Taste the feeling of love….. Swasan and raglak by Sri (episode 6) *Mystery*

Hi guys….. M back with another one piece of my work… Now tq for the response u r giving me. M glad that u people are reading my series…. Thank u so much…. Now coming to the episode…

Recap: raglak in same clg… Swasan meet…


San is holding a pic standing near the window in his house….

San: why did u leave me pie.. U know I can’t live without u…. Then y did u… Tell me dammit… It’s been 2 years since that incident but I can’t move on from it… All are telling that u are no more in this world… But only I know where u actually are.. U are here(points to his heart) in my heart…

There was a knock on the door…

San wipes his tears…

San: yes…

Ap: sanskar..

San: hi mom…

Ap and dp are standing at the entrance.

San: plz come in mom

Dp: sanskar we have something to talk with u..

San: yes.!
Ap: beta y don’t u marry….

San: sry mom but my answer is no in this matter. U already know I can’t be happy and instead I will be dragging an innocent where she can’t get the right of a wife if she marries me. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s life. Plz understand…

Ap: but Sans….

San: plz mom just drop the topic…

Dp: OK do as ur wish. But can u do me a favour?

San: dad u r the head of this family,u shldnt take the permission u shld order us. Acha tell me what do u want.

Dp: my sons…

San furrows…

San: what do u mean by that?

Dp: that I want my sons to be back in this mansion and I want u all to be together….

San: sry dad I can’t live where that son of urs lives.

Ap: but sanskar how much time will u take to forgive him..

San: I can’t forgive him mom… For what he had done I can’t simply forgive him. I can’t do that

Dp: but we want our sons to be happy… That girl is dead for God’s sake,now move on in ur life… Moreover he didn’t intentionally do the mistake. It’s…..

San: I know everything… I know… No need to remind me that. Every thing I know.. So if u have done with your words can u leave me alone.

Ap: but sanskar… Dp squeezes her shld and signs her to leave him alone.

San closes the door he goes out in rage…

Ap follows him till door…

Ap: sanskar listen to me…

But he is in no mood to listen to anyone.

Ap: God what happened to my lovely family who loves each very much…

Dp: don’t worry anapoorna everything will be alright… Leave everything to God. He knows everything. He only plays the game and he only completes it. Let’s just hope he completes it soon…

Other side in chennai

Lak: so miss ragini I came to know that u r very brilliant in this class…

Rag: it’s just their thoughts. I’m not brilliant I just study.

Lak: do u meant that others don’t study

Rag: I didn’t mean in that way.. Ughhh u r so irritating…

Lak: friends… He forwards his hands

Rag: stares at his hands then at his smiling face..

Rag: no thanks…

Lak: I didn’t ask u I just told u…

Rag: whatever…

Shau: what happened ragu…
Rag: ahhh ntng.

Lak: what ntng shaurya tell me one thing. Am I your friend or not.

Shau: definitely.

Lak: and what about her..

Shau: what is this question dude she already is.

Lak: see now confusion cleared..

Shau: what confusion…

Lak: yahi ki friend’s friend is a friend to friend of that friend…

Ragshau: what….
Lak: simple friend’s friend is a friend to friend of that friend.

Shau: friend’s friend is a friend to friend…. Friend friend.. What is this yaar if u are so fond of throwing tongue twisters then don’t throw them at me because I’m very poor in that subject..

Rag: no…

Shau: what no…

Rag: the answer to ur tongue twister is no…

Lak: tongue twister is not always a question mam.

Rag:still no.. I won’t accept… Or shld I say in ur words we are not…

She left from that place…

Lak: dont break my heart jaaneman… He smiles

Shau: what did u tell her and what is it that she is not accepting… Wait… Did u propose her…

Lak: no.. I just…. do one thing solve that tongue twister u will get to know what I asked….

Lak runs behind her but she is gone…

Lak: I shld work more hard or else my mission will be a complete flop. I shld get her friendship at any cost… Miss ragini u have no choice… I came to know about u that’s y I joined in this clg so that I can make it possible… U can’t escape from me.

