Kumkum Bhagya 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi requests Principal to show Kiara’s admission form

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi sitting in the Principal’s office to ask about Kiara’s admission form along with Purab. Purab asks him to think again. Abhi asks him to ask. Principal says my niece can’t believe that you are in my office. Abhi says fan and tells that she shall give her form then. Principal tells that she can’t give until Pragya or her husband give her permission. Abhi says I have the permission and then says that Kiara’s mum asked him to take the papers. Principal says her niece is asking for selfie. Abhi and Principal take selfie. Principal says I will give you form as you said that Pragya permitted you. She says she wants reason for the records. Purab tells that Kiara is going to perform in the International Rock Concert of Kids and for that Abhi is training her. He says

when Kiara sings then everyone will ask about your school name. Principal says I will bring the form and congratulate Pragya. Abhi asks her not to inform Pragya, as there is age bar and we shall know if she is eligible or not. Principal says ok and goes. Abhi makes video call to Pragya by mistake. Pragya is in car and picks the call. Abhi tries to end the call, but the phone hangs up. Purab says Pragya di shall not know what we are doing? Abhi says shall I break the phone. Pragya says suniye….Abhi hears her. Purab takes out the phone battery.

Pragya finds something fishy and calls Purab. Purab gets pragya’s call and she scolds him for supporting Abhi rather than her. Purab says my relation with Abhi is bigger because of you and says I always support truth. He says once Abhi wins the challenge, I will tell you. Pragya asks where are you? Purab says sorry and ends the call. Pragya comes inside the school. Principal tells a teacher that Kiara is going to do rock concert and says she will congratulate her mom. Pragya collides with her and the file falls down from her hand. Pragya says sorry and walks behind her to talk to her, but she is already gone. Principal comes to her office and gives the admission files. Abhi couldn’t see the form and asks about Kiara’s form. Principal says it is in other office as their office is in renovation, it is in other office. Pragya meets Kiara. Kiara tells her that Abhi surprised her today and was inside Purab’s car. Pragya recalls Purab hiding something in car. Pragya asks Kiara to go and thinks Purab and Abhi must be here. Principal says she will give in the evening.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and knocks on the bathroom asking if he is inside. She sees rockstar and its baby’s doll, and thinks she is Kiara. She thinks about Kiara and Disha’s words. She says you can’t stay with Abhi and tries to tear the toy and throws it away. She cries and asks where are you Abhi? Pragya hears Abhi and Purab talking and thinks to go near them. Abhi says don’t know if I shall call myself lucky or unlucky. He says lucky because I got my daughter as I wished, but unlucky as she never called me Papa. Pragya thinks herself as lucky or unlucky. Abhi says once we get the admission form, I will ask Pragya. He says anyone will say looking at Kiara that she is my daughter and says she is like me. Purab says and Pragya di? Abhi says Pragya is her mum and Kiara has her eyes and is a combination of both. Purab asks do you love Pragya di? Abhi says Pragya made me live and made me to love also. He says my love, live and anger is related to her. Purab says I want to know. Abhi says I will tell you later. Pragya is hiding and looks on. Abhi feels her presence and turns towards her. She hides behind the school info board. Abhi thinks I can feel you Pragya, you are near me. Song plays…hunge juda na hum tumse…..He keeps hand on the board. Pragya looks on. Purab comes and calls Abhi. Abhi goes from there. Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words he will get admission form and then Kiara.

Pragya tells Abhi that she told everything to Principal Maam and that she is not performing in the concert. Abhi says you are scared to lose. Pragya says if you can do anything to win then I will also do everything not to lose.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi friend! do you know any link for looking on Kumkum Bhagya with English subtitle?

  2. Of course, typical Mehra behaviour. There are always hundreds of ways to solve a problem. One has to increase one’s awareness to identify solutions. But the Mehra’s, remaining as one-dimensional children and badly bred children at that always choose the lazy criminal options. Ridiculously rich people tend to stop thinking and feeling others at a certain point. They don’t need to think of others any longer and they don’t. Poor Purab. He has been around the Mehra’s for so long that he too, has turned into a low-life dumb*ss. What did Ekta forget? Tuna’s ORANGE outfit represents a reflection/a ‘shoving away’ of all s*xual energy. Remember, that’s the reason that many holy men wear orange. The S&M necklace and the moment she poses for us, so we get a good look at her outfit must be to satisfy whatever deal Ekta Kapoor made with the designer. Well, we should be thankful that the earrings aren’t the whole ‘look’! Her expression where she tries to convey rage is sort of not really rage. The little caucasion doll with blonde hair is torn apart by the very unsympathetic character Tuna. Who cares? The woman should be in jail or dead ten times over. Find a new job, lady! The porn industry wants you! Pragya and Abhi play the usual “there is a hidden love here!” game. The accompanying music was perfect. But it is a scene that we have already embraced how many hundreds (?) of times. It’s tiresome. It’s teasing tone, although tamed today tends to bring a bored sigh rather than any form of fulfillment. You know, like when you walk away from a lover because they have become so pretentiously boring. You can walk away from a lover. It’s harder to walk away from a marriage partner. But the Mehra’s are not normal. They don’t walk away. They kill people instead. Pragya should remain hiding.

