TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Unshared feelings
Shot 4
The Episode starts with twinkle and Abeer was on call and twinkle was working in kitchen while her phn was on speaker and she was talking to Abeer ..

So mrs sarna hows the work going on Abeer asked ..
I haven’t started yet I’ll start it from monday twinkle said

Okay if you need any help call me Abeer said ..
Haan bhai twinkle said ..

Waise you can take help from your husband also Abeer said while twinkle looked on her gaze fall on Kunj who was just came out after changing both looks at each other followed by an unknown silence and painful memories …

Twinkle are you there ??? Abeer asked ..
Haan Haan bhai twinkle said coming out of her thoughts ..I’ll take to you later bye twinkle said and ended the call ..

She didn’t said anything just took the dishes and kept it on the dinning table while Kunj too had the same condition they both sat to have their dinner while twinkle served him …

You have turned everything upside down in my home Kunj said noticing here and there initiating the conversation ..

My home ?? Huhu it’s mine too now mr Kunj sarna it’s OUR HOME twinkle said while Kunj smiled inwardly

Ok fine Kunj said and continued eating while they were done with their dinner and Kunj sat to watch match on tv while twinkle went inside her room ..

She was thinking about Abeer words and recall something she drifted into

flashback …

Twinj were standing opposite to each other while twinkle was confused and Kunj was disturbed …

I think twinkle we are getting too close we should give time to this relation to ourselves we have career ahead we have to think about that too Kunj said ..

What happened to you Kunj ? You met me after so many days when you called me today morning I was so excited to meet you and you are saying you need time ?to think about what ? Twinkle asked curiously with a unknown fear in her heart …

Twinkle listen to me carefully Kunj said helding her by shoulder while she looked into his eyes ..
What ? Twinkle said ..

See I am not telling anything wrong twinkle we are at a point where we can’t make a single mistake I am just telling you to focus on yourself first I am the secondary thing Kunj said

I am not getting anything Kunj you love me right twinkle said ..while Kunj was silent ..

Answer me Kunj please twinkle said ..while Kunj was not saying anything and twinkle hugged him crying “I CANT AFFORD TO LOOSE YOU KUNJ”
Flashback ends …

That day you didn’t answered me anything and went away I didn’t knew till today what wrong went that time that you decided to stay away from me I respected your decision of giving you time but it was hurting me like hell to see you behaving like a stranger your cold behaviour was killing me from inside and then I heard you saying that you never loved me that broke me apart but I never ever thought that I’ll be like this with you one day “I WILL BE MARRIED TO WHOM I VOWED TO NEVER MEET AGAIN” twinkle thought and slept fighting with her inner turmoil ..

The match ended while Kunj was tired too he decided to sleep and went inside twinkle room he looked at twinkle and realised that he had shifted to other room he went near her and covered her with duvet closed the windows of that room he looked at twinkle good night Siyappa queen he murmured and went away closing the room …
Next morning :::
Twinkle woke with and stretches her arm uff I was so tired yesterday but I had a good sleep she said yawning and went towards the balcony ..she sees Kunj doing pushups he was shirtless just had his trousers on sweat all over his body sunlight falling over him he was looking damn hot while twinkle stands admiring him ..

Uff he had grown hotter twinkle thought and bites her lip mischeviously it wasn’t like he wasn’t hot that time he was hot but cute too now he has grown up to be much more manly those biceps and abs giving him the perfect body twinkle murmured while Kunj looked at her …

So madam woke up Kunj said while twinkle came out of her trance ..and Kunj stand up straight and wiped his body with towel ..
Good morning twinkle said

Good morning Kunj replied ..
Go and get freshen up till then I’ll prepare breakfast he said while twinkle nodded ..
I’ll help you she said while Kunj hummed and left her room ..

Sadu Kahi ka twinkle murmured and went to get freshen up ..
After sometime both were in kitchen making their breakfast ..

Acha listen get ready tonight my friend had called us to his house for dinner Kunj said ..
Your friend ? Which one twinkle asked biting her nail..

You don’t know him Kunj said ..
Okay twinkle replied waise how’s your best friends twinkle asked ..

Uhmm why are you asking about them ? Kunj asked
Just ..because you all were one soul split into different bodies na that’s why twinkle taunted ..