Scene shifts to Mumbai…

Swa: ani how much time will u take,today I have admission not tomorrow. .. Come fast.

Aniket: coming darling…

Swa: stop calling me that…

Ani:stop calling u what…

Swa: that I’m ur darling like I’m ur gf…

Ani: owww u r indeed my gf and I’m ur bf.

Swa: dude u know I don’t like those stuff then y r u always calling me ur gf.

Ani: it’s not that we are actually in that kind of relationship.

Swa: I know but I can’t take it hearing gf coming from ur mouth. It sort of reminding me something.

Ani: reminding u what..

Swa: I don’t know its like I heard someone calling a girl his gf but…

Ani: owww owww terminate ur chain of thoughts we have a work to do… And stop thinking about ur nightmares

Swa: u know about my nightmares?… She asks in shock

He smiles

Swa: but how.. I never told u about them! She asks not understanding

Ani: aunty told me. And now stop ur questionaire or else we are gonna be late on ur very first day of clg.do u want that?

Swa: no…

Ani: then let’s go..

They leave..

Sanskar was seen sitting in a room

San: Mr. Mukherjee we got to know that u r indeed a very good dean for our clg. And I would like to help students in making them explore their knowledge. So I planned an event where our clg students will go to a place where they can learn by executing their skills. And one more thing give it as a project to them so that they can do this work with their heart.

Sathwik mukherjee dean of the clg Nathan clg of engineering…

Sat: yes sir.. Tq for ur applause and I’ll make sure that everything goes according to ur plan..

San:(mind) lathika it’s ur wish that students shld get entertainment as well as study and we planned when we are in clg to implement this when we have a choice. Now it’s gonna complete. I know how much u like to explore the world and learn new things…


San: lathika what are thinking about.

Lathika: ohhh sanskar it’s ntng. I’m just thinking what is the use of going to trips if we can’t learn anything…

San: what do u mean by that…

Lat: that if we explore the world as well as learn something related to our study…

San: I didn’t get u

Lat: it’s simple. Listen of we go on trips and at the same do some project type where we can execute our skills. Not just going and seeing.

San: oh so u want knowledge plus entertainment plus experience

Lat: yes…

San: OK then we will talk about this to principal.

Lat: I already done that but I think it’s not gonna happen this year.. They have already arranged everything…

San: oh….

Lak: u know what sometimes I feel jealous of u.

San: jealous of me… But why?

Lat: bcoz u have one thing which I can’t.

San: (understands) see lathika it’s not ur fault that u are blind… Still u have one quality which is lack in me.

Lat: like…

San: like u can see this nature through ur heart. And understands people by seeing their heart. Which is pretty admirable in you. But let me tell you one thing I won’t leave u ever like others do… I’m ur bestfriend forever… And ever… And u know I love you… (I hope I can tell u these three words like a man, not like a best friend)

Lat: right! N u know I love you too….

Flashback ends****

San: I fulfilled ur dream but I can’t see ur joyous face… Kash tum yaha hothe Kash mein apni man ki bath tujhse share karthe…

Scene shifts…

Rag: I don’t know why but I feel like its not just about study but there is something Laksh wants which I can’t put a finger on. I just feel like that. I think I’m over thinking things. I don’t know him thats why I’m feeling this. Let’s just hope I’m wrong. But I shld be alert…

Lak goes to his house.

In his room

He enters and takes laptop and opens one folder… And talks to one photo

Lak: I just hope I convince u fastly… Within one month I shld convince you and remind u of the things which u forgot… Ragini…(the photo reveals to be of ragini) u shld remember abt your past which is linked with my life and with my family. I shld get u back to our lives once again… I shld get u back so that everything will be at its place,once u remember ur past… Ragini be ready to become what u actually shld be…..

Phew… I completed my episode. And I think u must be having so many dbts that what happened to lathika and is there any link between lathika and laksh that makes sanskar hate Lakshmi and what are laksh’s real intentions and what is ragini’s past… I know I got u all curious but to know all this info u shld follow my ff. I hope u follow it

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