Hey guys how are you all doing. Sorry for late approach I was busy in my 1st trial tests
I’m really very disappointed with low number of comments, I think the plot is not interesting enough, well I’ll decide after seeing the number of comments I’ll get in this post whether to continue with it or not
Now let’s start with the episode
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Twinj phone convo
When twinkle was about to cut the call kunj said
K: who is it? (?)
T( irked) who are you?
K: (with big goofy smile) that’s what I’m asking you. Who am I?
T: is this some kind of joke
K: joke? Are you laughing? Or do you feel I’m laughing here? I’m asking you seriously who am I?
T (furious) nonsense (to kavya) cut the call!!!
K: that’s it! We are already cut off. I called you again to meet, forget about recognizing me, and here you are saying to cut the call! Ok cut it then cut it! Why are you delaying it?
T: ( confused) who are you, boss?
K: not boss but class. Remember your classroom, and recognize me.
Pia: (from back seat) he may be one of our classmates
T: (she stopped the car) who am I talking to?
K: I’ll not tell, I got your number with great difficulty, find out who am I by yourself
T: (after thinking) kranthi?
K : ohh! You remember kranthi now?
T: yeah!
K: if you can remember that worst fellow. I’m sure you wouldn’t forget me. I was soo right, when I said you’d recognise me. My mom didn’t believe it.
T: who is your mom?
K: my dad’s wife
After listening it twinkle rolled her eyes
K: now guess who am I?
T: vinod?
K: vinod….. That blo*dy Rouge! Now you remembered that wastrel too, You’re telling every fools name. But not mine
Kav : (to twinkle) Charles?
T : no way!
K: (still on phone) correct
T: what you’re Charles?
K: you said no na, that’s correct
Shilpa : (to twinkle) isn’t he sudheer? His voice is familiar
T: hello? (kunj hummed in response) are you sudheer?
K: (in fake crying voice) I got it,the same mischief and same teasing tendency. You know what you haven’t changed a bit
T: ( innocently) Maine kya kiya?
K: you know me but acting as if you don’t know
T: hey! Nothing like that. Give me at least a hint
K: (fake angry) enough iss enough! I’m cutting the call. I’ll call you tomorrow again. If you recognise me that’s good or else…..(in sad voice of course fake one) It’s OK can’t we live without friends? Bye!
After that kunj cuts the call and jumps in happiness
In twinkles car
Kav : why don’t you call him?
T: (furiously) why? I don’t even know his name. Anyway who the hell is he. Let’s trace him

Next scene
Kunj comes to his work place where he meets yuvi
Y; boss I thought about your idea last night, I think you’re right. Proposal must be simple and straight
K: because she’s already your friend
Y: now you say what should I do next?
K: meet her frequently
Y: shall I invite her for coffee?
K: super
Y: umm.. How about lunch?
K: cool
Y: (hell confused) ahh man coffee or lunch
K: (irritated) do one thing, invite her for coffee and arrange lunch. Hadd hai yaar!! ?
Y: (by holding kunjs hand) plz boss it’s my 1st time, I’m tensed, plz try to understand
K: why tension? I’m there, right?
Y: (tensed) you’re here that’s right but what about there?
K: why should I come in between you both?
Y: (pleading) buddy, this is my 1st time plz help me (and holds his hand) plz understand yaar
K: hey yuvi 1st you leave my hand (he leaves) ohk I’ll come, go
Y: (happily) thanks man, I’ll call you ok, now bye
And yuvi goes from their
From other side Aditi is coming while wearing her helmet when she almost wears it kunj comes in front of her( but couldn’t see her face) he sees his reflection in its glass and sets his hair properly. After setting his hairs he compliments himself and goes from their.
Aditi moves the glass upwards and sees him angrily
Aditi :hey idiot
Kunj: (without turning around but waves his hands) thank you
Then Aditi angrily stomps her foot and goes near to her bike
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

So guys how was the episode?
See sameera I told kunj dimag se bhi kirrak hai ????

And guys an important thing if I post next episode then it will be late coz my 2nd trial tests are commencing so it will take time

Do tell me how was the episode and most importantly twinj phone convo in comments

And Guys I liked telly updates new orientation it’s quite easy to post our articles

Now I’ll take my leave
Bye guys

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    Twinj phone conversation was superb??
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    Plzz post soon
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  3. Presha

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  4. SidMin23

    Nice aditi hey u idiots and kunj thanks u ??? twinj covo ???

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    Omg it was sooo amazing…???
    Twinj phone convo was damn good…??..loved it..????
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  9. Ananya_DSK

    Hey Sohi!! Long time…
    Twinj’s conversation was so amazingly hilarious!
    Loved it… Am waiting for the moment when they will actually face each other..It’s gonna be fun!!

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    Sohi it was amazing fabulous mind blowing episode. Loved twinj dialoges specially their phone convo.. specially “Who is your mom??” Nd “my dad’s wife” it was best nd also last hey idiot nd thank you ?? loved it so much. Do continue soon.
    Love you ????

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