Whatever huh they are busy in their life’s too doing good Kunj said ..
Haan I know how much good they are twinkle murmured while Kunj heard her and smirked ..

If you are missing them all should I invite them at our place for a day out Kunj teased her ..

Do anything but I won’t be a part of your day out twinkle said and moved out of kitchen ..

Still she is possessive like that time uff I was smashed between my girl friend and my best friends ..only I know how I survived Kunj said and huffed he moved out of kitchen too and joined twinkle at the breakfast table the duo had their breakfast ..

I had a meeting today I’ll be back in evening till then you get ready Kunj said..
Okay anything else ? Twinkle asked …
No nothing if you follow that I’ll be happy he said ..

Bye twinkle replied ..
Such a cruel wife you are Kunj said arching his eye brow ..

And such a sadu husband you are twinkle replied ..
Why so ? Kunj asked ..

It’s Sunday and today also you are going for a meeting twinkle said ..
I am sorry it was important that’s why Kunj said ..while twinkle eyes widened
What happen Kunj asked ..

You are saying sorry 😏 impressed twinkle said ..

Huh Kunj replied bye he said while twinkle waved her hand bye she replied back ..Kunj went towards the door he opened the door but turned back and came near twinkle while she was confused ..

Kunj pecked her forehead take care I’ll be back soon he said and left while twinkle was suprisedΒ  ..

The day went off quickly while twinkle was selecting her dress she went off took a shower and got ready quickly ..
Kunj was done with his work he got a call from bebe and talked to her ..

How’s my puttar and my nuh ? Bebe asked ..
We are fine bebe you say Kunj said
We are fine too missing you both terribly bebe said ..

It’s just 4 days since we are here Kunj said ..
But still it feels like ages bebe replied ..
Then come here to stay with your nuh and me Kunj said ..

Haan I’ll come bebe said while Kunj smiled ..they talked for sometime and ended the call ..

Kunj went in his home and went towards twinkle room ..
Twinkle ??? Kunj said knocking from outside ..

Haan Kunj ? Twinkle replied ..
I am back I am going to take shower Kunj said ..

Okay I am ready too twinkle replied while Kunj went and got ready too he came out ..

Uff this girl he entered her room and was stuck too see her dressed up beautifully she was looking damn gorgeous he realised that was also turning to be more gorgeous and sizzling compared to the jhalli fun loving twinkle who he was in love with before ..he smiled ..

Chaleyy ?? Twinkle asked struggling with her duppata while Kunj looked at her ..
Yes let’s go he said and they moved out Kunj opened the door for her while they both sat and drove off to ARHMAYA (arhaan and Amaya) house ..

They came out of car and went in the lift and moved to their apartment ..while Kunj rang the doorbell ..soon arhaan opened the door ..

Welcome bhabhi ji he said teasingly ..
Oye notice me too Kunj said ..
Huh I notice you stays with you everyday now time to know your wife Kunj arhaan said ..

Shut up Kunj replied ..
Arhaan let them in first Amaya said from inside while he murmured sorry and let them inside ..

Welcome Amaya said while twinkle was confused ..
Wait let me introduce first Kunj said twinkle this is arhaan my besti and my business partner and she is Amaya his wife Kunj said ..

And you both to know her she is my wife TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA Kunj said while arhmaya hooted ..

Haan Haan see arhaan we knew that Kunj who use to frustrate even with the word wedding now see him he is changed in just few days amaaya said ..

It’s nothing like that Kunj said ..twinkle noticed the duo shared a good bond with Kunj ..
Come let’s sit Amaya said she was very friendly she and twinkle sat in one sofa while Kunj and arhaan on the other one ..

You know twinkle more than Kunj I was waiting for his wife Amaya said ..
Why ? Twinkle asked laughing when she noticed Kunj’s what the hell expression ..

Because you know these two (pointing towards arhaan and Kunj ) always sticked to each other even when we trio goes on dinner too and I used to feel like kunj was arhaan wife not me Amaya said and both twinkle and her laugh out ..

That’s why I used to tell that I’ll not come Kunj said to arhaan which make twinkle and Amaya laughed more ..

The girls continued talking and soon became good friends twinkle was getting to know more and more about Kunj what all he did in past few years while Kunj and arhaan was listening their talks ..

