TEI–a diff story(epi 5)

tnx to all of u who commented….& if there is any silent reader of my ff then i’d request u to plz speak up..plzz cmnt guyz,cz i’m feeling lyk u don’t lyk it…so here it goes-

scene 1
next day–
kunj woke up fast as he had to go shopping to help his frnd whose marriage is d day after tmrw…so he just checked in tu page but couldn’t b there & left a casual msg for twinkle wishing a good morning…

taneja house–
twinkle as usual got up at 10 & after freshening up she checked in tu page & finding his text she also wished him a gd morning & also said that she had to go out wid a frnd & that they’d talk later–

scene 2
at a cooking learning center-
chinki to twinkle–

C: tnx twinkle,,mere saath aaneke liye..

T: stop being formal yaar,,its ur mom’s b’day & u wanna give her a surprise by cooking food on ur own-so how could I not come wid u??

C: oh fish!! how could I be so forgetful..!!

T: wht happened?

C: let’s go..we have to rush to shopping mall cz I forgot to buy a gift for mom…

(they left for d same mall where kunj was wid his frnd)

scene 3
at shopping mall–
while choosing gift for chinki’s mom twinkle liked a dress & went to trial room to check it & of course she looked fabulous in it….

she came out of d trial room & went to d counter to pay for it….meanwhile kunj & his frnd was done also & went to do payments–

in d counter- they both stood opposite each other & were busy in payment works….at that time d big stand fan of d counter turned towards twinkle & her dupatta was blown off & it landed on kunj’s head covering his face…(sajna ve plays in bg)
twinkle turned to find kunj covered wid her dupatta & was going to turn to his side & ask for returning it…but just at that moment a fire alarm rang & everyone ran from there including twinj–

coming out twinkle found chinki standing outside & looking for her & they returned home

scene 4
at night–
on tu page twinkle found kunj’s text asking how was her day…

K: hey,,busy girl….how was ur day??

T: it was good… I went to a cooking class & then went shopping..

K: ohh,I see…so u r a typical girl type ha?? cooking, shopping & all?

T: as a girl it’s my birth right to do shopping.. what’s so funny in there?

K: nothing lyk that…even boys luv shopping but they don’t take all day,,,I also went to mall today

T: we take time cz our choice is better than u..we don’t pick up anything & wear it,,,huhh!! got it??

K: who says boys wear anything they find…take me as example- I’m very choosy abt clothes…

T: okkk…I’ll find that out when I meet u…

K: so u r making plans to meet me??

T: nothing lyk that…I said it like that only & go to sleep…it’s quite late,,OK? byeee

K: ok,meri maa,,bye……
screen freezes on kunj’s smiling face…

PRECAP–will they meet?? what can happen??tell me what u all think
plzz cmnt guyss & stay tuned to it….

Credit to: prapti


  1. phycho

    Prapti di I lv u ff di i it’s amazing….I’m actually a silent reader of tu BT nw I decided to comment!!! Plz cont soon

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.