Tashan-e-ishq: A unique love story (Intro)

Hello guys, this is my first FF…!! I am new here….so I hope u will cooperate…!!!
We all are not unaware of our favorite on screen couple- Twinj….!!! Here I dedicate my one piece of writing to our favorite Twinkle-kunj’s love story…☺☺☺
Here is the introduction of the characters:-

Twinkle Taneja: An independent, charming,bubbly girl. She loves to sing and she has made an attempt to audition for a singing company: Swaragini

Kunj Sarna: A handsome, cute and dashing guy. His first and only aim to become a singer and he has also auditioned for the same company.

Yuvraj Sarna: Smaller brother of kunj. He is sensitive, calm, quiet but practical. He has some faith in love but has not under gone it yet.

Mahi Taneja: Smaller sister of Twinkle. She is as chirpy as twinkle. She is cheerful, colorful and lives her life to the fullest. She is life of her sister.
Leela and Raminder Taneja- Parents of twinkle and mahi Taneja. They both are gr8 business ppl.

Usha and Manohar Sarna: Parents of Kunj and yuvraj.


Guys, hope you will enjoy…..!! And ya plzz do comment as I will post next episode after seeing comments☺☺

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  1. Pls update soon ….. i am really excited !!!!!

  2. nice intro… waiting for 1 epi

  3. tashan e ishq as a musical love story?? sounds interesting…plzz go ahead..and one request tell us ur name..we wud want to know who are u…

  4. First of all Nobody plz exchange your name……. Nd introduction is nice yar……. Make twinkle dad nd kunj dad are business patner…, nd make both are best friend…and both are dealing first position of amrithsir in lacks of dollers…. I mean inteligent patners.

    1. aarush i think u should start ur ff now..u have so many ideas…

  5. Amazingg, it seems interesting, eagerly waiting for the epi

  6. First of all welcome to twinj group nobody nd secondly m eagerly waiting for ur ff

  7. nice into , waiting for 1st epi

  8. interesting …….waiting for t next episode..

  9. Guys first of all…..thanks for appreciation….Nd I thought u all would recognize me…but I suppose I was wrong…!! U all know me..I just took another name to see if u r able to recognize me or not???

  10. Arey yarr what a nice awesome episode update next episode

  11. Nice start go on

  12. Wooww cool

  13. Guys Plss reply….only then will I be able to most my next part….and by the way thank u….but I thought u would recognize me….ya u all know me…..!! But I think I was wrong….!!

    1. plzz tell who is this..m eager to knw..plzzzzzz

  14. Tara….even u r not able to tell who am I ….but I thought at least u wulill be able to guess ….I changed my name so that I can see who recognises me…..!!!

  15. Komal thnx a lot…..m xcited too to work for such gr8 twinj’s fans…….but I don’t know if I will b able to fulfil ur expectations or not but I will try my best…..!!! Thnx once again for ur hearty welcome…!!!

    1. I know u would fulfil my expectations dont worry for that i love each and everyone nd coming to ur concept its amazing.. nd i do want to know ur name please tell

    2. Ohh i got it i know who r u its rakshita right u r the only one to reply to me like dat… u r rakshita m damn sure.. love u so much baby.. nd seriously u have got an amazing concept. Wonder how great brain u have got

  16. Aarush…Tara is right…u can also start a ff….u are so creative….which I can observe from suggestions u gave….all the very best nd start ur ff…… We all r very excited????

  17. Thnx sar and naira……for ur appreciation…. M gr8 ful to all of u…!!!

  18. Thank u Minnie…..a very big thank u…u all have boosted me up for next episode…which, I think I would post tomorrow….. So plzz stay tuned….only if u want I would else I would not…plss tell me so I can do as u want……….

  19. rakshita is it u??

    1. yeah nw m sure its u rakshita…plz reply yar,btw its nt ur first ff!

  20. Btw why did u think that I am rakshita???

  21. Now tara u got it right it’s me…rakshita…didn’t u guys wonder when rakshita did not cmmntd on this FF…by the way I am starting a new ff ….hope u all like it…..!! Tara u are day by day winning me Nd my heart?? love u muahh….!!!

    1. arey at first i thouht u r smonew nly ..so never asked nythng..then i saw one cmnt in the tei updte page with ur symbol bt named ‘nobody’ …my first doubt..if u go there u ll know that i even cmntd there tht who is it…then i came back to this page bt here the symbol was again diff(due to moderation ur frst sign was nt shown) so i asked u this..then when i checked my epi analysis i saw smbdy cmntd wid the tag nobody 4 the question asked to rakshita…so yes then i was cnfrmd!

  22. nd btw..love to a too.. alot …like u a smone who boosted me up nd nw u hve certainly bcme mah bestie…muahhhh..

  23. Tara u r the one who know me so well….none of my bestiee know me like this…..love u but u spoiled the suspense I wanted to create…..but u r my bestiee….!!!

    1. haha…u should have used the diff id at first…but m feeling really lucky to get a friend like u..i hope u would open an acc in a social media one day so that i can see u…

      1. I would love to make an account but because of privacy issues… I cannot…but ya if u wish u can give me ur email I’d…Nd then I can give you my number…if u don’t mind!!!!

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