Bhai how you handle this cracker ? Kunj asked arhaan 😑 pointing towards Amaya who was not stop disclosing his secrets infront of twinkle ..

Hahah once twinkle will be comfortable with you then she will be like this too arhaan said ..
Wo toh I know very well she was bullet train too Kunj said .

What ? Arhaan asked confused ..
Uhmm wo Nothing Kunj said fakely smiling ..
Amaya if you are done with twinkle can we have dinner arhaan said ..

Oh sorry I forgot 😦 she said and went while twinkle too went with her ..
Are twinkle you sit Amaya said ..

Just now you call me your friend and family as well no need of this formality twinkle said Amaya smiled at her ..
We are going to rock babes she said
Yes we will twinkle replied they smiled and went outside ..

The four had the dinner while arhaan too was flirting with twinkle she was the centre of attraction among them while Kunj was getting little bit jealous and arhmaya was teasing him to death ..

They all had their dinner happily and took off few pics ..
It’s quiet late we should leave now Kunj said ..

Are so soon Amaya replied ..
We will meet soon twinkle said ..

Yes sure Amaya replied the duo shared hug while Kunj and arhaan too ..and twinj left was home while twinkle was hell happy …
2 weeks later ::
It’s had been approximately 3 week since they are married after dinner at arhmaya place from the very next day twinj was busy in their professional life’s while Kunj was stucked with his meetings and the pending works twinkle was busy settling her work place which started too both were doing good in their career their equation was same but they started opening more towards each other …

Twinkle picked her up few files while Kunj was constantly shouting from outside
Twinkle come soon yaar he said …

Yeah yeah I am coming twinkle shouted back and went out while both locked their door and went Kunj dropped her to her work place ..
Stop panicking twinkle everything will be fine Kunj said ..

Hope so twinkle replied bye she said and pecked his cheek and left while Kunj too left for his work ..
@ Amritsar :::
Abeer was behind Ishaan who was not letting him go office ..
Ale Ishaan baby I’ll be back soon Abeer said ..

No no Papa dadi tell him not to go he told Leela ..while Suhasini Meher rt laughed ..
Are mere baap Abeer said …
Twinkle should have been here to watch this Meher said ..

Yeah true πŸ˜‚ Suhasini replied ..
Ishaan come to me Meher said taking him from Abeer while he started crying and they went to their room …while rt Leela and Suhasini sat ..

Maa have you talked to twinkle ? How’s she ??rt asked ..
Yeah I talks to her everyday she is fine you should call her ram Suhasini said ..
Haan I want to but she doesn’t talks much rt said ..

She will open up don’t worry Suhasini said ..
Haan he replied while the trio were talking …
@ twinkle work place :::
There was a meeting going on while twinkle was showing her desings ..
I am promising you for a Amazing service twinkle said Ending her presentation ..

We trust you …we want the work to be done soon they said while twinkle nodded …

They signed the contract while twinkle was happy it was the first big contract for her ..the customers left while twinkle and her staff were happy ..

Finally guys twinkle said while they congratulated ..
Let’s start working we have to give our best twinkle ended while all smiled ..
Yes they said and left ..

While Kunj and arhaan too was busy Amaya went to meet twinkle and the duo had fun ..the day passed ..they all left back homes …
Twinkle was back home before Kunj she changes and came in hall sitting on couch resting her head while Kunj too came back he came and sat beside twinkle and loosed up his tie ..

Twinkle dinner Kunj said ..
Shit I haven’t prepared anything yet twinkle said while Kunj looked at her ..wait I’ll make something quickly twinkle said standing up while Kunj held her wrist and pulled her back ..

No need of that let’s go out he said ..
But twinkle replied ..
I am starving badly and I can’t wait Kunj said ..

Okay twinkle nodded they both left for the restaurant and ordered their food as both had an hectic day they were tired they ate their dinner quickly while twinkle shared about getting the contract ..

Oh congratulations Kunj said sipping his juice ..while twinkle smiled ..
Thank you she said ..they paid off and walked to the near by beach they went towards the shore ..and sees the water tides …both folder their bottoms till their things feelings the cold water holding hands smiling at each other …
Screen freezes
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