    1. Again I do not have words to add, your comment is fabulous. Last few years, I am just reading updates and comments. Because of some restrictions we can not watch youtube, it does not work around here. I don’t feel that I am missing something big, anyway. Watching the acting of Tanu, Aliya and nowadays even leading actor and actress definitely might be so unbearable. I learned Hindi and I watch movies and dramas in hindi to keep my language alive. But this – KKB made me feel astonished to many things happening on the TV screen. I bet meny followers are in the same shoes as me. They are rather reading comments or stopped watching and follwoing this non-stop stupidity already. I wonder if Ekta Kapoor reads the comments. You are so true in many things regarding her. I guess she enjoys these kind of comments and playing with minds of people in order to test how far they can go with her. That is abvoiuosly useless to expect that she will finish this drama with something sensible like she did with the drama … there was Ishani and Ranvir … i don’t remember the name. But comments are very interesting to read. Habitually I spend 10-20 minutes for this task everyday.

  3. Another cocktease episode…just on the brink of a climax but sadly a disappointment!! Why all the bullshit…must it be hard for a rockstar to bribe the principal to get to those records?? If Abhi can give a free selfie, autograph and free rock concert tickets, why not ask for the records as a payback? Isn’t it easy to bribe doctors, lawyers, police in these serials? Of course the Pundit, Maulvi and Priest could be bribed as well…but seriously now, isn’t it expensively dumb for a rockstar like the serial famous Abhi to just go to a school and ask for a student’s personal information? Just like that? So, the whole fricking episode was just about the quest for the highly confidential records of an aspiring protege of Abhishek Prem Mehra..

    1. It’s Thursday Naz. There will be a bit more foreplay tomorrow. Perhaps a new tease to distract us and we’ll likely get our climax on Tuesday. Of course because so much story time has been childishly diddled away the climax won’t be one to remember.
      Full Moon is on Saturday. She usually waits until 1/2 days after Full Moon to present the climax. It all depends on which other planets are also out playing. Her astrologer would point out which emotions are workable and the best time to create impact on the audience, to keep them involved and coming back.

      1. If it’s one serial I can’t watch for one entire episode, just because I may not have anything to do at the time, is kdb… I cannot bear to watch this serial because I dislike every single character in it. Right now it’s pressure here, I’m just wanting this one to end so watching kdb is a no no, it’s just an extension of the naseauting Arora clan… Akituster I have an obsession with this serial, since I started watching from day one, I’ve got to see it end, the thing with me is that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing others end whether I was satisfied or not but this one keeps going on like the energizer bunny, showing no signs of winding down at all… That’s why I’m still here…now I’m wondering if I’m abused in some way too…because I keep coming back hoping it’ll end soon… That’s why sometimes you don’t see me posting anything, I just read and pretend that I am not here…anyway, let’s see if we can experience the climax soon in Ekta’s World by early as next month…i don’t see it happening soon…

  4. Now, out of the blue comes detective Pragya who is seasoned enough to detect something fishy from a phone call.. When she cannot find a single clue to her own sufferings and retain evidence, a single clue to the murders which took place in the family and cannot follow up on the chandelier mishaps or take action on the news that Kiara gave Pragya on the hospital bed as to who ran her daughter down, how the heck she could have a little conversation with Purab and find that fishy? Instead of Pragya feeling bad as if she had called Purab at an inopportune time ,probably trying to get intimate with his wife, she thinks the phone call is fishy….

  5. Unable to properly assess Tanu today, all I can say is that she’ll suffer from high BP sooner or later…too much stress and turmoil in her pathetic life, trying to hold on a man she doesn’t even have..how redundant that sounds!!

