tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 17


They both left disappointed. And reaching the parking lot, yuvi was very angry and kicked his car’s tyre. Rohan tried to calm him down. Twinkle saw yuvi’s aggression and said to chinki: “see how much he can get angry” but chinki stayed silent. Yuvi saw twinkle and calmed down. Chinki and twinkle left from there.
Rohan: “yuvi, we will try tomorrow”
Yuvi: “we can still try.”
Rohan: “how?”
Yuvi: “We can go to the hospital where he worked and tried to know from his colleagues. They can tell us something.”

They reached the hospital. Yuvi tried to talk to the girl at the reception. Yuvi: “can I meet Dr. Luthra’s colleague, plz? Dr. Luthra was working here long ago” but the girl didn’t know.
A doctor who was there, heard him, and asked: “excuse me, why are you asking about him?”
Yuvi: “do you know him? Plz, tell me.”
Doctor: “but who are you?”
Rohan was about to say but yuvi stopped him and said his relative. The doctor told them to follow him. On the way, Rohan asked yuvi: “why you lie?”
Yuvi: “if I had said that I am his son, maybe he wouldn’t have told me”
They entered the cabin.
Doctor: “I was his colleague and friend. I worked with him. He was a good doctor. I know his family well. He always talked about his wife and his son, Yuvraj.” Yuvi got emotional listening to that.
Doctor continued: “but don’t know what happened to him that day”
Yuvi: “what happened?”
Doctor: “he was a strong man. I was shocked when I heard that he committed suicide…” yuvi was shocked at this revelation as he didn’t know that his dad committed suicide. Anita always said to him that he died in an accident.
Yuvi, fumbling: “why… why did he… do that?” doctor was going to answer but a nurse came stating an emergency and he left with her.
Yuvi was broken and Rohan consoled him. Yuvi said: “that’s why mom is not telling me anything, that’s why she cried every time I asked her”
Rohan brought him back to the car.

Rohan: “yuvi, calm down” but yuvi cried his heart out. Rohan hugged him.
After a while when yuvi was a bit alright, Rohan asked him: “don’t know why your dad did this, but there must have been a reason.” But yuvi was silent.
Rohan thought not to talk about this right now and brought him home. As soon as yuvi entered, he hugged Anita. But then unable to control his emotions, he ran to his room and locked it . Anita kept knocking at the door but he didn’t open.

precap: some emotional of yuvi and anita

Credit to: zai

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  1. nice zai..very touching

  2. Thank you harna

  3. Zai, what happen? Nowadays u’r not publishing u’r ff.plz publish it fast. Waiting 4 it.

  4. Hi Zia I am u r silent reader from past 3 days but now I want to open up about u ff I really loved it firstly I was surprised to see a yuvle ff there r many twinj ff even after they r a established pair they want to imagine about them and write about ok that is ok because that is there love for them even I was going to write an ff but telly updates mein Padne ka Maza nahi Aata because the dialogues should be written in English only u. Can present your ff in India forums their you can post pics and add songs and then the best part is there r many more viewers and u can write u r dialogue in Hindi and every can interact with that conversation so this is my small suggestion that u write u ff even in India forums and u can continue in telly updates also and thanks for this ff and make sure u how yuvi elder than twinkle because he was born and he was 4 year old I guess when Leela was carrying twinkle

  5. Thanks everyone. Sorry for not posting these days as I was busy with school work.

  6. And manvi, one question how do you know that Yuvi is elder than twinkle in the serial??

  7. I did not watch that revelation episode of Leela and mr. Luthra but in that it was shown that Leela has come for check up to mr . Luthra and he misbehaved with her then she complained against him and then he immediately commited suicide I guess Leela came for pregnancy check up only and if he died immediately after allegations then yuvi might be born

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