhi warna she will die due to suffocation” laksh said teasingly
Sanskar break hug , now he is feeling awkward he excuses himself and signal swara to come with him.
Sanskar went from there without saying anything while all started teasing Swara. She excuse herself and go behind him.
Sanskar already waiting for her. He started his question session.
“ where was you?, how could you leave anywhere without informing me?, you even can’t imagine my condition.” Sanskar blurted all this in one breathe
“ sry, I forget to infrom you. I had gone on shopping.” Swara
She hold her ear cutely , seeing her cute face he smiled again hug her.
“ never do this again” Sanskar
“ promise”swara
Now both are coming more closer to each other without their notice only their realisation is remaining.
After 1 week
In this one week , everything changed . Sanskar also reliase his love not by himself but laksh made him reliase. He decided to take his relation on next level on their anniversary. Soon that day also come.
Anniversary day
Sanskar himself decorated his farm house for her.
Precap: Sanskar throwing Swara from house.

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