    1. Actually who said her to marry even Alia is not apperaeing in epiodes doen abhi have any shame that he has a sis who is not been married but he married within 7 yrs the same lady who destroyed first wife family what even but how many days will Alia be there in mm doesn’t anyone quetiin her like that how many days she will he the boss and roamimg in mm without any keb support or anything I need just cluless heck of preseverence shit is he even a brother he says my sis also imp then y cant he find a good person for her may r what can’t he do that can’t he think how much days she will he like this in 7 yrs he married but can’t he think of his sis to give a good life everyone in m has their men except Alia

      1. Ishu, Aliya definitely is going to die a virgin…the only man she wants is already taken, just like Tanu, she has Abhi but she cannot have him as he belongs to another woman.. So, these two women thrive on having their men but only peripherically… I don’t think that there’s a man who can get Aliya to a bed much less marry her so let’s assume she will remain in this state till the end… As for Abhi, he hasn’t matured in the normal sense yet, remember that boys take longer to mature than women!!! So he doesn’t realize that with all the money he has, he can buy Aliya a husband…this brother and sister duo lives in worlds of their own, other are pathetic characters in their own way…

      2. do you think it might be possible that they have heard the viewers and are slowly getting rid of the two? They might disappear Aliyah and forget she existed. On the other hand they could be leading us to beleive that the two are being purposefully excluded only to punish us later as the two make some horrible splash down because someone revives the idea of having a more robust plot.

  6. Dear Ishu, I did watch the first bit of KDB and every few weeks I would catch an episode. One week I watched 3 episodes. I simply cannot stand the sycophantic character of Preeta. I actually shudder when she does her whining. I do have a negative reaction to people or characters who whine on a regular basis. Everybody whines once in a awhile. That’s normal, in processing difficult situations. But people/characters who have chosen whining as a lifestyle…. aaargh. I cannot bear that character Prithvi and I really think that Monisha and Tuna fish should trade places. Monisha maintains her sweetness even as an evil character. Tuna fish just comes across as evil very clearly, sleazy and noisy. Like the guy who became drunk at your party and had to be kicked out to save the party from destruction. KDB is worse than KKB. I do like the Luthra’s but the Arora family is rather uninteresting. I still think that Sarla is a manipulative bi-polar drama queen who ruthlessly uses her children to satisfy her own demented demands. Just like Abhi’s Dadi from KKB. The actress remains wonderful in her portrayal of Sarla. And Shristi, well, her, I currently find very uncomfortable. The actress is improving her skills. Too bad Kritika doesn’t get more time. And Rakhi aunty I adore. A traditional Indian matron with the added benefit of being open to new information and capable of stretching her mind and heart to do necessary things. I hope they write her up to become stronger and have her slap her sister-in-law, every time it’s needed. I am not advocating violence, just speaking in the language that these serials define. So, yes, I agree. These ventures are purely for serving propaganda (just like the current public school systems in North America) and for the added bonus of making big bucks while carrying out the project. Just think, 10 million regular viewers. Serials are the perfect way to deliver soul-killing, numbing, normalization of obedient behaviours to satisfy political and corporate needs. They are the same now, unfortunately. Corporations now have more power than gov’ts. (US gov’t is owned/controlled by 2 very rich unelected men) And to top it all off the majority of the target demographic audience are unaware of how it is done. Serials could also have brilliant stories which build people, attitudes and community life… even with evil, drama etc all present. This is the producers choice and doing. Indian’s need to be kept docile and busy so that those that destroy ordinary lives may continue to ‘play’ and enrich themselves. All, we, viewers are busy watching these serials so we don’t notice how our lives are being incrementally changed for us, without our permission, much less our knowledge. Big Sports are also used to convey distractions and behavioural instructions.

  7. Leisa s morris

    So d writers really have to make d actors/actressed look real dumb right? Imagine a guy with all dat money cant hire someone to find pertinent information fir him but instead have to hi bribe d school administration who r not supposed to b givibg out student information regardless of who’s asking for it without d parents approval. But heres d kicker y dont he just ask kiara how old she is ? I mean she may not know/ remember d yr or mnth but she definitely knows how old she is! Right? Every yr in my kids bday I buy dem a cake and I put d number of their age in it and mostly everyting dey do calks for drm knowing their age whether its to enter a school, play a sport, a cimpetition u name it so y cant d dumbos just ask kiara…smh.

  8. I really think the writers have just given up, pick pages from old scripts, and just put different outfits on the actors….so boring.

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